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However, in my travels and conversations with customers, partners, and potential partners, it’s become clear that, while there’s a lot of excitement surrounding big data, there is also still a lot of bewilderment. Part of the reason for this is that we’re really just getting started with the big data trend. SAP is ramping up with in-memory computing and mobile analytics solutions, but we’re still mostly talking about the “art of the possible” at this point. We’re still fleshing out this vision. So let’s flesh it out a bit more.

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Looking for the next great opportunity

  1. 1. SAPINSIDER SPECIAL REPORT | INNOVATIONSS-1Reproduced from the Jan n Feb n Mar 2012 issue of SAPinsider with permission from its publisher,WIS Publishing | sapinsider.wispubs.comthis data efficiently. SAP’s solu-tions can also help customersmanage every step in the infor-mation life cycle to maximizethe return they get from theirIT investment. One example of such asolution is SAP HANA, an in-memory computing appliancethat can help companies tapinto their growing amounts ofdata to quickly glean insightsand take business action basedon them. SAP HANA makesthe transition to real-timeanalysis possible for enter-prises that may never havedreamed they could leverageso much data so quickly. But of course, if big data is poor quality, delivering itquickly only allows you to make bad decisions faster.To ensure this is not the case, companies must closelymanage the entire data life cycle, including how datais captured, stored, optimized, analyzed, and visualized.SAP also has solutions to help customers do just that.The Partners’ RoleHowever, SAP solutions alone can’t meet all of theneeds of every customer in these areas. We can only dothat with help from our partner community. Earlier, IIn a famous scene from the classic 1967 movie TheGraduate, a bewildered new graduate, confused abouthis future, is pulled aside by a big-shot industrialist whogives him a piece of advice:“I just want to say one wordto you. Are you listening? Plastics.” SAPinsider readers, I just want to say two words toyou: big data. There’s a great future in big data, notjust for enterprise software and service providers, butfor customers as well. As far as I’m concerned, bigdata is the new plastics. Like plastics, big data opens upnew opportunities for innovation and heralds a waveof new customer demands. In the last issue of SAPinsider, I outlined the fivegame changers that are propelling SAP to the onebillion-user mark.1Big data is the lynchpin here, andit’s joined at the hip with mobility (see sidebar on thenext page). Together, these two game changers enablethe other three: the consumerization of IT, the reign ofhighly specific content, and instant, anytime access. However, in my travels and conversations with cus-tomers, partners, and potential partners, it’s becomeclear that, while there’s a lot of excitement surroundingbig data, there is also still a lot of bewilderment. Partof the reason for this is that we’re really just gettingstarted with the big data trend. SAP is ramping up within-memory computing and mobile analytics solutions,but we’re still mostly talking about the “art of the pos-sible”at this point. We’re still fleshing out this vision. Solet’s flesh it out a bit more.SAP’s RoleTo help our customers meet the challenges of manag-ing big data and delivering it in real time, SAP has beenbuilding a range of products that can process and analyze1 See “5 Game Changers Propelling SAP to the Billion-User Mark”by Kurt Bilafer, part of the Business Analytics special report inthe October-December 2011 issue of SAPinsider (sapinsider.wispubs.com).INSIDE THIS SPECIAL REPORTS-3 HPMeet the Needs of the “Mobile Anywhere”Generation to Gain a Competitive EdgeS-5 DolphinBuilding a Bridge to SAP HANAS-6 CiscoKeep Your BI Tools Running Smoothly withIntelligent AutomationS-7 CapgeminiSift Through Your Social Media Data toFind Truly Valuable InformationDownload this special report atsapinsider.wispubs.comThere’s a great future in big data, notjust for enterprise software and serviceproviders, but for customers as well.Kurt J. BilaferGlobal Vice PresidentBusiness Analytics &TechnologyEcosystem & ChannelGroupSAPLooking for the NextGreat Opportunity?I Have 2 Words for You: Big Data
