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  1. 1. Due to religious influence, Indiancuisine is mostly vegetarian, as some religionprohibits consumption of certain meats.Pure vegetarians who need their food fix canjust go in an Indian restaurant and be servedwith richly-flavored vegetarian dishes likemushroom paneer or vegetable curry. Forthose who are non-vegetarians, meats likechicken, eggs, and fish are also available,cooked richly with yogurt and spices. Indian recipes are known for being simple todo, resulting it to be one of the most popular dishes with more Indian restaurantsopening all over the world. All you need are just a few ingredients and someexciting spices and you’re ready to go. The rich choices of Indian food are due to its history, as India is a countryinfluenced by many other countries. Chili pepper, a most common spice wasbrought to India by the Portuguese. It was also the Portuguese who brought inpotatoes, a staple of the North Indian diet. Meats are still available in the Indian diet such as lamb, mutton, and chickencooked in various ways like curry or mixed into rice, like biryani. Cottage cheese is incorporated into main dishes, such as palak paneer, which is a mixture of spinach and cottage cheese served with bread. A chicken dish called tikka masala is another popular dish, oftentimes joked to be the national dish of the United Kingdom (also a country that has greatly influenced India during the course of world history). Butter chicken, a popular dish that consist of chicken marinated overnight in yogurt and spice mixture before cooking, is very popularworldwide often served with steamed rice, naan, or roti. Usually a table decoration, rose is used as an ingredient, with rose petals usedas seasoning of most sweet dishes, desserts, and drinks. Drinks may be laced withrose syrup for an interesting twist. Modern restaurants serve rose-flavoredsherbets, sodas, and ice creams, and a few more twist and turns to the cuisine fornew and exciting flavors to try. With immigration and globalization, Indian cuisine continues to evolve asmore chefs or even cooking aficionados derive more recipes and use its colorfulfood history as an inspiration for new dishes to try. Mentioned above is how thedessert course gets modern upgrades, but even traditional main courses get
  2. 2. inspiration and a bit of revamp for modern times. This is just the beginning of moreinteresting recipes to try and restaurants to visit in the near future.Visit us @