BYA Award Programme 2009


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BYA Award Programme 2009

  1. 1. saturday november 21st 2009 BLACK YOUTH ACHIEVEMENTS – The Awards Ceremony Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Tottenham Green, London N15 4RX
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  3. 3. Welcome to the 1st annual ‘Black Youth Achievements – The Awards Ceremony’! I am so pleased that you are here to celebrate the talents,positive actions and achievements of our young people withinthe UK. Not only are we here to congratulate our finalists, and to beinspired by their stories and accomplishments, but to alsoreflect on ourselves and what WE have achieved personally.How can we be pushing ourselves more – and indeed oneanother - to reach our full potential? We are all blessed with a talent, let’s support each other inunlocking and utilising it! The awards ceremony is the first project for the organisation‘Black Youth Achievements’. We have an exciting ten year plan in which we will be workingwith young people in a variety of ways to help them gaingreater knowledge and take advantage of opportunities whichwill broaden their horizons within the education, business andsocial arenas, ensuring that our future leaders are equippedwith the vital tools and resources needed to make an impact ipand survive in today’s world. ursh ne re al ep 009 ob So, I do hope that you all enjoy the evening that we have put ntr k UK 2 Gl E eetogether for you, and thank you for supporting us and our Wfinalists at the UK’s first annual ‘Black Youth Achievements –The Awards Ceremony’! Black Youth Achievements are pleased to be part of KayKeep on achieving, Oldroyd Founder / Operations Director 2009 Global Entrepreneurship Week.
  4. 4. Awards and Opening Performance Brixton Drumline Introduction Host: Mr CeePresentations First Performance First Award Arts Category presented by Sophia Jackson (Afridiziak Theatre News) Second Performance Second Award Business & Enterprise Category presented by Rhoda Wilson (BEN TV’s ‘The Rhoda Wilson Show’) Third Performance Third Award Community Category presented by David Lammy MP Interval .................................................................................... Fourth Performance The Award Categories Fourth Award Choices Category presented by Rosemary Laryea, The Arts (Colourful Radio)Business & Enterprise Fifth Performance Community Fifth Award Education Category presented by Abu Bundu-Kamara, Choices (Pearson Plc.) (recognising someone who has made a conscious decision to Sixth Performance make positive changes to their life) Sixth Award Sports Category presented by Rodney Hinds, Education (Sports Editor, The Voice, and author of ‘Black Lions’) Sports Close ....................................................................................
  5. 5. AchievementWhat advice would you give to someone who is thinking of giving up on their inspire other people, it would make me feel like I was getting closer to thedream or goal? person I want to be and maybe one day I will be presenting the BYA awardsKeep your eyes on the prize! Always think of what the end product is going to be myself! Ebony Babb – nominee, Choices Awardlike. Do not compare yourself to other people. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t It would mean a lot to me as I feel that I have worked very hard to achieve and tofind out how other people achieved success, just don’t expect your route to reach my goal and my family will be proud of me. It would inspire me to go on tobe the same as theirs. Finally, there are many ways to approach something. If achieve more goals in life.  Rhianna Ottley – nominee, Sports Award you aren’t getting results one way try another way but don’t give up! Believe inyourself even when no one else does. Alex Tomlinson – nominee, Arts Award If I were to win an award at this grand ceremony, it would really mean a lot to me as it would simply say to me, that the sacrifices I made were not in vain, theFirstly I would share my personal motto with anyone thinking about giving up lack of sleep, the hard work and the weight loss. It would be the catalyst to keepand remind them “success only comes before work in a dictionary”. I always try me going when times got hard, just look at my award and smile. It would alsoto encourage people not to worry about the things that have already happened be an award that I would keep to show to my nephew when he is older, so thator we can’t change when things break we automatically try to fix them, which is he can be proud of his aunty, but also to encourage him to aspire for greatness.also what we need do in life when things go