Just Dance!


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Just Dance!

  1. 1. Just Dance! Miss Burgess'  6th Grade Physical Education Class
  2. 2. Curriculum-Framing Questions Students are asked essential, unit, and content questions throughout the project. Essential: Engage students Unit: Connect a unit or project Content: Fact-based
  3. 3. Essential Question 1. What would the world be like if we eliminated Physical Education?
  4. 4. Unit Question 1. How do you put your feelings and emotions in to dance?
  5. 5. Content Question 1. What is a "box step" move in dance?
  6. 6. Unit Summary First, students will work together in groups of five to create a dance of their own. Once they finish the dance, students will practice their dance and learn how to use a heart rate monitor. After each practice, students will record their results on a chart they make. This will show students that after dance, their heart rate does elevate and calories are burned. Once the unit is coming to an end, students will put up flyers and invite the community to watch their "Just Dance" performance. This will give students the opportunity to show everyone what they have learned and created throughout the unit!
  7. 7. Roles   Roles of Students • Work together to reach a common goal with classmates • Put together routine • Brainstorm chart poster ideas • Calculate heart rate monitor results • Communicate with teacher/group on concerns and ideas • Be productive Roles of Parents • Communicate with students/teachers on any questions /concerns • Encourage students @ home • Help students practice routine • Be proactive Roles of Teachers • Provide feedback to students on their progress • Be sure all students are participating and the project is a group effort • Hold teacher/student conferences • Be available to students/parents when they have questions or concerns • Provide detailed instruction on expectations for project
  8. 8. Standards/Objectives   Standards Physical Education (2003) Grade(s): 6 4.) Describe balance and weight transfer in a game, sport, dance, or gymnastic routine.   Physical Education (2003) Grade(s): 9 1.) Demonstrate movement patterns from a variety of physical activities that enhance cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition.   Physical Education (2003) Grade(s): 9 5.) Identify technology used in health and fitness studies.     Objectives   1.) Students will work together as a group to create and perform a dance routine. 2.) Students will practice and perform their routine and increase cardiovascular endurance with this physical activity. 3.) Students will use a heart rate monitor and record results on a chart after each practice and performance.
  9. 9. Benefits By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: • Work collaboratively with other classmates to reach a common goal. • Read a heart rate monitor. • Perform a group dance. • Create a chart and record results. • Create/type flyers. • Perform many different dance moves and improve cardiovascular endurance.
  10. 10. Contact Information Feel free to contact me if you or your child have any questions or concerns about this unit or any additional questions. Please leave a brief voicemail or email with your full name, child's full name, and your contact information. I will do my best to return your call and/or email within 24 hours. I want to ensure the students are gaining the best learning experience possible so feedback is encouraged! Email: kbburgess@crimson.ua.edu Phone: (256) 606-0360 Planning Period: 1:00-1:45 pm