Real Estate Corner at the Corporate Shooting Grand Prix


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Reach out to 5000 potential buyers every day for 7 days. Participate in the Real Estate corner at the Corporate Shooting Grand Prix

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Real Estate Corner at the Corporate Shooting Grand Prix

  1. 1. The first event of its kind in India An Opportunity to Connect
  2. 2.  Relatively simple to pick up by amateurs  Can be played individually and in teams  Lends itself well to real life Corporate World inhabited by words like target, strategy, teamwork , goals , focus , achievement etc.  Waiting to be Corporatized as a Sport
  3. 3.      Date : January 6th-January 13th, 2014 Place : Helipad Grounds, Salt Lake Stadium 3 member teams from Corporates to vie for top honours in a team shooting contest Open to all amateur Corporate shooters Suggested Team composition is one member each from Senior, Middle & Junior management
  4. 4. • Arjuna Awardee • World No.4 • Olympian • Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist • Gold in Australian Open Championships • Current Asian, South Asian and National Record holder
  5. 5.  World Class non combat rifles and non combat bullets with Olympic level targets will be used for the contest  There will be professional shooters who will supervise each round and each team  The Ministry of Sports, Government of West Bengal is supporting the contest  Proceeds from the contest will be ploughed back to set up a Shooting Academy and groom future Olympians
  6. 6.  Corporate Teams will be divided into Groups thru a draw of lots  There will be round robin leagues within each group to select the Top 8 team  The Top 8 teams will go thru the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & Finals to vie for Top Honours  The whole contest will culminate in an Awards Ceremony, where the Olympic Medal Winners will felicitate the Top 4 teams
  7. 7.  In each face off, each member of the Corporate team will get to shoot 5 targets placed at a distance of 5 metres  In total the 3 member team will need to make 15 attempts to hit the targets  The teams will have to forecast their points from the round with each target hit counting as 10 points  Over achievement or Underachievement of forecast will attract negative marks  There will be ways a team can earn a Wild Card  The Wild Card will entitle them to use one of the Professional Shooters present to shoot 5 targets on their behalf
  8. 8.  The contest will be preceeded by shooting workshops for all team members by Joydeep Karmakar, the ace Olympian Shooter  Joydeep Karmakar will introduce the sport to the team members and guide them to learn the finer nuances of the sport  Joydeep Karmakar will also share the mechanics of the event and tips to do well in the event
  9. 9.  Seminars  Sports Celebrities  Tollywood celebrities  Musical extravaganza with DJ  Dance shows  DJ A Great Networking Opportunity
  10. 10.  Workshops with Joydeep Karmakar : Jan 4-5th  Round Robin Stage : Jan 6 th- 10th  Quarter Finals : Jan 11th  Semi Finals : Jan 12th  Finals : Jan 13th  Awards Ceremony : Jan 18th
  11. 11.  6000 seconds on Red FM with 30 RJ mentions  10 hoardings in Kolkata  1000 seconds on 24 Ghanta, the leading Bengali news channel  1000 sq cm in Calcutta Times, Times of India / Ei Somoy  6000 sq ft of branding in the venue
  12. 12.        The Event will see more than 5000 Corporate Executives at the venue each day Most of them will be in the managerial cadre They will be in the age group of 25-45 years They will have ample time in their hands to browse around the venue We will be creating an Real Estate Corner specially for display of Real Estate Projects You can display your projects You can develop a database of potential customers
  13. 13. The Real Estate Corner will be publicised by us on mass media and in the venue  Radio Jockeys will talk about it  We will put up photos on Social Media  We will announce it on our website, Facebook & LinkedIn page  Joydeep Karmakar will be available for photo-op.  Space is not a constraint 
  14. 14.   INR 6 lakhs + Service tax All payments by cheque and/or Demand Draft payable to “ Maverick Minds”.
  15. 15. 50% advance at the time of signing the contract  25% advance 7 days before the event  25% within 15 days of the event completion 