Rizal chapter 1 - advent of a national hero


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Rizal chapter 1 - advent of a national hero

  1. 1. What is your L1? (First Language)
  2. 2. How about your L2? (Second Language)
  3. 3. Still, some of us acquire an L3. (Third Language)
  4. 4. But can you imagine anyone acquiring an L20?
  5. 5. Dr. Jose P. Rizal• Spoke over 20 languages• Not only a hero and political martyr• Many-splendored genius• A man with many talents
  6. 6. RIZAL: A MANY- SPLENDORED GENIUS• PHYSICIANHe treated several patients afflicted not only with eye diseases.• OPHTHALMOLOGISTHe graduated in an ophthalmologic college in Spain.
  7. 7. Rizal treating his mother’s eyes
  8. 8. RIZAL: A MANY- SPLENDORED GENIUS• POETRizal wrote over 35 poems including his famous Ultimo Adios.• HISTORIANHis annotation of Antonio de Morga’s Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas entitled him as one.
  9. 9. RIZAL: A MANY- SPLENDORED GENIUS• FARMER-BUSINESSMANHe had a partner in Dapitan in the Abaca business there (1892-1896).• SCULPTORHis works of his father and of Father Guerrico, S. J. typified his sculptural ability.
  10. 10. “The Triumph of Science Over Death,” Rizal’s most well-known sculpture
  11. 11. RIZAL: A MANY- SPLENDORED GENIUS• CARTOGRAPHERHe drew maps of Dapitan, The Philippines and other places he visited.• BIBLIOPHILEHe had a big library and brought many books abroad.
  12. 12. RIZAL: A MANY- SPLENDORED GENIUS• PHILOLOGISTRizal loved of learning and literature is unequalled.• PHILOSOPHERRizal not only loved wisdom but also regulated his life and enjoyed calmness of the life at all times.
  13. 13. RIZAL: A MANY- SPLENDORED GENIUS• HUMORISTThere are many humorous incidents in the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.• TRAVELERHe traveled around the world three times.
  14. 14. Rizal drinking with his friends
  15. 15. RIZAL: A MANY- SPLENDORED GENIUS• SPORTSMANHe fenced with Europeans and Juan Luna and other friends in Europe.He played chess and bear several Germans and European friends and acquaintances.He could shoot a target 20 meters away.
  16. 16. Rizal fencing with Juan Luna
  17. 17. And the listgoes on and on…
  18. 18. BIRTH OF A HERO• June 19, 1861 – Rizal was born• June 22, 1861 – Rizal was baptized• Father Rufino Collantes – baptized Rizal• Father Pedro Casanas – Rizal’s godfather
  19. 19. RIZAL’S BIG HEAD?One of Rizal’s most Rizal as a young man famous photos
  20. 20. The 11-year old Rizal
  21. 21. RIZAL’S FAMILY
  22. 22. Francisco Mercado Rizal • Rizal’s father • Born on May 11, 1818 • Studied Latin and Philosophy at the College of San Jose • Became a tenant in Calamba
  23. 23. Francisco Mercado Rizal • Died on January 5, 1898 at the age of 80
  24. 24. Teodora Alonso Realonda • Rizal’s mother • Born on November 8, 1826 • Studied at the College of Santa Rosa • Died on August 26, 1911 at the age of 85
  25. 25. RIZAL’S SIBLINGSSaturnina Paciano Narcisa
  26. 26. RIZAL’S SIBLINGSOlimpia Lucia Maria
  27. 27. RIZAL’S SIBLINGSJose Concepcion Josefa
  28. 28. RIZAL’S SIBLINGS Trinidad Soledad
  30. 30. RIZAL’S ANCESTRY• Rizal was called “The Great Malayan”• actually had Negrito, Malay, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish blood• Predominantly, he was a Malayan
  31. 31. PATERNAL SIDE• Domingo Lamco – Rizal’s great-great-grandfather – A Chinese immigrant from Chiangchow – Arrived in Manila in about 1690 – Was baptized, married Ines dela Rosa – Took the surname “Mercado” in 1731
  32. 32. PATERNAL SIDE• Francisco Mercado – Son of Domingo and Ines – Rizal’s great-grandfather – Married Cirila Bernacha – Resided in Biñan, Laguna – Was elected gobernadorcillo of Biñan
  33. 33. PATERNAL SIDE• Juan Mercado – Son of Francisco and Cirila – Rizal’s grandfather – Married Cirila Alejandro – Was also elected gobernadorcillo of Biñan – Had thirteen children
  34. 34. PATERNAL SIDE• Francisco Mercado – Youngest son of Juan and Cirila – Rizal’s father – Lost his father at the age of 8 – Married Teodora – Settled in Calamba, Laguna – Engaged in farming and business
  35. 35. MATERNAL SIDE• Lakandula – last king of Tondo• Eugenio Ursua – Teodora’s great-grandfather – Was of Japanese ancestry – Married to Benigna (a Filipina)
  36. 36. MATERNAL SIDE• Regina – Daughter of Eugenio and Benigna – Married Atty. Manuel de Quintos• Brigida – Daughter of Regina and Atty. Quintos – Married Alberto Alonso – Had five children
  37. 37. THE RIZAL SURNAME• In 1731, Domingo Lamco adopted the surname “Mercado” (market)• In 1849, Gov. Gen. Claveria ordered all Filipinos to adopt Spanish surnames• Francisco adopted the surname “Rizal”• Was suggested by the provincial governor, who was a family friend
  38. 38. THE RIZAL SURNAME• Originally “Ricial”• In Spanish, it means “green fields”• Prophetic according to Leon Ma. Guerrero: “a field where wheat, cut while still in green, sprouts again.”• Only Jose used the surname Rizal until 1891
  40. 40. A MIDDLE CLASS FAMILY• The Rizal family belonged to the principalia• Had a large stone house• Owned a carjuahe (carriage)• Had a private library with more than 1,000 books• Sent their children to colleges in Manila
  41. 41. THE RIZAL HOUSE• A two-storey building• Built of adobe stones and hard woods• Roofed with red The rebuilt Rizal house tiles
  42. 42. Let’s have a field trip!
  43. 43. The famous landmark of Calamba, the gigantic jar which has all the Calamba towns written on its surface.
  44. 44. The back of the Rizal house, then and now.
  45. 45. The grand staircase that leads to the main hall of the house
  46. 46. The original karwahe (carriage) of the Rizal family, still intact after all these years.Unfortunately, the horse died many many years ago.
  47. 47. The living room
  48. 48. The comida or the dining room
  49. 49. The main dining room
  50. 50. The platera
  51. 51. The cocina or kitchen
  52. 52. Jose Rizals bedroom.
  53. 53. The family well located at the back of the house
  54. 54. A most important seat in the house
  55. 55. A replica of Pepe’s little nipa playhouse
  56. 56. HOME LIFE OF THE RIZALS• The Rizal family had a simple, contented and happy life• Believed in the maxim “Spare the rod and spoil the child”• Everyday, the family heard Mass• Prayed together the Rosary and Angelus daily
  57. 57. Thank you for listening!