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Here is a look at what I think your end users are expecting from their Analytic solutions - business users have come along way, we are more advanced than you think.

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  • With Analytics from SAP…we are delivering a Decision Management System to our customers.Decision Management Systems are agile – inform, align and adapt to changesSolutions that do not wait…they begin to ACTDIFFERENTIATIONMost complete suiteHANAIndustriesOUTCOMESInspired customerIncreased win ratesBigger deals
  • [twitter]Traditional financial metrics are backwards-looking, when we should be looking forward[/twitter]Going back to the Income Statement and Balance Sheet – they are at best rear-view measures of the top line and bottom line.  They provide a snapshot in time of all that has happened, but very little, if any, indication of what is happening in the enterprise. For example, an online retailer with a subscription model experiences a massive drop in stock price because of poor Income Statement results. Further analysis indicates that there was a dramatic drop in subscribers (Churn) in one of their most profitable segments. It would stand to reason that a pre-emptive pulse-check on the churn could have helped stem the bleeding and perhaps prevented the reaction on Wall Street. This churn is an example of a new signal that could have helped this one enterprise run its business more proactively rather than look for explanations with a rear-view perspective.
  • With more and more people spending much of their existence in the digital world – whether it’s for work, play, learning, or to socialize– the amount of data being generated is truly astounding. Just think about the number of SMS messages and emails sent, phone calls placed, and Facebook updates made every minute, and it boggles the mind how much data is traversing networks around the world.
  • [twitter]We are working with McLaren to provide real-time race feedback using #SAPHANA[/twitter]McLaren has a project to use HANA both for their operations, and to help get real-time information from the car’s 120 sensors. Here is a vision dashboard. For more information, see this video:
  • [twitter]HSE24 could only do cross-sell by product, not customer. Now changed with in-memory, real-time predictive[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Burberry wants to reinvent the luxury consumer experience for the digital age with customer #analytics[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Intelligent cities, such as the Boston About Results program: [/twitter]Boston uses SAP Analytics to allow citizens to have up-to-the minute info about the city. See here for more information: citizens informedKeeping city alignedAdapting to real-time feedbackReal-time - transitionThis is new way companies can do businessImmediacy – out with real-time informationTransforming our businessesRunning your business on business suiteExciting new innovationNew powerful brain behind your business suite
  • Analytics and information is not only about making decisions faster or doing business better. The reality is that information is now a core part of your customers’ experience – it is part of your PRODUCT. For ideas, please visit:
  • Analytics in the now

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    3. 3. Analytics is everywhere
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    5. 5. © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 61.86TODAY WE MEASURE AVAILABLE DATA INZETTABYTES90% OF THE DATA IN THE WORLD TODAYhas been created in the last two years aloneIN 2011, THE AMOUNTOF DATA SURPASSEDZETTABYTES1.8ZETTABYTES BILLION32 GB iPads57.5= =$34.4TRILLION =COMBINED GDP OF:• US• Japan• China• Germany• France• UK• Italy**IDC Digital Universe Study Extracting Value from Chaos
    6. 6. THE NEW INFORMATION CONSUMER…ResponsiveEngagingAccessible75%by 202010%today+15 Billion Devices+1 Billion People
    7. 7. CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHTHSE24• Cross-sell basedon the consumer,not just theproduct
    8. 8. © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 1212CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHTBURBERRY• Improve customer experience and loyalty• Become #1 IT-driven fashion retailer• Personalized Burberry client iPad app
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    13. 13. Instantly predict market trendsand customer needsPredict how market pricevolatility will impact yourproduction plansSee changes in demand orsupply across your entireSupply Chain immediatelyMonitor and analyze alldeviations and quality issuesin your production processProvide exactly the right offersand service levels to everycustomerHave a continuously-updatedwindow onto future sales,showing changes in real timeUnderstand what yourcustomers and potentialcustomers are saying aboutyou, right nowPredict cash flows to managecollections, risk and short-termborrowing in real timeTHE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS…
    14. 14. © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 19IT’S TIME FOR ANALYTICS LIKE NEVER BEFOREThink Big, Think Different
    15. 15. Kurt J. BilaferTwitter: @BilaferJoin in the Conversation #SAPAPJ