  2. 2. INNOVATIONS | SAPINSIDER SPECIAL REPORTS-2 Reproduced from the Jan n Feb n Mar 2012 issue of SAPinsider with permission from its publisher,WIS Publishing | sapinsider.wispubs.comreferenced SAP’s five game changers. But, there’s actu-ally another one as well: partnerships. There are so many possibilities and applicationsaround big data and mobility that no one companycould ever cover them all. That’s where our partnersreally shine. SAP partners provide the industry anddomain expertise required to help customers manageand use big data and turn it into actionable insightsthat can have bottom-line impact. They have a deepunderstanding of their customers’businesses, and havedemonstrated a significant commitment to their areasof expertise. And they have continually demonstratedtheir commitment to help SAP customers succeed. Our partners help round out SAP’s offerings, fillingin the industry-specific requirements to bring you tar-geted results. SAP software is powerful, it’s best-in-class,and it’s innovative. But many of our customers requirevery specific solutions to address their unique businessand industry needs. We depend on our partners to pro-vide more business-specific solutions that complementand integrate with SAP’s solutions to bring seamlesscustomer benefits. Together, we can deliver exponen-tially more value than either of us can on our own. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention SAP EcoHub,ouronlinemarketplace.We’rereallyjustgettingstartedwithSAP EcoHub, but we’re committed to turning this into achannel where partners can leverage their innovationson the SAP platform across the whole SAP ecosystem.It’s also a go-to location for customers interested inexploring these partner solutions. If you haven’t checked out SAP EcoHub yet, take alook at http://ecohub.sap.com and see the quality andkinds of innovation our partners are already bringingto market.Learn MoreIn the following pages of this special report, you’ll hearfrom SAP’s partners about some of the complementarysolutions and services that you can leverage to maxi-mize your investment in SAP software, achieve betterbusiness results, and capitalize on the unique opportu-nities that big data has to offer. If you’d like to learn more about SAP solutions thatcan help you take advantage of big data opportunities, Iinvite you to check out my blog at www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/weblogs?blog=/pub/u/251840414 or follow meon Twitter @bilafer. nMobility Changes the Game for Big Data ManagementMobility is a game changer because it creates a domino effect across the entire business. As moreand more mobile solutions get deployed, processes will have to be redesigned to bring them intoalignment with the real-time information available in a mobile world. For example, remember when software was sold in shrink-wrapped boxes, and you had to go tothe store to buy it? Now you download it from the Internet. That’s a single change, but it’s a changethat sent ripples across the entire business landscape. It changed revenue recognition and orderfulfillment. It changed payment technology and cash flow. It uncovered issues about piracy thatneed to be addressed. Mobility is having a similar ripple effect. Think about some of the capabilities mobile solutions arealready enabling. A utility company field worker can go out to a transformer, hold an iPad up to it,and instantly access information about its operation, maintenance, and parts. A rail company canplace sensors on the tracks that relay data about safety conditions back to a centralized location.A retailer can get point-of-sale information about consumer purchases and link it up with tweetsabout customer satisfaction with that same purchase. These trends require that companies decide what to do with all this information. They need tocome up with a strategy to transform real-time information into real-time action that helps theirbusinesses run better, safer, and more profitably.SAP software is powerful, it’s best-in-class,and it’s innovative. And our partners helpround out SAP’s offerings, filling in theindustry-specific requirements to bring youtargeted results.
