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Ilrsa deck


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Published in: Software
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Ilrsa deck

  1. 1. About Ilrsa
  2. 2. Exective Summary AI Digital Contents (Art) Social Network Discover Ilrsa studies users' interests, and grows smarter and more sophisticated with every use. Carefully designed system creates networks of segmented niche information that has been gathered off the grapevine Bringing people together that share the same tastes.
  3. 3. Market Ilrsa Hulu Netflix Popular Niche EntertainmentAcademic Itunes
  4. 4. Product Design & Functions
  5. 5. Easily document what you watch Use it as a tool to document the films you've seen as if they're places you've been and food you've eaten. Store your movies in a beautiful library. Your can also checkwhich movies your friends have seen and their reviews. Lifelog
  6. 6. Experience the world’s best recommendation system The more you use it, the more it grows and the smarter it gets. Each time you watch a movie, it will find users who have similar interests to you based on reviews of movies recorded in the database and recommend you movies those users reviewed. Discover
  7. 7. Media that broadens your cinematic experience, just for you Titles and reviews of the movies you've documented will be uploaded to Stream. Make it your own interactive media site by following friends and people with the same interests as you. Personal cinematic experiences become open cinematic experiences. Stream Up until now, Internet media has overloaded us with information. This new system is simple and powerful – an easy-to-use tool that will be your movie-going partner, making your cinematic experiences that much more enjoyable.
  8. 8. Academic