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Monitoring & measuring success


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Monitoring & measuring success

  1. 1. Monitoring & Measuring Success
  2. 2. (Gain – Cost)ROI = Cost Traditional ROI
  3. 3. Social Media ROI
  4. 4. Social Media MeasurementBasics•Followers•Views or Click Throughs•Conversations or Likes•Trending
  5. 5. Followers# of people that like or follow you Not every follower is considered equal. Stakeholders followers are key!
  6. 6. Counting Followers•Theprocess isvery manual•Facebookhas bestreportingcapabilities
  7. 7. Views or Click ThroughsHow many times your content has been seen by followers Twitter Requires 3rd party tools like Hootsuite or
  8. 8. Views or Click Throughs How many times your content has been seen by followers•If your goal is action then….•Website traffic is extremely important•You can track this through Google Analytics
  9. 9. ConversationsHow many people respond, reply, like or retweet your posts
  10. 10. Trending The amount of interaction you receive indexes you for all users to see•Trending Topic’son Facebook•Explore onPinterest•Trendsmap.comfor Twitter
  11. 11. Social CRM•Customer relationship management system that storesall interaction with a lead or customer in a database thatalso contains purchase information•Information is usually uploaded manually by users•Sales are categorized by the marketing channel thatdrove the purchase•It is not an exact science
  12. 12. (Gain – Cost)ROI = Cost Traditional ROI
  13. 13. Social CRM Tool Examples