  3. 3. SAPINSIDER SPECIAL REPORT | INNOVATIONSS-3Reproduced from the Jan n Feb n Mar 2012 issue of SAPinsider with permission from its publisher,WIS Publishing | sapinsider.wispubs.comSAPINSIDER SPECIAL REPORT | INNOVATIONSAs the workforce becomes accustomed to theinstant information availability that comes withthe mobile devices they are using in their everyday lives,they are beginning to expect — and even demand —the same access in the business world. As a result of thisshift, enterprises are finding that they must now meetthe demands of this “mobile anywhere” generation.The Benefits of Enabling aMobile WorkforceThere are a variety of business goals that are drivingcompanies to make their workforces more mobile-enabled. These include benefits such as:■■ New revenue streams — Both context-awaredevices and new connections to consumers can openthe door to new revenue streams that were neverpossible before.■■ Increased productivity — Sharing informationacross the entire enterprise and decentralizing thedecision-making process can result in fewer repeatedtasks, making a business more productive and moreprofitable.■■ Reduced costs — Mobile technology can enableemployees to perform tasks in less time; thisincreased efficiency reduces operating costs.■■ Better customer service and relationships —Mobile technology enables employees to react morequickly to customer concerns and communicatethrough new forums. This can expand the brandand build better relationships with the people mostimportant to the enterprise. The business benefits of enterprise mobility solu-tions are inspiring companies around the globe to makemobility a core part of their business practices and sup-port strategies. Mobility provides a huge opportunityfor businesses looking to gain a competitive edge. Butwhat’s the best way to get started?HP Helps Transform Your MobileComputing EnvironmentAs a global provider of end-to-end SAP services acrossthe mobile ecosystem, HP offers a unique enterpriseperspective, global reach, and flexible and scalableengagement models that allow today’s businesses totake full advantage of the benefits that a more mobileenterprise brings. HP’s approach to enabling enterprise mobility forSAP customers is ideal for organizations — across allindustries — that wish to deliver applications, con-tent, and services in a scalable, secure, and reliableway through multiple networks and devices. HPworks with clients to explore how mobile users accessenterprise data and transactions, and then comeup with a mobility strategy that fits the client’sunique needs. HP’s process includes three key steps:■■ Looking at foundational, enterprise-wide policiesaround security, privacy, and end-user computing■■ Assessing the collaboration infrastructure that needsto be established to support mobility■■ Evaluating the end-to-end architectural decisions,applications, and infrastructure models that arerequired to enable enterprise mobility This approach (see Figure 1 on the next page) lever-ages HP’s global applications services capabilities toprovide an architecture, systems engineering, devel-opment, and support services. Combined, they helpan organization simplify its applications, extend themwhere necessary, and build innovative mobile business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), andbusiness-to-employee (B2E) applications. The approachalso leverages HP’s well-defined and mature integrationarchitecture, which is enhanced by HP’s developmentand security frameworks, providing componentizedbuilding blocks that enable users to develop and deploySAP mobile applications.Murli ManickamDirector,WorldwideEnterprise ApplicationsPortfolioHPRaghu BhardvajWorldwide SAPOffering ManagerHPMeet the Needs of the“Mobile Anywhere” Generationto Gain a Competitive Edge
  4. 4. INNOVATIONS | SAPINSIDER SPECIAL REPORTS-4 Reproduced from the Jan n Feb n Mar 2012 issue of SAPinsider with permission from its publisher,WIS Publishing | sapinsider.wispubs.com HP has been delivering SAP solutions for over twodecades and developing mobile solutions for many years.HP has SAP consultants and mobile application devel-opers around the globe with experience in all majoroperating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows,RIM, and others. HP provides architecture and designservices, mobile application development, and the man-agement of mobile applications and devices. HP’s mobile application services include:■■ Mobility strategy and planning services■■ Mobile enterprise solution architecture consulting■■ Mobile application development and integrationservices■■ Mobile end-to-end testing services■■ Mobile hosting and application management services■■ Managed workplace servicesHP and SAP: A Thriving PartnershipDuring their 20-year partnership, HP and SAP haveworked together on joint activities that address thecomplete IT portfolio, including product, software, andservice areas. For example, it was recently