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FMP Online Sample Pages

  1. 1. Preqin Private EquityOnline ProductsPreqin’s Private Equity group of products are availableindividually, or as one unified offering. Each product deals witha specific area of the private equity industry:Performance Analyst:Extensive, transparent database of private equity and venturecapital fund performance - with IRRs and Value Multiples forover 4,500 funds worldwide, all net to the LP after fees andcarry.Investor Intelligence:Contains detailed profiles for 4,500 institutional investorsin private equity from around the world. All investor typesincluded.Funds in Market:Comprehensive coverage of the private equity and venturecapital fundraising market. Information on over 1,600 fundscurrently on the road, 4,000 that have closed since 2003 andnearly 500 likely to hit the fundraising trail in the near future.Fund Manager Profiles:Contains in-depth profiles for over 4,400 firms managingover $2.5 trillion globally across all private equity fund types,including buyout, venture, mezzanine, distressed debt andother direct private equity investments. Includes informationon industry preferences, funds raised, available capital,investment preferences, full contact information and powerfulsearch functions.
  2. 2. Preqin Private EquityFund Manager ProfilesProduct Overview: View detailed profiles for over 4,400 fund managers specialising in buyout, venture, mezzanine, distressed debt and otherFund Manager Profiles is the most extensive, detailed private equity investments. In-depth profiles with information onsource of information on private equity fund managers in firm background, key contacts, funds raised, available capital,the world. This comprehensive product contains in-depth investment criteria, industry and geographic preferences,profiles for over 4,400 firms managing more than $2.5 investment size, description of targeted companies and more…trillion globally across all private equity fund types, includingbuyout, venture, mezzanine, distressed debt and other Access league tables of the largest fund managers by type ofdirect private equity investments. Fund Manager Profiles funds managed and regional focus. Rank the fund managers byincludes information on industry preferences, funds raised, available capital or capital raised during the last 10 years.available capital, investment preferences, full contactinformation and powerful search functions. Search for Fund Managers by Type and Location: search by type of investment as well as by region, country, state and city - e.g. list all fund managers of buyout funds in Toronto, Canada; list all mezzanine specialists in Europe. Search for Key Contacts: there are just under 12,000 contacts, including Partners, Managing Directors, CFOs and other relevant key decision makers. You will find email addresses for 80% of the contacts. Download full details of these contacts to Excel (Premium access required). Find the Right Fund Managers: with a comprehensive advanced search you can select the most appropriate fund managers by filtering them using extensive criteria, with resulting firms scored out of 100% according to how close a match they are.
  3. 3. Preqin Private EquityFund Manager Profiles - Search FunctionsSearch according tofund manager’s name. Search for a fund manager by entering the name of the firm. The drop down menu allows you to distinguish whether the GP name ‘contains’ or ‘starts’ with the word you are entering. Search alphabetically - search for a fund manager by clicking on the letter or number that the firm’s name begins with.
  4. 4. Preqin Private Equity Fund Manager Profiles - Search Functions Select a specific fund managerSearch fund managers according to investment type e.g. buyout,their type and location. expansion, or search all investment types. View fund managers located in aSearch for fund managers by specific country.specific region, e.g. Asia, NorthAmerica. Search for fund managers in a specific city. Search for fund managers in a specific state. If searching for fund managers in a specific city, tick this box to broaden your search to include neighbouring towns and cities. Refine your search by selecting whether companies should have their HQ or a secondary office in the selected location. Searching for HQ is set as default. Tick both boxes to find firms with their HQs and firms with secondary offices in the selected region.
  5. 5. Preqin Private Equity Fund Manager ProfilesView Fund Managers inleague tables ranked bycapital raised or capital Show the top fund managers byavailable, and by regional specific location, e.g. Europe,location. North America, ROW or all. Show the top fund managers by specific investment type, e.g. Show the top fund Buyout, Distressed managers based on Debt…, or search all types. Estimated Available Capital or Total Funds Raised in Last Ten Years. View the top Fund Managers matching the league table search criteria.
  6. 6. Preqin Private EquityFund Manager Profiles - Contact Search Search for contacts by their surname.Search for details of contactslisted in Fund Manager Profiles. Search according to job title, e.g. Managing Director, Principal etc. Search for contacts working at a specific firm.
  7. 7. Preqin Private Equity Fund Manager Profiles - Advanced Search A comprehensive search tool that allows you to search for fund managers across a wide range of search criteria. Our recommended search tool, taking into account your search features to return the most relevant results to your fundA powerful tool that allows you manager refine your fund managersearch greatly, taking intoaccount all your search criteriaand returning exact matches. Search for fund managers by investment strategy or strategies. Takes into account your search preferences and returns a broad range of results, sorted by relevance to your search.
  8. 8. Preqin Private Equity Fund Manager Profiles - Advanced SearchRefine your search by region bychoosing between either Fund Search for fund managers byManager Focus or Fund Manager industry focus. Either search bylocation. upper sector, e.g. Information Technology, or refine your search by selecting specific underlying industries e.g. Information Technology ->Wireless. Search for fund managers by selecting minimum and maximum ranges for the company’s annual revenue, company value and EBITDA. Company Size and Situation – refine your search by tagging the size of the company the GP invests in, and the preferred situation in which a company might be pre- investment.
  9. 9. Preqin Private Equity Fund Manager Profiles - Advanced Search Investment Stage and GP Position in Investment – refine your search by including preferred investment stage and Investment Size – search for position in investment. fund managers by typical equity investment size range. Board Representation - select between ‘Not Required’, ‘Prefer’ and ‘Required’, and view fund Shareholding - select between managers with matching preference in relation ‘Controlling’, ‘No Preference’, to board representation in its investments. ‘Minority’, ‘Prefer Controlling’, and ‘Prefer Minority’, and view fund managers with matching shareholding preference. The ‘Prefer Controlling’ and ‘Prefer Minority’ Main Applied Strategies and options represent fund managers Expertise - refine your search by that would prefer the respective including main applied strategies shareholding position, but will and expertise that the fund also consider other shareholding manager offers. positions.Search by GP Specifications -refine your search by includingTotal Funds Raised, EstimatedAvailable Capital, and whetherthey accept a Business Plan.
  10. 10. Preqin Private EquityFund Manager Profiles - Fund Manager Profiles View firm contact details including address, telephone and fax numbers, website address, general email address and additional office details. View details of key contacts at the firm including name, job title, email address and which office they are located in.
  11. 11. Preqin Private Equity Fund Manager Profiles - Fund Manager Profiles View details of the total value of funds raised in the last 10 years and estimated available capital of the firm.Background – a writtenparagraph providing an Allows you to view furtheroverview of the fund manager fund information such asand its operations. sample investors, placement agent information, law firm information,and fund industry preferences. If subscribed to our Funds in Market and Performance Analyst products, you are able to view full fund profiles and fund performance information. Provides a historic overview of funds managed by the firm, including fund name, vintage, Investment Focus – provides an type, status, target size and overview of the fund manager’s close size. target industries, geographies and strategies.
  12. 12. Preqin Private EquityFund Manager Profiles - Fund Manager ProfilesInfo By Strategy – providesspecific information on afirm’s investment strategy orstrategies, including typical equityinvestment size, transaction size,investment position, main appliedstrategies and main expertiseprovided, along with informationon board representation andshareholding preferences, andmore.