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bp hb qp study 新年ビアバッシュ 2012

Published in: Travel, Business
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  1. 1. 捗れ! Operation bp hb qp study 新年LT&ビアバッシュ2012 Masahiro Nagano (kazeburo)
  2. 2. ライブドア改めNHN Japan の長野雅広(kazeburo)です
  3. 3. Me•長野雅広•@kazeburo•Operations Engineer, NHN Japan(livedoor)•
  4. 4. 2012年の目標
  5. 5. ♥Developer Operations
  6. 6. 開発関心 運用
  7. 7. 運用 not only障害対応、ルーチンワーク
  8. 8. 「システムの動く様を観る」
  9. 9. どうやって?
  10. 10. Visualization 可視化・可聴化 ・可触化
  11. 11. 2012年の目標
  12. 12. Visualization 支援ツール(運用捗りツール)の開発
  13. 13. Visualization 支援ツール•Server Metrics / サーバリソース ➡ CloudForecast•Business Metrics / 各種指標 ➡ GrowthForecast•Alerting, Notification / アラート、通知 ➡ DHWChain (社内用)
  14. 14. CloudForecastServer Metics / サーバリソース
  15. 15. CloudForecastPerl + snmp + RRDToolOpen SourceEasy DeploymentFast and Extensible
  16. 16. GrowthForecastBusiness Metics / 各種指標
  17. 17. GrowthForecastPerl + RRDToolOpen SourceCreate new metrics on-the-flyCustomize via URI and Web UI $ curl -F number=$(ls -1 /tmp|wc -l) http://examp.le/api/great/new/metrics
  18. 18. GrowthForecastPerl + RRDToolOpen SourceCreate new metrics on-the-flyCustomize via URI and Web UI
  19. 19. On-Demand Workforce On-Demand Workforce DHWChain Amazon Mechanical Turk Amazon Mechanical Turknment/ask Workers Alerting, Notification Requester Amazon Human Intelligence Assignment/ Amazon Workers Human Intelligence Requester Assignment/ Workers Mechanical Turk Tasks (HIT) Task Mechanical Turk Tasks (HIT) Task Compute Non-Service Specific Non-ServiceAmazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Specific ☎ ✉ Amazon Elastic Instance Instances A User Users Client User Mobile Client Users Multimedia Client Corporate Mobile Client Trad Engineers Operators DHW servers Compute Cloud Mobile Client Multimedia Corporate (EC2) Traditional data center se data center server Amazon Elastic MapReduce Auto Internet AWS Management IAM Add-on Internet Example: Management AWS IAM Add-on Example: Console IAM Add-onConsole IAM Add-onon Example: Amazon Elastic Cluster HDFS Cluster Auto IAM Add-on MapReduce
  20. 20. ligence On-Demand Workforce Assignment/kn-Demand Amazon TaskHIT) WorkforceMechanical Turk mazon Mechanical Turk DHWChain Workers Requester Alerting, Notification an Intelligence AmazonAssignment/ HumanCompute Amazon Human Intelligence Intelligence Workers Assignment/ Assignment/ Workers Requester Workers Requester RequesterTasks (HIT)Mechanical TurkTask echanical Turk Tasks (HIT) Tasks (HIT) Task Task Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)Database Amazon SimpleDBNon-Service Specific Non-Service Specific Compute Client Mobile Client Multimedia Corporate Traditional Amazon SimpleDB Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Domain Item Items Attrib data center On-Demand Workforce server IRC Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Amazon Mechanical Turk Messaging User Amazon Simple Email Users (Amazon SES) Service Client Elastic (Amazon SNS) Client Compute Cloud Mobile DHWChain Amazon Amazon Simple Notification Service Instance Multimedia Instances Corporate Relational Amazon Traditional RDS DB Instance AMI RDS DB Instance RDS DB Instance DB on Ora Database Service Standby (Multi-AZ) Read Replica DB In data center Elastic Amazon (RDS) serverInstance A Engineers User Client Users (EC2) Client Client Human Intelligence Cloud Assignment/ Compute MobileCorporate Tasks (HIT)MultimediaTask Amazon Corporate Workers Instances Traditiona Requestersers Mobile Client Multimedia Mechanical Turk data center (EC2) DHW Traditional server data center servers serverent IAM Add-on Example: ✉ Amazon Simple Email Amazon Simple Topic Email HTTP Email Service (SES) IAM Add-on Notification Service Notification Notification Amazon ElastiCache Amazon Elastic MapReduceNon-Service Specific (SNS) Amazon Elastic MapReduce Auto Scaling Auto S Internet AWS Management Amazon Simple QueueIAM Add-on Service (Amazon SQS) Example: Console IAM Add-on Amazon ElastiCache ☎ ElastiCache Cache Node Internet Add-on AWS Management Operators ©2011 Amazon Web Services LLC or its affiliates. All rights reserved. nagement IAM Example: IAM Add-on Example: User Users Client Mobile Client Multimedia Co Amazon Elastic Cluster HDFS Cluster Autonsole Amazon Simple Console Add-on Message Queue IAM Add-on data ©2011 Amazon Web Services LLC orIAM affiliates. All rights reserved. Queue Service (SQS) its MapReduce
  21. 21. DHWChainWebUI + Notification add-onRealtime Alert Log ViewerNotify via other systems IRC,
  22. 22. まとめ
  23. 23. make Visualization easy
  24. 24. 開発関心 運用
  25. 25. 開発関心 運用
  26. 26. ♥Developer Operations
  27. 27. ご清聴ありがとうございました