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Nj Transit


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Preliminary research.

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Nj Transit

  1. 1. NJ Transit Katrina Bekessy, Danny Chang, Amber Krishan, Conway Liao
  2. 2. Overview Links New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia   Serves 223 million passenger trips each year.   Our focus: Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Line Northeast Corridor serves 53,798 daily passengers, owned by Amtrak, busiest rail line North Jersey Coast LIne serves 17,862 daily passengers, partially owned by Amtrak The Newark Division (includes the Northeast Corridor, North Jersey Coast, and Raritan Valley lines operating to and from Newark Penn Station, Hoboken Terminal, and Penn Station New York).   Other lines: Morris & Essex and Montclair Boonton
  3. 3. This week's goal Look at NJ Transit from a general 360-degree view to identify all the layers, define key issues or problems, and decide on a specific segment that we will continue to research in detail moving forward   Interview some NJ transit riders on & off campus to get a general idea about how the system works and their personal experience with NJ transit.
  4. 4. Questions Who is going where?  & How does the NJ Transit system help or hinder them? Information dissemination between NJ Transit and passengers commuters Attitudes and experiences of the commuter   Demographics of areas/cities in which the transit system runs through   Opportunities for growth and improvements     
  5. 5. Field Study The field study was conducted at Penn Station 33rd street to get an early impression of the following... Traffic flows and space occupation   Amenities   Commuter Experience   Opportunities for growth and improvements     
  6. 6. Information Dissemination Tickets Route Maps Website Train Schedules Other Commuters Information Kiosks
  7. 7. Attitudes/Experiences of passengers The commuter experience is adversely affected by... Poor decision support Confusing information/lack of information when needed Dissemination mechanisms Lack of amenities
  8. 8. Attitudes/Experiences of passengers
  9. 9. Demographic Study The demographic study is focussed towards understanding the following... Commuters travelling by NJ Transit differences between commuters from different areas population types within connected areas    Newark is the largest city in New Jersey, and the county seat of Essex County. As of the 2006 census population estimate is 281,402
  10. 10. Opportunities for growth User centered information channels   Provision of essential amenities   Development of relevant services   Optimum utilization of current infrastructure     
  11. 11. Conclusion and Future Directions We feel that the information dissemination within the NJ transit system would be a good area of study as it ties in macro and micro elements.  We propose to study the above in the following way... SWOT Analysis Information Dissemination Channels and flow Demographic Study routes map + surrounding areas