announcedthatHPEnterpriseServiceswillbeprovidingcloud-baseddelivery of SAP rapid-deployment solutions, startingwith SAP Customer Relationship Management. The combination of these solutions will empowercustomers to increase the availability and speed of busi-ness information, leading to faster and more insight-ful decision making. This is just one example of HP’senterprise mobility services offerings that complementSAP’s strong mobility product suite. For more information on how HP can help you meetthe demands of the “mobile anywhere” generation andgain a competitive edge, visit www.hp.com/services/EAS-SAP. nMobile devices Mobile deploymentplatformsBusiness applicationsand data sourcesEnterprise processes Purchase order process Field sales automation Field force automation Paperless forms Proof of delivery Field service bundle Work order management Parts and inventory tracking Expense management Asset/property management Merchandizing/fast-movingconsumer goods sales1. Web/hybrid containerconnects to SAPNetWeaver2. Sybase UnwiredPlatform/Afaria/SAPNetWeaver Mobile3. HP Service DeliveryPlatform/ManagedMobility Platform Solution4. Vendor-specific nativeapps/adaptors/platformDatabasesJ2EE ConnectorArchitectureWeb servicesSoftwareapplicationsFilesFIGURE 1  HP’sEnabling MobileEnterprise Strategyusing Sybase UnwiredPlatformHP in ActionIn a recent engagement, HP worked with SAP to address theenterprise mobility requirements for a global commercial SAPclient. The client asked HP to build a solution based on thelatest version of Sybase Unwired Platform. The solution wouldprovide connectivity to the SAP back-end applications, there-by giving mobile workers access to up-to-date business datawhenever and wherever they need it. The client requirements included creating a sales orderin the Android/iPhone/iPad devices and sending that or-der to the SAP application. Once the orders are created,the sales person can now view all of his orders by customername or date from their his device. The sales person also hasaccess to pricing information and other business processes thatwill improve the order management process and overallcustomer experience. The improved business processes that HP helped this com-pany define reduced the order entry and pricing process fromfive to three days, providing faster real-time availability of thisinformation for the mobile sales organization. These processimprovements replaced a multi-step process that requiredsales people to generate orders via telephone requests andaccess SAP applications via traditional, tethered PC methods.
  5. 5. SAPINSIDER SPECIAL REPORT | INNOVATIONSS-5Reproduced from the Jan n Feb n Mar 2012 issue of SAPinsider with permission from its publisher,WIS Publishing | sapinsider.wispubs.comSAPINSIDER SPECIAL REPORT | INNOVATIONSToday’s business intelligence (BI) systems — like SAPNetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaverBW) — are experiencing record levels of data growth.As more data accumulates in these systems, they canbecome difficult to maintain, resulting in slow queries,reduced productivity, and increased TCO. To deal with the deluge, SAP’s data archiving processprovides the framework to move large amounts of staticdata to a low-cost, high-performance nearline storageenvironment. New technologies, like the SAP HANAplatform, provide a column-oriented, in-memory dataappliance for fast, ad hoc data analytics. An efficientnearline storage system can complement this in-memorySAP HANA architecture. Whether companies continue to run their BW envi-ronments on existing platforms with a relational da-tabase management system and a BW accelerator, orplan to migrate to SAP HANA, it is critical to segregatefrequently used,“high-value”information from data thatprovides lower business value. Data archiving continuesto be an essential part of this data management processand a nearline storage solution ensures the right balancebetween performance and storage costs. Dolphin andPBS Software have a solution that not only enhancesSAP NetWeaver BW deployments now, but will do thesame as companies move to SAP HANA in the future.A Proven Solution for DataVolume ManagementDolphin — an SAP software partner and certified PBSsoftware partner — resells of PBS CBW Nearline Storage(NLS) IQ, a data archiving solution designed specificallyfor SAP NetWeaver BW. This solution moves data fromthe active database to nearline storage, substantiallycompressing the data and making it accessible withouthaving to reload it back into SAP NetWeaver BW. Archiving can boost performance and reduce costsfor the active system without sacrificing transparentaccess to the data. Fast data access is provided by PBSCBW NLS IQ,which uses Sybase IQ as its storage engine(see Figure 1). Sybase IQ is a highly scalable, column-based database from Sybase, an SAP company. The column-based nearline environment providesthe foundation for a reliable and inexpensive informa-tion management strategy