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8.2.4 vegan recipes breakfast


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8.2.4 vegan recipes breakfast

  1. 1. Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed black coffee and toasted bread issomething that can commonly be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans. But thesimilarities could very well end there. Being completely animal- and animal byproduct-free, milk, butter and cheese are foods that vegans do not consume andhave to be substituted, as well as ham slices, sausage links or bacon rashers.There are a few other options such as fruit slices and vegetable juices that are plant-based but for other morning favorites substitutions have to be made. Fortunately,with the rapid popularity of products simulating dairy, cereals and muesli can beenjoyed with milk made from soy, rice and nuts (usually almonds). Vegetablespreads can replace butter in pancakes, waffles and French toast.Being the most important meal of the day, breakfast is essential for one to performoptimally both in adults and most especially children. Their growing bodies anddeveloping brains are dependent on a steady food intake. When kids miss this meal,it is tantamount to starving them for more up to 18 hours! And because their bodiesare in the growth stage, missing breakfast potentially causes problems such asstunted growth and decreased mental capacity and personal development issues.Breakfast, together with soups, salads and desserts, are among the easiest dishes tomake without adding animal products. Preparation levels are practically next tonon-existent. Peel a potassium-rich banana and get similar vitamins and mineralsyou get from a supplement minus the synthetic and chemical additives. Munch onan apple a day and keep the doctor away. Pour cold soy or nut milk on a bowl ofcereals powered up with dried or fresh fruit.If you have more time to spare in the kitchen in the morning, bake a nice cornbreador whip up a crusty multigrain loaf loaded with fiber. Store bought or home-madejams, jellies and marmalades are a perfect complement to these baked goods. The
  2. 2. aroma will surely keep your family from rushing out of the house in the morning andcould lead to more quality bonding time on the breakfast table.In any breakfast dish or other meals for that matter, consume what’s in season for afresher more nutritiousmeal, not to mentionmore affordable anddelicious!