Booklet of Mechatronics Systems


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Booklet of Mechatronics Systems

  1. 1. a Potomac Electric Company One Westinghouse Plaza, You want to build a better machine? Boston MA 02136 617 364 – 0400 We will give you the tools! Toll free: 800 224 - 4712 motor control sYstEm (mcs) major advantagEs of mcs:Mechatronics Systems introduces a newgeneration of variable speed drives and — No need to mount the drive in the control — No more tuning the motors withmotors organically combined in one cabinet or on the machine frame. Space is criti- the drives.compact module. We call it Motor Control cal today and will be more so in the future.System, or MCS for short. MCS opens the — High Performance permanent magnetway for engineers to design smaller and — No more motor cables, short circuits and motor technology.higher performance machines. wiring errors. All you need to do is to unpack MCS, connect the AC power and command, — Remarkably small package. Why? Because the 3 Hp mcs is and you are ready to go. It’s easier than set- under 8 inches long, yet has higher ting up a DVD player. = torque than any 3 Hp ac induction or Brush dc motor!Engineers have been asking for sucha product for years, but the technologywas not there. Several manufacturers rec-ognized the need and simply attacheda drive to an AC induction motor. This ofteninterferes with the mechanical structure ofthe Machine and was not practical. MCS family of products is offered in several models to meet a varietyIn contrast, MCS was developed from of applications from simple motion to complex operation.scratch to naturally fit the footprint of the A very brief overview is presented here. Please refer to the Technical DataAC induction or Brush DC motor in the pop- Sheets for the specific model.ular NEMA 56 size. MCS could be mountedthrough the front end plate or via a NEMA MCS-VS1 is ideal solution for the equipment requiring variable speed,standard dimensions mounting base. soft starting or reversal operation. No regenerative circuitry is needed. The systems features good speed regulation that exceeds the perfor- KEY ElEctrical paramEtErs mance of AC Induction drives with open loop operation ( so called Volts/Input AC voltage: 115 V AC single phase Hertz drives) MCS product family overview 230 V AC single and three phase MCS-VS2 offers full four-quadrant regenerative operation. Built-in dynamicOutput Power: 0.5 HP - 3 HP braking is provided to stop the machine inertia as quick as possible.Maximum Speed: 1800 RPM and 3600 RPMStandardOverload: 150% rated current MCS-HP1 has all the features of MCS-VS2 with the addition of high reso- for one minute lution velocity feedback to produce speed control regulation on par withSpeed Command: 4-20MA servo systems. MCS-HP1 control speed perfectly all the way to zero RPM 0-5V analog command while maintaining the full torqueInput/Outputs: Stop/Start Forward/Reverse MCS-TE1 series is designed for applications requiring sealing options, such 2 programmable Inputs as IP65 and IP67. MCS-TE is manufactured in a fully enclosed package.Acceleration/Deceleration mode: Single or Four Quadrant MCS-TE1 system is suitable for outdoor applications. Because MCS-TE seriesBrake: Built in Dynamic Brake are completely enclosed the power handling capability of the unit is lowerCommunication: RS425/485 than fully ventilated MCS-VS and MCS-HP. MODBUS 115kbps MODBUS TCP/IP MCS-FG1 series is similar to the MCS-TE product line but is designed specifi- USB cally for Food Grade applications. Ethernet/IP PATENT PENDiNG
  2. 2. The new world size standard for motor control 3 HP, under 8 inches long a Potomac Electric CompanyconnEction diagram POWER COMMANDS/INPUTS OUTPUTS 115VAC – 1/3W FWD RUN/STOP REV RUN/STOP 230VAC – 1/3W JOG FAULT OUTPUT SPEED SET 1 230VAC – 3/4W SPEED SET 2 4–20mA/0–5VDC VELOCITY POT.dimEnsion diagram 4.50 6.50 [114.3] [165.1] .63 [15.9] “A“ MCS DIMENSIONS MODEL MCS05 MCS1 MCS1.5 MCS2 MCS3 HP [Kw] 0.5 [.37] 1 [.75] 1.5 [1.12] 2 [1.49] 3 [2.24] "A" inch [mm] 5.5 [140] 6.5 [165] 7.5 [191] One Westinghouse Plaza, Boston MA 02136 • 617 364 – 0400 • • Toll free: 800 224 - 4712