for BW systems. It can alsoserve as an analytics and indexing engine for archivingin transaction-oriented systems, such as SAP ERP or SAPCustomer Relationship Management. Dolphin’s nearlinesolution delivers the necessary throughput to effectivelyarchive high transaction volumes in these systems.A Bridge to SAP HANACompanies transitioning to SAP HANA from their cur-rent SAP NetWeaver BW platforms will also benefit fromthe CBW NLS IQ nearline system. By archiving static,high-volume data today,companies can simplify the tran-sition to SAP HANA and keep infrastructure costs down. Whether you are an early adopter of SAP HANA orplan to migrate in the future, Dolphin has the rightexpertise and solution options to help reduce your costsand increase performance when managing big data. Weare ready to help you build your bridge to SAP HANA.To learn more, visit http://dolphin-corp.com. nBuilding a Bridge to SAP HANADolphin’s Data Archiving Solutions Can Help You Reach the Other SideWerner HopfCEODolphinSAP HANADolphinimplementationservicesHigh-valuescenariosSAP BusinessObjects BITraditionaldatabase: Sybase ASE,Oracle, IBM DB2,Microsoft SQL ServerTraditionaldatabase: Sybase ASE,Oracle, IBM DB2,Microsoft SQL ServerTraditionaldatabase: SybaseASE, Oracle, IBMDB2, MicrosoftSQL ServerRayQ on IQ(Datamining)Sybase IQ,enterpriseeditionSAP ERPSAP NetWeaverBWPBS NAI-IQPBS CBW NLS IQ© SAP AG 2009. All rights reserved.FIGURE 1 Running SAP HANAwith analytics anda nearline storageinfrastructure
  6. 6. INNOVATIONS | SAPINSIDER SPECIAL REPORTS-6 Reproduced from the Jan n Feb n Mar 2012 issue of SAPinsider with permission from its publisher,WIS Publishing | sapinsider.wispubs.comTools that speed up the performance of a company’sbusiness intelligence (BI) systems, once thoughtof as “nice-to-have” appliances, are now a crucial partof many organizations’ BI operations. These toolsenable the agility companies need to be successfulin a fast-moving global economy, quickly providingmanagers with the relevant supporting data to makebusiness-critical decisions. Accordingly, managers canrespond to last-minute inventory changes, analyzemillions of sale transactions, or respond to unexpectedsupply chain changes in a matter of seconds. To support one such tool — SAP NetWeaverBusiness Warehouse (BW) Accelerator — and helpcompanies ensure that it runs smoothly, Ciscooffers a family of appliances equipped with intelligentautomation capabilities (that is, ready-to-deploy con-tent specifically designed to help companies executeSAP best practices). This content can be quickly andvisually modified without scripts to fit an organiza-tion’s unique support processes.Cisco’s Appliances Provide IntelligentSolutions for Your BI SystemsCisco’s family of appliances for SAP NetWeaver BWAccelerator run Cisco Intelligent Automation, a uniqueprocess automation tool that integrates event and alertmanagement data with best practices for operationalsupport processes, including diagnostics, correctiveactions,and incident prevention.The result? A smoothlyrunning SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator deployment,a business team that can easily access the informationit needs, and more time for the IT team to focus onother value-add tasks. Cisco’s appliances include best practices designedto help users identify and index BW queries andimplement and perform corrective actions for failedextract,transform,and load (ETL) jobs.Cisco IntelligentAutomation also provides automated workflowsfor pulse checks, data integrity checks, index reorga-nization, information package error analysis, servicesstatistics monitoring, and many other out-of-the boxprocess flows with built-in audit history for gover-nance. Such functionality enables organizations toquickly install, realize, and deliver the value of solu-tions like SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator and SAPBusinessObjects Explorer. In addition, Cisco Intelligent Automation has anoptional content component for automating IT opera-tional best practices for your entire suite of SAP appli-cations across heterogeneous landscapes and, in manycases, your infrastructure landscape. This helps main-tain your information architecture, ensuring optimaldata delivery to SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator.Automation Drives InnovationTo keep their BI tools running quickly and smoothly,companies should strongly consider automating theiroperational processes. And doing so with the intelli-gent automation capabilities of a Cisco appliance willenable you to not only proactively prevent interruptionof services that management depends on for agile de-cision making, but also drive innovation, reduce costs,mitigate risks, and save your employees valuable time. For more information on this tool, visit http://cisco.com/go/sapbwa. You can also contact the Cisco team atsapbw@cisco.com. nKeep Your BI Tools Running Smoothlywith Intelligent AutomationJohn A. StoneProgram ManagerCisco3 Key Benefits of Cisco’s AppliancesCisco’s family of appliances for SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator enableusers to:■■ Promote agility by providing BI data that’s current, correct, and avail-able to decision makers when and where they need it■■ Accelerate time-to-insight through automated implementations ofSAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator that are both fast and correct■■ Free IT from the labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks thatare associated with the administration of their SAP NetWeaver BWAccelerator appliance
