Final presentation


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Final presentation

  1. 1. AutismMisconceptions Katlyn Baines Global Connections 4A
  2. 2. Why Autism? • Step by Step Consulting summer program • Special Olympics Chesapeake • Geoffrey and mistreatment from others • Lack of understanding
  3. 3. Research • Research Question: How do methodological factors affect autism prevalence rates? • Methodological factors • Autism Epidemic
  4. 4. Results • High prevalence rates very likely attributed to methodological factors • Absence of an autism epidemic independent of importance of disease • Care and finding cure
  5. 5. Internship • 40-hour internship with Navigation Behavioral Consulting • Applied Behavioral Analysis • Worked with Claire Ellis, BCBA and Allison Kim, BCaBA • Reflection
  6. 6. Internship Picture/Video
  7. 7. Autism Misconceptions:Breaking the Barrier • Top ten autism misconceptions • Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes you Knew by Ellen Nautbaum • BBC “My Autism and Me” Documentary
  8. 8. Top Ten Misconceptions 1. Autistic kids look different from regular kids. 2. Autism is a result of vaccinations. 3. All kids with autism are violent and should be avoided. 4. Autistic kids that make repetitive motions should be stopped. 5. Kids with autism cannot make social interactions. 6. Everyone with autism has an exceptional talent. 7. People with autism should be institutionalized. 8. There is only one type of autism. 9. Autism can be cured. 10. There is an autism epidemic.
  9. 9. Questions?