wrong it’s easy to give up but then Sotonye Diri – nominee, Business & Enterprise Awardwhat do you achieve other than failure. Worry does not empty tomorrow of sorrow- it empties today of strength staying positive will lead to positive actions and a I graduated from the University Of Nottingham Medical School in July 2009,positive reward. Davia Davis – nominee, Business & Enterprise Award and am now working as a Junior Doctor in Lincolnshire. My Grandfather dreamed of becoming a Doctor. I hope I have made him proud. If winning this award willWe would tell them to stop, look and think before they give up, because giving change one person’s mind out there, and make them consider going to University,up on their dreams is giving up on themselves.  We would seriously ask them or even applying for Medicine, then I will be honoured. Davina Kenyon-Blairwhy they want to give up?  More than likely the answer is that it’s too hard, or – nominee, Education Awardthey’re not good enough or they don’t know how to get to their dream. Theseare constant struggles people face and it is completely normal to question What does the word ‘achievement’ mean to you?yourself.  However, if the dream is worth it, then so are the struggles.  Every Achievement to us is something that we have been striving towards for theproblem has a solution, it’s just a matter of finding it. The ABC Group – past 10 years. It’s a goal, a vision, a belief and most importantly a lifestyle.nominees, Community Award Achievement is what we experience on a daily basis when we have fulfilled our goals and targets. The realisation of a journey and the overcoming of its manyWhat would it mean to you, to win an award at this year’s ceremony? obstacles allow an individual to understand that the pathway to achievementIt would mean everything to me to attend at this year’s ceremony. It would is extremely challenging. However if dedication, hard work, hope, faith,mean that people recognise I’ve made a change. It would also give me more humility, brilliance and passion are the fundamental qualities in which a personconfidence to help others who are not making positive decisions in their life. can attain, then achievement becomes a reality that can be passed down to manyIt would make me feel like I was getting closer to becoming someone who can generations. Umbrella Studios – nominees, Arts Award
  6. 6. – in their own wordsTo me, achievement means a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of success. because I had real family and friends who loved me and I didn’t want to leaveIt is being able to battle against all the odds and come out victorious. Through that, I started focusing on my everyday positive work to keep me going and leftthis encounter I can use it as a learning curve experience, which will aid me the negative behind. Dennis Gyamfi – nominee, Community Awardthrough other trials and tribulations life may throw at me in the future. FinallyI see achievement as the ability to prove your critics wrong, by surpassing their During the last year, my Mother has been very ill and with this I have beenexpectations. Rico Coombs – nominee Education Award looking after my little brother. This included taking him into school  and completely taking over parental roles, as well as going to college myself.  ForWhat struggles or challenges have you faced on your path to achievement? some people this is a normal routine and so I felt it was a big step up. Kyl AsgillStruggle for me equals progress, and every day presents new challenges. From – nominee, Community Awardthe time I had no money to get to work and no means of getting back. To the I am a mother of two young children aged 3 and 4; I feel I have many demands asdays I was told to forget about my dreams and just get a regular job. The path to a parent as well as dealing with a 9-5 job. I always wanted to be a police officerachievement has been very challenging but has given me experience and skills but that all changed once I had children. I was unsure of what I wanted to dothat can only be earned, not bought. Byron Douglas-Letts – nominee, with my life, all I knew was I was going to make something of myself and makeBusiness & Enterprise Award my children and myself proud. Natasha Mills – nominee, Community AwardAs a very keen sportsperson (athlete) as well as an enthusiastic academic, one How have you overcome your struggles or challenges?of the challenges that I have faced on my journey to achievement would haveto be attempting to balance two activities whilst still maintaining a high level Perseverance. I just kept my head down and got on with my work. Through myof commitment towards both. As both training/competing