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Kristin Baker Action Research Power Point


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Kristin Baker Action Research Power Point

  1. 1. Robin Gapinski, Christine Hill, and Stephanie Solis Article Analysis by Kristin Baker
  2. 2.  Find Differences  Gender  Learning Styles Increase Student Learning  Use Research to Adapt  Find new Teaching Methods
  3. 3.  Classes  Gender  Biology  Female  Geometry  Students  English  Greta Grade  Jessica  Sophomores  Mary
  4. 4. Each teacher observed each of the girls in theirown classrooms as well as visiting each othersclassrooms. They then came together to drawconclusions from their observations. Theobservations for each girl in each class wereconsistent from each teacher.
  5. 5.  Gender  Styles  No similarities were  All three girls had found between the three different learning styles girls despite all being and were confident in females different areas.  No conclusions using  The more confident gender could be found. they were in the subject the more engaged they were.
  6. 6. The article at first seemed like a great idea, andthat they might be able to find some goodinsight. When no results were found, I wasactually relieved. This is because each studentis different, and classifying by only one traitsuch as gender is not enough to get consistentresults. First classifying them by strengths andlearning styles might have been morebeneficial.
  7. 7. Gapinski, R., Hill, C., Solis, S. How Girls Learn: Three Case Studies. Action Research Laboratory (Highland Park High School). Retrieved from Research.aspx