  3. 3. MCS series variable speed motors and controllers a Potomac Electric CompanyACHiEVE HiGHER PERFoRMANCE wiTH MCSThe AC Induction Motor has been the workhorse of industrysince Tesla invented it over 100 years ago. It is the device touse when speed regulation is not required. But many modernmotor control applications need to vary speed and torque. Forvariable speed and torque, MCS utilizes permanent magnettechnology, superior to that of AC induction motors in majorways, because it provides: — Fast acceleration — Higher Torque in a much smaller package Mixing Applications — Superior speed controlNow let’s turn to another trusted worker — the DC motor.It has served well over many years and has better Speed/Torque characteristics than the AC Induction motor.But machines are getting faster and faster as applicationsfor variable speed drastically increase. DC motors can’t keepup with the requirements. Plus brush wear, carbon dust andother maintenance issues means fewer engineers are choos-ing DC motors for today’s applications.Go GREEN wiTH MCS CoNTRoLLERS CentrifugesIt has been proven by the Government’s sponsored researchthat permanent magnet electric motors such as MCS aremore efficient than AC Induction motors. You save signifi-cant money on electricity costs, especially for applicationsthat work non-stop around the clock.DESiGN wiTH FiELD-PRoVEN RELiAbiLiTyMCS advanced motor and electronics design is based on time-tested innovations. The technology was first used for build-ing elite military hardware, was then integrated into high-costservo systems, and has been refined over the last 20 years. Ourengineers were the part of this evolution and today’s MCSbenefits from the experience we gained delivering increasedperformance and reduced cost of the products.MCS products line come with a 2 year factory warranty. Spindles in small milling and lathe machines One Westinghouse Plaza, Boston MA 02136 • 617 364 – 0400 • • Toll free: 800 224 - 4712
  4. 4. MCS series variable speed motors and controllers a Potomac Electric CompanyA GRowiNG NuMbER oF APPLiCATioNSMCS is a great choice for every application that utilizes variablespeed DC, AC induction and stepper systems. The unique smallsize and performance of MCS will allow the engineers to inte-grate motor control into mechanical structure of the machine.This in turn will open possibilities for new application. Hereare some of the traditional applications for MCS:• Appliances • Hybrid Vehicles• Blowers • Indexers• Centrifuges • Material Handling Azimuth and elevation control in Communication Antennas• Compressors • Packaging Equipment• Conveyors • Pumps• Feeders • Treadmills and Physical• HVAC Therapy EquipmentCuSToMizE youR MACHiNE wiTH MCSMCS offers OEM builders a number of special mechanical andelectrical features. You, our customers, will create new ideasand applications! And we will meet the challenge of imple-menting them! Some of the typical custom features we areoften asked about are listed below: Guided Vehicles• Shaft configurations, including gears and pinions• Electrical Brakes• Output Gearboxes• Custom higher power ratings, voltage and speed range• Metric version of the product• Custom Input/Output functions• Military Coating and colors• Network communications such as MODBUS, TCP/IP, CANBUSAll you need are the basic engineering specifications and wecan start a design feasibility. You can conveniently send themto us through our website, or contact an application engineerat the factory. Variable Speed Pumps and metering Pumps, Conveyors and more and more… Please visit us at: Mechatronics Systems Call us at: (617) 364 – 0400 Toll free: 800 224 – 4712 Or send us an inquiry to: One Westinghouse Plaza, Boston, MA 02136 a Potomac Electric Company Document number: MSC.001 © Mechatronics Systems