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  1. 1. Themes in TYPO3?!
  2. 2. let’s talk about standards for storing layouts, make my work reusable. I want to be part of the TYPO3 community.
  3. 3. Getting started Let’s make a website! I want to showcase XY it’s great!
  4. 4. Getting started Best practices? Is there anything i can base my theme on?
  5. 5. Getting started ExtBase TypoScript FLUID CSS HTML
  6. 6. Getting started ???
  7. 7. Other CMS Systems are extremely successful by providing easy to use themes.
  8. 8. These themes are easy extendable and adoptable to the special needs of each single installation.
  9. 9. Wordpress
  10. 10. Drupal
  11. 11. TYPO3?
  12. 12. Getting started But I want to use TYPO3 CMS now and NEOS in the future, because i like the structured interfaces!
  13. 13. Themes in the history of TYPO3 CMS
  14. 14. EXT: static_templates
  15. 15. FC Bigfeet
  16. 16. EXT: templavoila_framework
  17. 17. EXT: t3designkit
  18. 18. What can i use today? I’d like to use a framework like Bootstrap or Foundation! We have FLUID, TYPOScript, TSConfig! How to package these?
  19. 19. EXT:THEMES
  20. 20. The Integrator / Developer How can i reuse my work? Why not using extension CGL for themes?
  21. 21. The Integrator / Developer Costs Customers Quality Standards Inventions
  22. 22. Design goals for THEMES? High success rate Prepared for version control (git, svn, …) Provide solutions for typical layouts Use best practices Useable with Bootstrap, Foundation, Yaml, … Store themes in Extensions Easy maintainable by replacing some files Flexible Configurable with constants Exchangeable between TYPO3 installations Use existing stuff where ever possible Easy to use
  23. 23. TYPO3 with THEMES!
  24. 24. TYPO3!
  25. 25. Theme Registration Theme registers in theme repository theme can be selected in sys_template TypoScript, Constants and PageTS get included
  26. 26. Theme Rendering Sys-Template with selected theme from EXT:THEMES news, dialog, fluidcontent, ... Static Templates Hook, to include TypoScript PageTS Hook to include PageTS BE FE Extension Templates Data provider for be_layouts
  27. 27. TYPO3!
  28. 28. [WIP] theme file structure
  29. 29. file structure directory structure based on extbase and NEOS some additional files
  30. 30. Collecting data about a theme is done from ext_emconf.php additional information is collected like in NEOS with a file called ext:theme_name/Meta/Theme.yaml
  31. 31. Structuring content
  32. 32. fluidcontent gridelements NEOS cce dce templavoila
  33. 33. fluidcontent dce gridelements NEOS cce templavoila
  34. 34. Gridelements
  35. 35. Gridelements
  36. 36. Gridelements
  37. 37. Roadmap
  38. 38. Current state TYPO3 CMS 6.2 has a hook to inject PageTSConfig TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS supports be_layout dataprovider gridelements can parse TSConfig for be_layouts Vagrant maschine with EXT:THEMES is available on github Theme vault is an early prototype
  39. 39. What’s planned shortterm During Sprints refine the base packages for bootstrap and other libraries using EXT:gridelements Add a backend module to EXT:THEMES which allows easy configuration Rebuild the vagrant machine, setup demo site, use distributions Publish base themes in the TYPO3 Extension Repository Near TYPO3 6.2 Release release a namespaced XCLass free version
  40. 40. What’s planned next year Build a theme vault or create a cooperation with an existing one like theme forest crowd found some new features of EXT:gridelements base packages
  41. 41. Get in touch Contact us via Twitter @bunnyfield @kaystrobach Contact via Bugtracker