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BYA Awards Presentation 2011


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"Join the movement. Create a revolution. There is a success story within everyone"

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BYA Awards Presentation 2011

  1. Welcome to BYA AWARDS 2011
  2. Your host for the evening Mikel Ameen
  3. BYA AWARDS 2011“There is a success story within everyone”
  4. ARTS CATEGORYpresented by Darae Palmer and 2010 BYA winner Naomi Francis
  5. The 2011 Arts Nominees Daniel Beckford Kyla Frye Sheila Nortley Zodwa Nyoni
  6. And the winner is……..
  7. Kyla Frye
  8. Kyla FryeKyla is an actress hailing from the East End of London, and has workedalongside Ashley Walters, Noel Clarke, and Aml Ameen.She was nominated for Best British Actress at the Black FilmmakersAwards 2009, she came third in the 2007 Miss Black Britain Pageant andsecond in the 2010 inter-university pageant.Kyla is also a model and has worked on high profile campaigns, and hasappeared at London Fashion Week.She also travelled to Washington DC to teach drama to underprivilegedchildren and was interviewed by the Washington Post.
  9. BYA AWARDS 2011“There is a success story within everyone”
  10. SPORTS CATEGORY presented byMaurice Reeves of Reeves Corner
  11. The 2011 Sports Nominees Leah Curtis Makissa Gilkes Jardel Morris Adesimi Obi-Adewole
  12. And the winner is……..
  13. Makissa Gilkes
  14. Makissa GilkesMakissa has a very positive attitude to training, and attends all trainingsessions.She always takes the advice of her parents, coaches and experts.Makissa organises her time and communicates with her coaches so theyunderstand her commitments and how they need to be organised.Family commitment is very important to Makissa and is an extension tomake her a complete person.Makissa is also a member of Young, Ambitious & Proud (YAP).
  15. BYA AWARDS 2011“There is a success story within everyone”
  16. COMMUNITY CATEGORY presented by Claudine Reid MBE, Pat Reid and2010 BYA winners Ebony Torrington and „The Life Experience‟
  17. The 2011 Community Nominees Aminat Animashaun Tucker Bryant Jake Hinckson Kane Solomon Thomas
  18. And the winner is……..
  19. Kane SolomonThomas
  20. Kane Solomon ThomasKane is a remarkable 11 year old individual. He supported his motherwhen she unexpectedly fell ill.Kane has been recognised within the Community as the Local Hero ofHillingdon.Kane took part in a Stomp Tournament with his Tai-Kwon-Do Teamachieving a bronze medal for sparring. He also passed the Grading forhis Black-Tag belt in January, and won a silver medal for his front crawlrace and was also part of the winning relay team.He continues to support his mother daily and has been a rock to all hisfamily and friends.
  21. BYA AWARDS 2011“There is a success story within everyone”
  22. FATHER OF THE YEAR presented by Gwenton Sloley
  23. The Father of the Year 2011 Nominees Colin Mitchell Richard Turner Davis Williams
  24. And the winner is……..
  25. Davis Williams
  26. Davis WilliamsDavis dotes on his young daughter Makayla; from October 2007 to datehe has had her every Friday after nursery till Sunday Night or Mondaymorning where he would drop her to nursery.This adjustment had a major effect on his lifestyle because he had tostop raving, partying and extra curricular activities that did not involve hisdaughter.He stopped dating and staying out late simply because he wanted tohave his daughter as often as possible so he could influence her in apositive way. He left working at Leyton Orient Football Club and refusedto work at the FA because he did not want anything to get in the way ofhim seeing his daughter on the weekend.
  27. BYA AWARDS 2011“There is a success story within everyone”
  28. TECHNOLOGY CATEGORY presented by Mark Johnson and 2010 BYA winners Nathan John and Ronald Cummings John
  29. The 2011 Technology Nominees Lashai Ben-Salmi Patricia Lawal Selina Murphies Adrian Nkomo
  30. And the winner is……..
  31. LashaiBen-Salmi
  32. Lashai Ben-SalmiLashai is an 11 year-old schoolgirl who invented a device to help victimsof bullying. After being pulled out of one school because of the problem,Lashai refused to let the painful episode undermine her.She came up with an iPhone application, or app, which means victimsdo not need to feel isolated when times are tough at school.Users access a mentoring programme where professional advisors areon hand to give out useful advice.Soon, Lashai will go in front of a panel of entrepreneurs in a bid to win£5,000 funding to make her idea a reality.
