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The house of atreus


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The house of atreus

  1. 1. Report by:Antonio Delgado BSEd II
  2. 2.  (architecture)dwelling place, constructed as a home for one or more persons. (history)a royal family Queen Elizabeth II
  3. 3.  The royal family of Mycenea
  4. 4.  son of Zeus Feeds the gods his own son, Pelops Gods get mad Send him to underworld Cannot reach food or water
  5. 5.  son of Tantalus Returned to form by the gods Tries to woo Hippodamia Has to race her father by chariot Wins and marries Hippodamia Hyppodamia’s father kills charioteer (Myrtilus) for taking bribe
  6. 6.  Ruled Thebes with Amphion (a son of Zeus) Had 14 children, 7 boys and 7 girls Tried to get the people of Thebes to worship her over Leto Niobe’s children are killed by the gods and she is turned to stone
  7. 7.  exiled by their father for murdering their half-brother Chrysippus took refuge in Mycenae Atreus ascended to the throne in the absence of King Eurystheus
  8. 8.  Thyestes falls in love with brother’s wife (Aerope) • Makes her false to her vows • Thyestes has 2 children Atreus finds out • Has his brother’s 2 children killed • Boils them and feeds them to Thyestes The gods punish Atreus and curse his family
  9. 9.  Menelaus and Agamemnon Kingof Sparta Husband of Helen
  10. 10.  One of the sons of Atreus Commander of the Greek forces at Troy His wife is Clytemnestra Children were: Iphigenia, Orestes, and Electra
  11. 11.  Before the war, Agamemnon sacrifices Iphigenia in order to get good winds to sail to Troy (not willingly; believed to be a part of the curse over the House of Atreus)
  12. 12.  Clytemnestra becomes outraged and takes a lover named Aegisthus Aegisthus is the son of Thestyes
  13. 13.  When Agamemnon comes back, he brings a prophetess named Cassandra with him The prophetess makes a prediction that 2 family members will die, including herself
  14. 14.  Clytemnestra then comes out admitting that she killed Agamemnon
  15. 15.  Aeigisthus refused to kill Electra Orestes was away Electra patiently waited for Orestes’ return
  16. 16.  Orestes faces a conflict: avenging his father’s death was his duty, but killing his mother was abhorrent to the gods He kills his mother after asking for Apollo’s help He is assisted by Pylades
  17. 17. Clytemnestra & Aegisthus kill Agamemnon Agamemnon Clytemnestra Aegisthus Orestes Orestes kills Clytemnestra & AegisthusFuries hound Orestes
  18. 18.  Walksaround with Furies hovering over him for years (payment for sin)
  19. 19.  Pleas before Athena Since no one in the House of Atreus had ever paid for their sins, Athena spares Orestes and lifts curse on House of Atreus
  20. 20.  The Furies were transformed into the Eumenides
  21. 21.  Slightlydifferent version of previous story Right before Iphigenia is sacrificed, Artemis rescues her • Artemis takes her to a temple in the land of the Taurians and makes her a priestess of her own temple • The Taurians were a fierce people who sacrificed to Artemis any Greed found in their country
  22. 22. “Would a god command such things?”“It is the men of this land who are bloodthirsty and they lay their own guilt on the gods.”
  23. 23.  At the temple of Artemis, she conducts the temple sacrifices with great displeasure While she does her duties, the Taurians find and capture two Greeks; Orestes and Pylades
  24. 24.  They are searching for the image of Artemis, so that Orestes can lift the curse on his family They are taken to Iphigenia, to be sacrificed for Artemis
  25. 25.  She asks them where they are from She is willing to free Pylades, if he sends word to her long lost brother, Orestes, that she is alive and needs him to rescue her
  26. 26.  Orestes reveals himself to his older sister They quickly escape with the image of Artemis King Thoas tries to stop them from escaping, but Athena tells him to stop because they are fated to escape
  27. 27. Prepared by:“Live to express, not to impress.”