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8.2 vegan recipes


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8.2 vegan recipes

  1. 1. Vegans are individuals who’ve taken it upon themselves to completely exclude anyform of animal products from their diet and lifestyle. They do not consume beef,pork, chicken, poultry, fish and seafood and even dairy products and eggs. Thiscould be a religious or cultural choice as well as for health and medical reasons.There are also those who, for ethical reasons, some do not use fur, leather, animalhair products.The journey to veganism is oftentimes a path people take in search for a healthy,environment-friendly lifestyle. With the prevalence of the internet, websites andsocial networking (not to mention books and magazines) provide valuableinformation for those who are on various stages. For those who started with aconventional (carnivorous) lifestyle, it is recommended to take things slow andgradual–taking out animal products slowly and replacing with plant-based food.Quitting cold turkey may lead to withdrawal if done abruptly and/or without theadvice of health and nutrition experts. These recipes are proof enough that vegan dishes are not difficult to prepare, tastyand provide all the needed nutrition for a healthy body. Be spoilt for choice fromdifferent categories from easy and quick to gourmet, holiday, breakfast, lunch anddinner. Highlighting the use of fruits and vegetables, whether sourced from thefarmers market, health food store or grocery, you will not run out of ideas options.Usually having very short cooking times, recipes are usually quite simple and quick toprepare. From breakfast smoothies to hearty lunch salads and dinner casseroles,vegan dishes need not be boring, bland and lacking in texture. However, for specialoccasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can go gourmet simply by using extraspecial ingredients such as truffles, mushrooms, wine and employing more complexcooking methods. Unconventional food preparation methods of vegan cuisineinclude dehydration, sprouting and fermentation.Highlighting the use of fruits and vegetables, whether sourced from the farmersmarket, health food store or grocery, you will not run out of ideas for convenient,affordable dishes from appetizers to soups, salads to entrees, snacks to drinks anddesserts.
  2. 2. Vegans need to be extra aware thatmacro and micronutrients such asprotein, iron, calcium and importantvitamins and minerals are enough tosustain their bodies’ needs. This can beachieved by careful choices iningredients and balance of vegetables,fruits, nuts, seeds and oils – the formerbeing consumed in larger quantities morewhile the latter used more sparingly.