  33. BYA AWARDS 2011“There is a success story within everyone”
  34. CHOICES CATEGORY presented by Swiss and 2010 BYA winners AmyTandoh and Paris Thomas-Robinson
  35. The Choices 2011 Nominees Kazeem Tunde Ajobo Brandi Campbell Reiss Todd McCarthy TJ Morgan
  36. And the winner is……..
  37. Reiss ToddMcCarthy
  38. Reiss Todd McCarthyReiss was excluded from school at the age of 12. He used to strugglewith managing his anger and temper.Reiss displayed signs of depression, and his mental health wasdeteriorating.With the help of his Counsellor and support from his mother, he decidedto change his attitude and listen to his teachers at school. He no longerneeds Counselling, and hopes to pursue athletics, and get back intosports, which he very much enjoyed.He is now focused and determined to better his life and to make hisparents proud.
  39. BYA AWARDS 2011“There is a success story within everyone”
  40. EDUCATION CATEGORY presented by Abu-Bundu Kamara and 2010 BYA winners Kanayo Dike-Oduah and Shanice McAnuff
  41. The 2011 Education Nominees Lydia Acquah Michael Adesite Tonica Hunter Orlando Taylor
  42. And the winner is……..
  43. OrlandoTaylor
  44. Orlando TaylorOrlando is dyslexic and used to find writing, reading and spelling verydifficult.He has practiced really hard, and has made at least three yearsprogress since joining secondary school.He attends homework club after school every night, and goes to readingclub. He also attends cooking and science club.He has an hour extra literacy support a week, and borrows booksthroughout the week as he really enjoys reading now. He also goes tolunch club now to help the Year 7 children.
  45. BYA AWARDS 2011“There is a success story within everyone”
  46. BUSINESS AND ENTERPRISE CATEGORY presented byCarol Stewart and 2010 BYA winner Junior Ogunyemi
  47. The 2011 Business & Enterprise Nominees Jelani Boucher Samuel Kasumu Blessing Maregere Remi Ray
  48. And the winner is……..
  49. BlessingMaregere
  50. Blessing MaregereBlessing is an 18 year old Young Social Entrepreneur with a mission toinspire educate and motivate young people to become successful.In 2009, at the age of 16, he launched a contract cleaning company inLeeds. This motivated him to support other young people by helpingthem to believe that they could do it.His vision is to inspire more young people to become entrepreneurs andthis led him to write his first book called ‘Who Said You Can’t be YoungAnd Successful’.
  51. BYA AWARDS 2011“There is a success story within everyone”
  52. MOTHER OF THE YEAR presented by Lisa Mundembe
  53. The Mother of the Year 2011 Nominees Ruth Douglas Prncess Roberts Diana Taylor
  54. And the winner is……..
  55. Princess Roberts
  56. Princess RobertsPrincess had to put on hold her career plans whilst trying to support herdaughter through her gang related issues, illness and then herpregnancy.Yet she still managed to hold down a job at the same time, and continuewith her studies.She is a mum, grandmother, P.E. teacher and mentor and believes thatdreams can come true, and goals are achieved as long as the hard workis put in.
  57. BYA AWARDS 2011“There is a success story within everyone”
  59. And the winner is……..
  60. „Born With a Gift‟Careeta Robert-Green
  61. Careeta Robert-GreenCareeta Robert-Green is the Founder and Director of ‘Born with a GIFT’and is one of the UK’s youngest certified and successful Life Coaches.Award winning ‘Born with a GIFT’ is a leading specialist in Coachingservices for young people and businesses.In 2009 Careeta won the Descendants Youth Achievements Award. ‘Bornwith a GIFT’ were finalists for Young Entrepreneur of the Year and StartUp Business of the Year, along with many other awards.‘Born with a GIFT’ have inspired hundreds of people whilst hostingaward shows for young people and have been a judge at YoungEnterprise National competitions.
  62. Celebrating Achievement!Congratulations to all of the 2011 Nominees and Winners BYA would like to thank you for yourvaluable contribution to our society and wish you continued success on your journey