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Beyond social media


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Deck for my session at #SSWC 2013

Published in: Business, Technology
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Beyond social media

  1. 1. Beyond social media Twitter: @kazarnowicz
  2. 2. • Companies and organizations are good at social media. • I.e. answering on Facebook and conversing on Twitter (reacting) or brand building/creating campaigns in digital channels (campaigning). • Good at social media = good at communicating • How do you go from “good at social media” to “digital winner”?
  3. 3. • age (generation X, generationY) • gender • location • income • = DEMOGRAPHICS
  4. 4. • Generation C • interests • behaviors • not an age group, but a way of life • an audience with an audience of audiences
  5. 5. • To earn customer attention, trust, and loyalty is a cost • … and an investment in relevance and relationships. • Design “proactive experiences” • … but it is not enough • … you also have to define “shareable experience”
  6. 6. the cost of reacting to experiences > the cost of proactively defining experiences
  7. 7. • Customer-centricity starts with recognizing that customer experiences are owned by the customer. • In the end, no amount of responses can fix a broken product or service.
  8. 8. Case: Scandic Hotels Scandic Hotels
  9. 9. Case: Holiday Phone Holiday Phone
  10. 10. • Simple ordering procedure • Don’t sell you things you don’t need • Package isn’t sent until a week before you leave (no misplacing the package) • Exact, step-by-step instructions: at the airport, on the plane, when you arrive, when you get back home • Reminder SMS when you leave • Reminder SMS when you come back
  11. 11. Questions • Isn’t this a bunch of bullcrap? • Do you have (good) examples of your own? • What do you need in an organization to make it more Holiday Phone and less Scandic? • What is hindering your organization from re- defining the customer journey? • Is this applicable to B2B? • <insert your question here>
  12. 12. Beyond social media Twitter: @kazarnowicz