  7. 7. SAPINSIDER SPECIAL REPORT | INNOVATIONSS-7Reproduced from the Jan n Feb n Mar 2012 issue of SAPinsider with permission from its publisher,WIS Publishing | sapinsider.wispubs.comIn the business world, social media poses both anopportunity and a challenge. It can help companiesidentify geography-based trends and better understandhow products are being marketed, reviewed, consumed,and shared (see sidebar). However, while social mediacan provide rapid insight into trends and customer pro-files, the sheer amount of unstructured data created bymobile and social applications is a challenge to manageand integrate into back-end systems. Looking for theinformation you need in the deluge of social media datacan often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.Transform Your Social Media MarketingTo solve this challenge, Capgemini offers the SocialSolutions Platform, which helps retailers reap the ben-efits of social media without the pain, cost, and stress ofbuilding a new IT infrastructure. A key enabling technol-ogy for the Social Solutions Platform is SAP HANA. Inthe SAP HANA data model, structured data from back-office systems like SAP ERP is merged with unstructureddata from social media feeds to create a comprehensiveview of the retailer’s most influential customers. Our approach is based on a deep understanding ofsocial media, business intelligence, multi-channel cus-tomer management, and the latest technologies — likecloud computing, in-memory computing, and semanticdata modeling. Finally, we draw on our knowledge ofthe strategic and operational challenges faced by retail-ers working in a fiercely competitive industry. The SocialSolutions Platform delivers applications that support:1. Social CRM. Identify the most influential people insocial media across various channels based on a com-plex algorithm that takes into account, for instance,a Twitter account’s number of followers and the fre-quency and timing of tweets about your company orproducts. With this, you can generate and distributerelevant offers to the most influential consumers.2. Customer complaint and support management.Capture comments from customers across multiplesocial media sources. This application uses semantictechnology to identify the customer and the natureof a complaint or request. The comment’s contentis then evaluated and sent to the appropriateemployee, who can then respond to the customer.3. Demand pattern detection. Search social mediachannels for comments to identify emerging demandfor certain products. This application categorizes con-versations by product type, attributes, and key sites. Inturn, your company can actively identify demand sig-nals and react to incorporate them in the forecasting,replenishment, planning, and execution systems.Learn MoreIf you think having a social media strategy needs morethan a social media account, Capgemini has a solutionto accelerate your initiatives. To learn more, visit www.us.capgemini.com/services-and-solutions/technology/business-intelligence/overview and follow us at http://twitter.com/Capgemini. nJustin NorwoodSAP Business AnalyticsPractice LeaderCapgeminiMatthew StandishSocial MediaPractice LeaderCapgeminiSift Through Your Social Media Data toFind Truly Valuable InformationCapgemini Helps Enhance Your Business Intelligence with Social Media DataSocial Media’s Influence on Consumer BuyingBehavior in the World of RetailThrough social media, consumers have gained real-time, mobile accessto retailers’ prices, product features, and service offerings. They canread and compare independent reviews and consumer opinions or com-plaints. They can also connect with each other and with various commu-nities of interest to rapidly share information and alert friends to newsand opinions, both good and bad. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Mobile Commerce Daily maga-zine revealed that 56% of consumers with smartphones who purchasedmerchandise based on mobile messaging say that reading marketingemails on their mobile device led to at least one purchase.*The surveyalso revealed that purchases were influenced by text messages (41%),Facebook via smartphone (35%), Twitter via smartphone (20%), andlocation-based services like Foursquare (15%).* Internet Retailer, “Multiple Mobile Avenues Drive Consumers to Purchases” by Bill Siwicki(July 14, 2011).