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My LinkedIn Wish List


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I'm a huge LinkedIn fan but given it's the holiday season - here is my wish list.

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My LinkedIn Wish List

  1. 1. MY LINKEDIN WISH LIST Kurt J. Bilafer @Bilafer
  2. 2. Challenges Not Mobile Enough  LinkedIn is still a web-based service yet the world, particularly on the personal side, has move to mobile.   You need more users, enriching their networks and profiles so you can continue to monetize the platform Leverage the ecosystem to co-create a series of Mobile apps  You could package the apps as part of a premium service to generate more user based revenue
  3. 3. Challenge Not Pervasive Enough  LinkedIn needs to make it easier to join and participate in the platform   Need YouTube videos showing best practices, again ask the ecosystem to help Make LinkedIn Contacts available on older phones, not just SmartPhones    Need to build a series of basic (not sexy) apps that service Philippines and Indonesia where broadband is limited and they only have old phones (think 5 year old Blackberry’s) Creating these functional apps means you could localize them for a specific language and countries to help people build profiles and make connections Invest in CardMuncher  Scanning Business Cards is a powerful and quick way to build your network and throughout Asia, Business Cards are very important
  4. 4. Example of how to be more Pervasive  Here on Biz provides a great start into making your virtual network more physical – kinda like 4 Square for Professionals.  The app suffers from limited adoption because only a few people know about it as it’s not an “Official” LinkedIn App.
  5. 5. Challenge Not Insightful Enough  As an Individual user there is very limited analytics capabilities in LinkedIn     Add Reporting and Analytics for Premium Users (or create a new User type) so we can analyze our networks I’d like to better understand my network - Where, who, titles & roles, Age, Education, tenure and other insights I’d like to know who clicks on, reads and comments on my content so I can improve how and with whom I collaborate and share Track and score influences in my network -Create a scoring methodology to determine the real value of existing and potential connections  Score should be based on network strength, contributions to the network (referrals, posts, likes and comments) as well as the contributions from my extended (2nd level) connections.
  6. 6. Example - Better Visualization of my Network This is an interesting view of the types of Insights that users would want, could be more data driven but the visualizations are amazing
  7. 7. Analysis into what content is resonating with my network  This visualization helps me understand which posts get the most clicks or retweets I can also see this information by region, helps me tailor my message for my new home.
  8. 8. Example – The value of my connections  The ability to see the number of mentions, likes and activity as well as see the “score” of each connection is key to curating and maintaining a valuable network
  9. 9. Challenge Effective Collaboration & Sharing  Leverage Marketing functionality offered on Company Pages to Individual users – could be a premium offering  It’s to hard for me to post updates to multiple groups or reach out to a limited subset of my network    This could create spam but I think it helps me focus my posts and messages to a more targeted audience (think tailoring) You need to keep in mind that you will have individuals, like myself, that work for companies that don’t get the value of LinkedIn and you need to empower the influencers, the lunatic fringe (early adopters) Add integration with Buffer, in both the LinkedIn and Pulse platform, so I can time-delay my updates  This is something I manually do so I don’t overwhelm my network with a series of postings based on my early morning or late night reading (I use pulse)
  10. 10. Either integrate with Buffer or mimic capabilities  Providing this capability in both Pulse and on the LinkedIn Platform would enable active contributors to not flood their network. I do most of my reading after 10PM and before 6AM and I do a lot on the weekends. I use Buffer (outside of Pulse and LinkedIn) to schedule my posts to show-up during work ours or shortly there after
  11. 11. Challenge Leverage your Ecosystem  Create one page with links to all your “Official LinkedIn” Apps    Also bring, and whatever other secret web pages to one location   Create some sort of fund to assist in development competitions to augment LinkedIn’s development team and create a portfolio of approved LinkedIn apps to extend your reach Create a LinkedIn YouTube channel for all your “How to videos” I poked around and found so much cool stuff you are playing with but it’s hard to find – and I was actively looking. Create LinkedIn Ambassadors to help evangelize and run inperson events
  12. 12. Single location for all “Official LinkedIn” Apps Pocket provides a great landing page that can be sorted by category and OS – clean and simple
  13. 13. Challenge Still to North America & Europe Focused      You need more regional Influencers and not just politicians but people that can help educate the world on local challenges Do more InfoGraphics about your penetration by role type, geo, tenure – you need to push harder on dispelling the myth that LinkedIn is just a jobs board Work with Tech companies like SAP to help visualize all your data to demonstrate what an economic graph will look like Do more hands-on, in person meet-ups – especially in APJ. Setup LinkedIn Lounges at the largest in-person events in each market – go where the people are.
  14. 14. Leverage In Person Events to share the real value of LinkedIn This is Drew speaking to a packed “lounge” about the value of LinkedIn There are more pictures in appendix. LinkedIn needs to more of this at all major physical events in key markets – go where the people are.
  15. 15. Appendix (Full Size Screenshots)