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2013.2.15 nagahama.pptx

  1. 1. Kazuyo NAGAHAMA
  2. 2. Van Panchayat (VP) : Community based forest management, self-governed institution of forestry in Uttarakhand state, India Background Objectives Method Result VPs are in quantitative and qualitative decline in the once dense and well-managed Van Panchayat in the Kumaon hills. (Balooni et al., 2007) Van Panchayat (VP) s (Gairola, H. & Negi, A.S. ,2011) Van Panchayat How is the forest management and utilization and people’s perception in newly generated VPs on the Garhwal hills? Why? ➢ Why are VPs on the decline, although VP’s number are increasing? This is the case of VP forest on the Kumaon hills in Uttarakhand. Forest degradation
  3. 3. 5.Management committee In total 225 participants identified Uttarakhand (UK) Forest Department Local People 〈Objectives〉 〈Methodology 〉 〈Data collection〉 Interview Documents, Acts and Rules ↓ Review 41 household (HH) sampling from 51 HH in total ↓ Structured interview Impact of VP on sustainable forest management and livelihood improvement 4.Livelihood VP leader 1.Forest utilization 2.Forest management 3.People’s perception 〈Discussion 〉 Background Objectives Method Result
  4. 4. ➢ The reason of selection D village: Present Sarpanch (VP head) is a Block Committee leader of 151 VPs in Mussoire, supporting VP association and the assumption of active VP. ➢ Number of household (HH) interview: 41 HH data (80% HH in the village) ➢ Total area of the village: 137 ha ➢ Altitude : 1850 m ➢ Year the VP established : 1993 ➢ Total VP area : 20 ha ➢ Total HH : 51 (Population : 348) The VP name: D village Block: Mussorie District :Tehri Garhwal State: Uttarakhand in India Sampling Study period: From July to August, 2012
  5. 5. 1. Forest utilization in D village VP Logging; Ban on felling of living trees Grazing animals; Unrestricted Grass cutting ; Unrestricted Collection of dry and fallen branches twigs and leaves; Unrestricted Type of forest ; Dominated forest With Oak (Quercus spp.), some patches of Chir Pine (Pinus roxburghii): Background Objectives Method Result Oak(Author, 2012) 100% respondents utilize firewood which is necessary, 78% respondents collect firewood routinely, for maintaining their livelihood.
  6. 6. Background Objectives Method Result Constitution of VP (UKF, 2005) 2. Forest management MC has jurisdiction (duty) and responsible for managing to VP.
  7. 7. Agriculture is their main livelihood. All of the People in D village are listed as Below Poverty Line. (B.P.L. Survey, 2002) Background Objectives Method Result Forest is important to maintain people’s livelihood, but not a direct source of income. 3. Livelihood activity 4. People’s perception Respondents are satisfied with the activities of MC. The current VP condition is highly improved. After VP was formed…
  8. 8. (Critical value: χ²>4.06(5%), p<0.05) Relation between MC member’s composition and the factors The consistence of caste is not fair to consider the proportion of the villagers. -LPG is the indicator of the independence of firewood, MC members depend on firewood. Background Objectives Method Result Factors Explained valuable: MC members or not χ² Fishers p Result Caste 4.04 - Rejected Migrant 0.303 0.27 Accepted Outside study 0.74 0.23 Accepted Cell phone - 0.50 Accepted Dish TV - 0.17 Accepted LPG - 0.0003 Rejected VP distance - 1.32 Accepted Collecting firewood - 0.37 Accepted Grazing animals - 0.29 Accepted 5. Characteristics of Management committee (MC)
  9. 9. Background Objectives Method Result 1.Forest manage- ment 2.Forest utilization 3.People’s perception 4.Livelihood activity 5. Manage- ment Committee Increasing VP number (Rawat, 1999; UFD, 2009 ) Livelihood improvement Effective impact Low performanceB.P.L. VP in Garhwal Division Forest degradation (Ballabh et al., 2002) ⇒Grant for plantationVP in Kumaon Division Support from Forest Department(FD) ⇒ Oppression Sustainable Forest management
  10. 10. Thank you very much for your attention