Be That Leader


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Slides from a presentation I made during the "In-House SEO Team Building and Training" session at PubCon Vegas 2012

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Be That Leader

  1. 1. Be That Leader! Elmer Boutin Sr. Mgr. Search Strategy - Rockfishwww.crossingmarketingandit.comelmo@crossingmarketingandit.comTwitter: @rehorLinkedIn: #pubcon @rehor
  2. 2. About Elmer …Marketing Technologist forover 15 years, 12 in an in-house setting.Now doing agency workwith Rockfish. Creative Commons |Image by SMN #pubcon @rehor
  3. 3. Gartner predicts by 2017 marketing willspend more on tech than IT.Chart from “The hot new CxO: Chief Marketing Technology Officer? [infographic]” #pubcon @rehor
  4. 4. Who’s going totrain old-school IT CEOand Marketing CIO CMOpeople how thesenew technologiesfit into your ?organization? IT Marketing #pubcon @rehor
  5. 5. How about you? Are you ready to join the ranks of the Marketing Technologists?#pubcon @rehor
  6. 6. Check out Scott Brinker’s“Chief Marketing Technologist” #pubcon @rehor
  7. 7. Elmer’s Leadership LessonHere’s where you get a direct return onthe tax dollars you (or your parents)spent supporting me during my decade+in the Army ... #pubcon @rehor
  8. 8. Whether you have all in-house team oroutsource, you need to …• Be more tech• Know more tech• Do more techMarketers must harness and beresponsible for the tech they use! #pubcon @rehor
  9. 9. Be, Know & Do“Not becauseit’s my job, butbecause that’swhat I am.” #pubcon @rehor
  10. 10. Know More Tech No one expects you to code your own stuff, but it would help if you knew enough to talk about #pubcon @rehor
  11. 11. CommunicationI started “The Crossing” so I couldcommunicate with colleagues in otherdepartments. #pubcon @rehor
  12. 12. Practice Your ArtRunning a website helps youcommunicateconsistently.It also gives you a Creative Commons |Image by Matrixizationized matrixizationizeds_worldplace to practice. #pubcon @rehor
  13. 13. Know The Lingo Vernacular? That’s a doiby!It’s not enoughjust to have thehead knowledge,you have tospeak thelanguage, too #pubcon @rehor
  14. 14. Know Yourself & Seek Self Improvement Creative Commons |Image by oferdavidi 96231201@N00 #pubcon @rehor
  15. 15. Invest in YourselfYou don’t know everything, be willing to pay for your continuing education• Share what you learn• Find good resources and learn from them …. always #pubcon @rehor
  16. 16. Be A Leader of PeopleIf you’re going to leada team, even acoalition, you need todevelop yourleadership #pubcon @rehor
  17. 17. Leadership is not for the timid #pubcon @rehor
  18. 18. Leadership is not for the timidBe strong, but don’tlead like Steve Creative Commons |Image by Joi Ito #pubcon @rehor
  19. 19. Seek responsibility & take responsibilityfor your actionsDon’t wait around forsomeone to appointyou. Creative Commons |Image by lindaaslund lindaaslund #pubcon @rehor
  20. 20. Own It!Someone has toown MarketingTech … if notyou, then who? #pubcon @rehor
  21. 21. Selfless Service & Servant LeadershipLeadership is about investing yourselfinto the success of …… your team… the organization #pubcon @rehor
  22. 22. Build Your Team Out & Up• Communicate vision• Communicate goals• Set them up for success• Failure is OK, so long as lessons are learned Creative Commons |Image by shrff by-james #pubcon @rehor
  23. 23. Elmer’s Leadership Lesson• Be, Know and Do Tech• Be The Leader• Communicate!• Know Yourself & Seek Self-Improvement• Own It!• Build Your Team UpLead, follow … or get out of the way! #pubcon @rehor
  24. 24. Thank YouElmer Boutin …www.crossingmarketingandit.comelmo@crossingmarketingandit.comTwitter: @rehorLinkedIn: #pubcon @rehor