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Implement digital pen and paper solutions that simplify electronic data capture and automated forms processing for sales, inspections, surveys, insurance and clinical applications with significant benefits and a rapid return on investment.

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  1. 1. KAYXO iForms Kayxo provides solutions of Enterprise Communication Management to worldwide companies, with the aim to improve the corporative communications management process and in this way increase the potential of every employee and the company.
  2. 2. Kayxo iForms
  3. 3. Key Business Benefits
  4. 4. Our Solution: Digital Pen and Paper Form printed by the customer using normal paper and normal printers but with the Anoto dot Pattern. Digital Pen Two basic components:
  5. 5. Digital Pen A digital pen looks, feels and writes like a normal ballpoint pen. However, it contains an integrated digital camera, an advanced image microprocessor and a mobile communications device for wireless connection. Using a digital pen you can capture, store and then securely send the handwriting, enabling you to easily convert ink to digital data – right away. As you write, the camera built into the pen automatically takes digital snapshots of the dot pattern on the paper at a rate of between 50 and 100 images per second.. All this data is then retained in the pen’s memory. The digital pen can store up to 50 full A4/Letter size pages of handwritten data. With the handwritten form or document completed and pen data captured and stored, the user is ready to transfer data from the pen.
  6. 6. Digital Paper Digital paper works in combination with a digital pen in the digitizing of handwritten information. All types of ordinary paper can be easily converted into digital paper. Printing Anoto’s dot pattern on the paper makes it possible for the digital pen’s built-in camera to detect pen strokes and record handwriting that can then be stored and sent digitally. Almost invisible to the naked eye, the Anoto pattern consists of numerous intelligent small black dots that can be read by a digital pen. The pattern indicates the exact position of the digital pen as it moves across the digital paper. What’s more, the pattern on each paper has a unique identity, so each page can be kept separate from another.
  7. 7. Forms printed in digital paper Our PPD Solutions allows customer to create and design forms using digital paper. The forms can be designed and created without any limits, even copying the style and branding of your current forms. They can contain diferent elements (dates, free text, drawings, signatures, numbers, etc). The forms can be modified when needed using our forms designer tool.
  8. 8. KAYXO iForms Conceptual Diagram
  9. 9. Technical Overview We provide you with multiple ways to access your data after the handwriting recognition and forms processing steps took place. Our solution offers a wide range of reporting tools and ways of integration with the corporate systems that are already in place in the enterprise. You can access the results forms via an internet portal, receive them via email as attachments, or access them from any iPhone or iPad device. You can even integrate them into your daily workflow using our MS Outlook access integration. If you want to use your company´s handwritten information as an input for your CRM, ERP, SCM or any other existing systems we provide an easy way to integrate them via web services or XML forwarding. .
  10. 10. ScreenShot
  11. 11. What’s NEW in Kayxo iForms 1.3?
  12. 12. System Requirements Kayxo iForms for Outlook: Windows 7 or Windows Vista (32 - 64 bits versions) with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and .NET Framework 3.5 and Adobe Reader 9.3 or Windows XP with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and .NET Framework 3.5 and Adobe Reader 9.3. Minimum software requirements for the Kayxo iForms for iPhone / iPad: iPhone / iPod Touch OS 3.1.3 and OS 4.0. iPad OS 3.2   Services and Support Kayxo provides customers with an enhanced level of product support provided by Microsoft Certified Professionals.
  13. 13. [email_address] Web: Twitter: @kayxo