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UX デザインに求められる「3つの目」

2016年7月13日(水)にクラウドワークスで開催された UX Jam #10 でプレゼンした資料です。

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UX デザインに求められる「3つの目」

  1. 1. BY KAZUMICHI SAKATA UX JAM 10 @ Crowd works | JUNE 13, 2016 @mariosakata #uxjam_jpRecruit technologies / ux tokyo
  2. 2. ( kazumichi sakata ) UX Designer, Recruit UX advisor, Bytaps founder, ux tokyo & Leanuxcircle japan ambassador, medium books: comingsoon
  3. 3. 
 Problem Finding Problem Solving Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?
  4. 4. if i had only hour to save the world, i would spend 55 minutes defining the problem, and only 5 minutes finding the solution. 
 image credit - einstein’s big idea
  5. 5. what do you see?
  6. 6. what did you see?
  7. 7. the eye of a bird the eye of a bug the eye of a fish view points and understanding angles in ux design
  8. 8. CUSTOMER JOURNEY frontstageexperiencebackstageexperience 
 inside look at UX design activities
  9. 9. asking right questions for better ux capabilities 

  10. 10. let’s stop building usable ‘wrong’ things
  11. 11. recommend for reading this is service design thinking
  12. 12. KAZUMICHI SAKATA UX JAM 10 @ Crowd works | JUNE 13, 2016