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Case studyworkshoponprovenance


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A use case presented in the workshop on understanding provenance and linked open data which tool place in Edinburgh in March 2011.

Published in: Education
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Case studyworkshoponprovenance

  1. 1. Khalid Belhajjame Paolo missier<br />Using Provenance for Research Object Publications<br />
  2. 2. Using Provenance for Research Objects Publications<br />Background<br />Research objects are self-contained logical units that include information about the data sets, tools, metadata and research results that are used and/or produced by a scientist during his/her investigation.<br />The creation and publication of a research object can be time and resource consuming.<br />Objective:<br /> Assist in the creation and publication of research objects using provenance that logs information about the activities undertaken by a scientists. <br />
  3. 3. Using Provenance for Research Objects Publications<br />Problems and limitations<br />How to capture provenance<br />What is the granularity of collected provenance<br />How to identify research objects boundaries (scope)<br />Requirements for Provenance<br />To observe and record the scientists activities and the objects used or produced<br />Identifying relationships with other research objects<br />