and A-level studies music I was able to grab people’s attention. It was then easier for me to put(English literature, sociology and business studies) each require almost 110% across my message. Bol Joseph – nominee, Choices Awardeffort, this has certainly been a great challenge for me due to my determina-tion to be successful at both for as long as possible. Nathan Fox – nominee, Your support system can make or break you. Who do you have as your foundation?Sports Award I’ve been blessed to have an invaluable, positive circle of friends, who understand and relate to how I feel, and offer the best of themselves through a number of outlets. Positive self-confession is also a great help. Telling yourself,The struggle and challenges I faced on my way to achievement were my peers that ‘I can make it,’ and ‘I will complete this task,’ works is much moreand my own personal fear, nothing else. I grew up on an estate were everyone effective than procrastination or tearing your hair out from stress. Zoe Oputahhad nothing, my mother was working two jobs to maintain and even that was – nominee, Community Awardhardly doing anything. So my peers and I would influences ourselves to go anddo things just to survive (that’s how we saw it), I was so into that life that I wasafraid of becoming successful because I knew if I did I would end up losing We should never under-estimated the passion, determination, intelligence orall my peers and the fun we were having at the time. From 2007 some friends commitment of young people. Our 2009 nominees are testament to that!!passed away and most ended up in jail. To me it was time to turn my life around Kay Oldroyd – Operations Director / Founder BYA
  7. 7. the Business & Arts ChoicesNOMINEES Enterprise Alex Tomlinson Byron Douglas-Letts Alesha Miller Kemi Glover Davia Davis Bol Joseph Michelle Shawden Jerome Davis Carl Smith Umbrella Studios Sotonye Diri Ebony Babb OUR SPONSORS The Voice – Britain’s award winning flagship African-Caribbean Ampod Business Development & Training provide services to Afridiziak Theatre News is a website celebrating African- newspaper – has captured over the decades, the stars, events, people who want to start a business, aspiring business owners Caribbean theatre. Launched in September 2008, this is the and issues concerning the Commonwealth community for over 27 and existing small businesses, helping them to achieve their UK’s one stop guide to all things theatre related from an African- years, making it the most powerful black newspaper in the country ambitions as business owners and realise their dreams. Caribbean perspective. to date. Launched in 1982, the newspaper set out to represent the   unheard voice of multicultural Britain, emerging from the ashes of Ampod empower and inspire leadership through their training From theatre listings, interviews with Whoopi Goldberg, Michelle the 1980’s race riots. programmes in entrepreneurial skills development and business Williams, Oliver Samuels and Bashy to all the latest reviews and The Voice provides extensive ethnic news coverage missed in planning. Their one-to-one consultancy services offer in-depth news – Afridiziak Theatre fills the gap for anyone wanting to mainstream media, delivering insightful features that resonate business analysis and solutions to business problems and know all that’s happening in the rich, cultural tapestry of black directly with its readers. Generations of families have grown up issues. theatre. with The Voice, and editorially the newspaper has evolved with Believing that self employment and economic independence is a Visit the website its readership. Today’s editorial has an edgy, contemporary feel, publishing a weekly mix of mid-market, challenging and aspira- real option for ordinary people, Ampod work with all sections of tional ethnic interest stories and campaigns. Visit the website society. Visit the website
  8. 8. Community EDUCATION SPORTS ABC Group Ashanti Asare Cindy Nwosu Dennis Gyamfi Ayesha Morrison Linton Campbell Khadijah Peace Watkis-Lewis Davina Kenyon-Blair Nathan Fox Kyl Asgill Lorraine Ajayi Rhianna Ottley Michael Jones Maliaka Adabra Natasha Mills Rico Coombs Noel Phillips Talisa Williamson Trishna Burke Zoe Oputah events‘Black Heritage Today’ magazine was officially launched four Pearson is the  world’s leading education company, owning Vjem Events is a small talented team of project and event Black Limelightyears ago, after making its debut in 2000. amongst others Penguin and Puffin publishing. They publish managers led by Veronica Jones. We specialise in planning and Design & Illustration an unrivalled range of fiction and non-fiction, bestsellers and delivering