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OpenAPI Specification概要


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API Meetup Tokyo #15発表資料

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OpenAPI Specification概要

  1. 1. We'd like to thank the efforts of the API Tokyo Meetup for including the Open API Initiative as part of the conversation. We are humbled by the attendance at this event and are thrilled to receive such a positive response from the API community. Please contribute to help grow and evolve the OpenAPI Spec by contributing on GitHub and following us on Twitter and sharing your projects leveraging OAS. We love to hear stories of all the amazing things being built with the help of the OpenAPI Specification. Jeff ErnstFriedman, Program Manager of the Open API Initiative a project of the Linux Foundation
  2. 2. swagger: "2.0" info: version: "1.0" title: OAS Demo API host: basePath: /demoapi schemes: - http - https paths: /hello: get: description: Returns greetings to the caller operationId: hello responses: "200": description: Success schema: $ref: "#/definitions/HelloWorldResponse" JSON or YAML