Alqualsadi poster nov 2010


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Alqualsadi research team on Enterprise Architecture at ENSIAS, Mohammed V Souissi University, Rabat, Morocco

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Alqualsadi poster nov 2010

  1. 1. Axis 1 - EA Governance : Which models for IT Strategy, Governance, Maturity & Alignment ? keywords : KPI, GKI, KFS, COBIT, CMMi, Zachman/TOGAF/EAF/DoDAF, balanced score cards, DW/ BI. Axis 2 - EA Integration : How to insure interoperability and integration of Portals/Processes/Services/ Components through a EA holonic approach (« as a whole ») ? keywords : SOA, BPM, MDM, ERP, syntactic/semantic interoperability, web semantic. Axis 3 - EA Quality : How to achieve specification, verification/validation, and engineering of EA models of a certain quality ? keywords : Graphs, B method, Petri nets, LTL/TTL, MDE, MDA, meta-modeling, Lean, Six sigma, ITIL. Axis 4 - EA Applied to ICT4D : How to apply EA approaches in citizen-centric projects ? keywords : e-Gov, e-health, and e-education. Axis 5 - Applied Maths Methods for EA : Which math methods to formalise, simulate, and explain EA governance, integration, and quality ? keywords : statistic and quantitative methods, optimal control. Alqualsadi Research axes Partnerships International Projects What is Enterprise Architecture ? Alqualsadi research team : Enterprise Architectures, Quality of their Development and Integration Who is Alqualsadi 1412- 1486 ? - 2006-2011 SRC-MENA : « BusinessAligner : A Framework for Verifying Business and Process Models through Web Service Interactions Mining », MENA Project II (Meadle East and North Africa), financed by SRC :Swedish Research Council. Keywords : Knowledge discovery, Web Services, Workflow, Business IT alignment. - 2006-2010 Integrated Action with France : « COMPUS : COMPonents, Utilisations, and Services » - 2009 - JOIN-MED : Euro-Mediterranean project for narrowing European Union and Mediterranean partner countries involved in ICT research, between ENSIAS, and other 8 Mediterranean partner countries. - 2007 - MED-IST : Euro-Mediterranean project for narrowing European Union and Mediterranean partner countries involved in ICT research, between DEPT-NT, Ministry of Trade, Industry, and New Technologies Morocco, and other 8 Mediterranean partner countries. - 2005 - MED NET’U : Euro-Mediterranean project about e-learning, between ENSIAS Morocco, Nettuno Consortium, AVICENNE: Euro-Università Ovunque, Italy and other 24 partners from 11 Euro-Mediterranean countries (Tele-Teacher on RAINETTUNO SAT 1 et SAT 2 / Hotbird 3, 13°degré Est, and on - 2003-2007 : AVICENNE Mediterranean project about e-learning - 2004 - MEDFORIST : Euro-Mediterranean project about e-learning in e-business, between ENSIAS Morocco, Grenoble Ecole de Management France, and other 14 Euro-Mediterranean partners : universities, engineering, management and business schools Abou Al Hassan ibn Ali ibn Muhammad al-Qalasadi (a.k.a. Al-Qalsadi, Al-Qalasadi, or Al-Kalsadi), born on 1412, Bastah, (north of Granada) AlAndalous, and dead on 1486, Béja, Ifriqiya (Tunisia), expert in Algebra, Arithmetics, and Astronomy. Alqualsadi has abreviated variable names to symbols (equations algorithms become shorter & easier), and unknown X was born : ‫ش‬ (abbreviation of shay ‫شي‬ ), translated later to italian as « causa » and then will be abreviated to X. He has also abstracted and symbolised arithmetic operations, and applied this symbolisation to formalise and resolve algebric equations algorithms (polynomial, diophantine). France : Nancy University, LORIA, and CRAN (Nancy), LIRIS (Lyon), CNAM and INT (Paris), LIG and IMAG (Grenoble) Sweden : DSV, Stockholm University (Stockholm) Belgium : UNDP (Namur) United Kingdom : University Of Cambridge (Cambridge) Morocco : EMI, Ecole Mohammedia des Ingénieurs, and FSR, Mohammed V – Agdal University (Rabat), NEOXIA MAROC, (member of The Open Group), Casablanca EA has been firstly thought to address two problems (in 1987) : - System complexity : organisations were spending enormous budgets in IT - Poor business alignement : organisations were finding it more difficult to keep IT systems aligned with business models. Basically enterprises are looking for more agility, high profils, lower risk, more satisfied senior management, and more cost and less value problem recognised in 1987, but they have reached a crisis point. Why Enterprise Architectures for ? Members Pr. Mr. Karim Baïna, ENSIAS, Med V - Souissi University, Rabat : leader of Alqualsadi research team Pr. Mme Laïla Kjiri, ENSIAS, Med V - Souissi University, EA Quality, Maths Methods, and Governance Pr. Mr. Bouchaïb Bounabat, ENSIAS, Med V - Souissi University : EA in ICT4D, and Governance Pr. Mr. Saïd Achchab, ENSIAS, Med V - Souissi University : EA App. Maths Methods for EA, and Governance Pr. Mme Mounia Fredj, ENSIAS, Med V - Souissi University : EA Integration, and Quality Pr. Mr. Salah Baïna, ENSIAS, Med V - Souissi University : EA Governance, Quality, and Maths Methods Pr. Mr. Hassan Abdelwahed, FSSM, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech Pr. Mme Salma Mouline, FSR, Mohammed V – Agdal University, Rabat Pr. Mr. Mohammed Berrada, ENSAF, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fès Dr. Mr. Tawfik Es-Squalli, NEOXIA MAROC (chairman), Casablanca EA perspectives – alignment dynamics EA perspectives – Departments’ projects matrix EA perspectives – separation principles EA EA EA as strategic planning process EA ExpressionEA EA Prin cipls Met hod s Realisation OSmodel BPmodel ISmodel Inframodel