outdoor and special events like festivals, carnivals, is proud to supportThe stories and features in the magazine look at things that have classics, children’s books and illustrated reference treasure chests parties, exhibitions and fundays. the Black Youthhappened and are happening around the world, from Europe to in over 100 countries. Our clients range from Business Link, BDO Stoy Hayward LLP Achievement Awards.America, the Continent, South Africa and the Caribbean, and Edexcel falls under the Pearson banner and is the UK’s largest and the London Youth Support Trust to most of the London Based in London andprofiles people who are making a difference in the community awarding body, providing academic and vocational qualifications boroughs. Past projects include the One Love Hackney festivals, Nottingham, Blacktoday alongside ‘those who paved the way’. Limelight provides and testing to schools, colleges, employers and other places of Lambeth’s international day and Southend-on-Sea’s culturalBlack Heritage is much more than just a platform to list events learning in the UK and internationally. Olympiad handover celebrations. Vjem also provides a venue design and brandinghappening throughout the months. finding service which is absolutely free to use and very popular with services to a wide range Pearson also own The Financial Times Group, one of the world’s our clients. 2007 saw the launch of our event training programme of arts organisations,Visit the website leading business information companies, providing a broad range which runs throughout the year, covering topics such as event community groups and of business information and multimedia services to the interna- health and safety, event and stage management. Visit the website local authorities. tional business community. Visit the website
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  10. 10. The 5 steps to achievement...No matter how ambitious your goal, you CAN achieve it. Step by step you will get there. There will be difficult times when youfeel like giving up, but always believe in yourself. Whatever age you are, you can always achieve. Remember, achievements are‘personal accomplishments’ so do not compare yourself to anyone else. You are unique, therefore your target is your own.1. What is your goal? Goal setting needs to be clear. Create a 3. Make a step by step plan: When we think about a goal, it maymental picture of what you want to achieve. Picture yourself seem really big and too much for us to deal with. So we put itin your dream job... graduating from University... gaining good off and it becomes a burden.grades in your GCSE’s... getting the keys to your new home... By having an action plan with small steps and due by dates, it’sbeing picked as school captain... opening your business bank easier to deal with and progress can be seen which serves as aaccount... signing your first business deal. Whatever it is that real incentive. Tick off each completed step and congratulateYOU want – you must visualise it and revisit this scene in your yourself along the way!head all the time.2. Define Your Goal: be SMART. Your goals must be: 4. In your face! Make sure that you can see your goal wherever you go. Write it down and stick it on the fridge, on the wardrobe,S – Specific. For example, say “I want to run in and complete on the car window. Send yourself a text or an email, have it asthe London Marathon” your screensaver even!M – Measureable. Can your goal be monitored and measured?Will you actually know when you have done this? 5. Get Support: Who can help you to achieve your goal? Who canA – Achievable. Are you setting yourself a goal which is you rely on to give you an honest opinion? Get networking andpersonally achievable? Do you enjoy running? Are you mix with likeminded positive people. By doing this, you broadenphysically fit enough to run 26 miles? Are there any obstacles your knowledge, contacts and chances of succeeding.which would prevent you from doing this? Anyone can network! You don’t have to be a high flying corporateR – Realistic. If your goals are realistic then they are achievable. professional in a suit. Networking is about talking to differentUnrealistic goals will most often fail, which in turn makes us people, being interested in who they are and what they do andpersonally feel like failures putting us off from trying again. being confident in who you are.T – Time-bound. Set yourself a date that you want to reach yourgoal. Again, be realistic with this. Don’t try and enter the 2010 There are some amazing, genuine people out there who will bemarathon if you have never trained for such a run! happy to help you find your way.
