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Cbs syllabus revised second semester 12-5-12


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Cbs syllabus revised second semester 12-5-12

  1. 1. CVA Computer & Business Skills - SyllabusCourse Title: Computer & Business Skills #8200330Location: Classroom #_________ & www.clayvirtual.netCourse The course includes developing proficiency with touch keyboardingDescription: and fundamental computer applications using databases, spreadsheets, presentation applications, and the integration of these programs using software that meets industry standards. Students will discover basics skills required for successful communication in today’s business environment and enhance workplace performance.Teacher’s Name: Kathy SheridanTelephone: 904- 339-5224Email Address: kbsheridan@OneClay.netOffice Hours: M-F During your classroom period. Phone calls & emails will be returned within 24 hours. Scheduled appointments are available through one-on-one or small group sessions using Bb Collaborate.Website: 1) Login to Blackboard 2) click MyBlackboard tab 3) click on your course under the section Classes Where You are a student: Class name: CVA Computer & Business Skills (2012-2013) – BarnesRequired Text: There is no textbook for this class (All resources are online)Internet Browser: Blackboard & OdysseyWare both operate at their best using Mozilla Firefox as the internet browser (do not use Internet Explorer)Course Software: • Course delivery is provided through OdysseyWare which is accessed through the Launch Pad button in Bb. If direct access is needed use this link: • Odysseyware Student Guide: • 1 folder with prongs & pocketsSupplies: • Notebook paper • Pencil or pen • Personal headphones or earbuds (optional)Kathy Sheridan – Computer & Business Skills at CVA Page 1
  2. 2. Course Student work submitted MUST be the original work of the student and completed on their own. Students must submit their work by theExpectations: assigned due date to ensure the course is completed by the end of the semester.Evaluation: The student’s grade will be made up of classwork lessons, Discussion Forum posts & quizzes. 90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C 60-69 D Below F 60 **Grade reflected in OdysseyWare is based upon successful completion of lessons assigned through the current date. Past due lessons not submitted will be taken into consideration upon averaging the actual grade.**Interim Reports: February 7, May 2 (not in FOCUS but available in OdysseyWare)Report Cards: April 4, June 12 (ONLY Final semester grade will be posted on the actual Report Card)Course Goals/ • Demonstrate knowledge, skill, and application of information systems to accomplish job objectives and enhance workplace performance.Standards: Apply ergonomic principles applicable to the configuration of computer workstations. • Use Technology to apply and enhance communications skills in technical reading and writing. • Practice quality performance in the learning environment and the workplace. • Incorporate appropriate leadership and supervision techniques, customer service strategies, and standards of personal ethics to accomplish job objectives and enhance workplace performance. • Assess personal strengths and weaknesses as they relate to job objectives, career exploration, personal development, and life goals. • Demonstrate human relations/interpersonal skills appropriate for the workplace.Kathy Sheridan – Computer & Business Skills CVA Page 2
  3. 3. Accommodations We recognize and accept our obligation under the Americans with& Modifications Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, tofor Students with provide reasonable accommodations to qualified students in allDisabilities: school activities. For further information, please contact Ms. Tonya Boswell, CVA ESE Support Facilitator at Work and Students are expected to complete assignments on time. MissedMake-up Work: assignments will need to be made up by the listed due date in OdysseyWare.Rules for Class: 1) Come prepared to work. This means coming to class with the correct materials and ATTITUDE! 2) Respect yourself, other people and all property. 3) Do not, under any circumstances, change anything on the computer. 4) Unauthorized access to any software or unapproved websites is prohibited. 5) No food, gum/candy or drink is allowed in the lab. 6) Any assistance needed should be asked of the Lab Assistant or CVA Instructor only.Kathy Sheridan – Computer & Business Skills CVA Page 3
  4. 4. STUDENT INFORMATION SHEET Return completed and signed by January 11, 2013Student’s Name: _________________________________________________________ LAST FIRSTName I prefer to be called: _________________________ School: _________________ Class Period: ______Name(s) or parent(s)/guardian(s) with whom you live: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________Phone numbers where they can be reached during the day (i.e., work or cell): _________________________________________________________________________________Parent’s/guardian’s e-mail address*: __________________________________________*Please note: According to county policy, parents must come to the school campus to complete an EmailTransmission Form in order for me to correspond with you via email about your student. If you have notalready done so, please come to our campus to complete the form.Student’s birthday: _______________________________________________________ Month Day YearDo you need to wear glasses to read/work on computer? __________________________Do you have difficulty hearing? _____________________________________________My favorite subject is: ____________________________________________________The subject I like least is: __________________________________________________My hobbies are: __________________________________________________________After school I like to: _____________________________________________________When I finish high school I would like to: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Other than business & computers, in the class I would like to talk about: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________I have read and understand the Course Syllabus.____________________________________ _____________________________________Kathy Sheridan – Computer & Business Skills CVA Page 4Student’s Signature/Date Parent’s Signature/Date