  11. 11. Eynsham Hall, Oxfordshire Greenwich Chess Group Friday 26th - Sunday 28th March 2010 was established because of the low levels of Chess activity in the London borough of Greenwich. business Our revised plan now is to provide the teaching of Chess to the majority of children that live in and attend school in the boroughs of Greenwich, Southwark, Lewisham and Lambeth. r e t r e at It is believed that Chess is a powerful educational tool that motivateschildren to learn, so we plan to organise and set up Chess clubs at varioussites and to offer weekly instruction in both primary and secondary schools.The future of Chess in Greenwich, Southwark, Lewisham and Lambeth will depend on improving the image of Chess and by encouraging as many children and young people as possible to learn and play the game. Workshop Seminars: Getting Your Message Across / Quality Management / Financial Planning for GrowthIt is our intention to identify talented players and to provide them with the Motivational Factors – Setting Goals for Yourself / Strategies & Tools for Business Survival & Growth best opportunities to develop their skills at chess and to encourage them Networking & Presentations for Successes / Incorporate 9 Guiding Principles into your Business Plan to take part in both local and national chess tournaments. The retreat will focus your mind on key issues for your business development and sustainability in challenging times, offering space to network whilst receiving essential professional support. For more information, please contact K e yn o t e sp e ak e r s : Rob Knight Vice President, Barings Bank UK Richard Pittman Weekes II on 07939 027048 Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe Social Entrepreneur, Author – ‘A Woman’s Guide to Soulful Living’ or email & ‘Follow Her Lead: Leadership Lessons For Women As They Journey From the Backroom to the Boardroom’ For further information, email Book online: (Early Bird discounts available) Ampod Business Development & Training provides services to people who want to start a business, aspiring business owners and existing small businesses. We assist businesses to grow and become more profitable. We empower and inspire leadership through our training programmes in entrepreneurial skills development and business planning. Our one-to-one consultancy services offer in-depth business analysis and solutions to business problems and issues. We believe that self employment and economic independence is a real option for ordinary people. We work with all sectors of society our diversity policy reflects our inclusive spirit. We also run programmes especially designed for schools. Greenwich Please contact us at Chess Group for consultancy rates and further information teaching children chess about starting your business. ... and join us on
  12. 12. The eStonAT S D T H FUHEER E T er . Build Spaces on our Cruisers are available for the Winter term beginning January 2010. However, spaces are limited and are offered on a first come- first served basis. All our drivers are PCO registered and CRB checked. Xpress Runners also offer a courier service, transportation for families and the elderly, and we also take bookings for wedding parties, hen nights and other all female groups.
  13. 13. I soon realised that the web gave me a way of publishing and this was a way for me to launch the magazine that I had always dreamed of doing. So I followed my dream. When I Precious is an online magazine, network and was thinking about a name, I wanted something that summed resource for women of colour. We launched up how I felt about the women I knew and what I wanted the in 1999 and were the first publication of its magazine to be the women who read it. Precious seemed so apt. kind to launch in the UK. Our aim is to be Our aim is to profile and celebrate the professional and the premier destination for women of colour entrepreneurial achievements of women of colour in the UK. on the web. We host a number of events throughout the year and we hostI’d dreamt of launching a magazine for women of colour since I an annual awards event that celebrates businesswomen.was a kid. When I was younger there were no British magazines Our readership is global; our core audience is Black andthat featured girls that looked like me, I’d spend my pocket Asian women aged between 18 and 45. We also work withmoney on American imports and they were great, but I really a range of corporate partners on various projects be itwanted to read about the Black British experience. recruitment, events or helping them to showcase their When I grew older and started working in the media as a products to our diverse audience.journalist I quickly realised how expensive setting up a print Positive people doing their own thing inspire us. There is somagazine was. I just didn’t have those kinds of funds so I much talent out there, we want to play our part in exposingdecided to put the magazine idea at the back of my mind it and we hope that people see Precious as a vehicle to globalfor a while. success. In 1996 I began working in the Online department of ITN.Because of the nature of my job, I spent a lot of time research- If you want to talk to Precious please contact me,ing online. I came across so many online publications aimed at the Founder, Foluke Akinlose:African-American women but there was nothing for those basedin the UK. Email: