54.7 best chefs


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54.7 best chefs

  1. 1. If the sky is the limit, a connoisseur for fine food and wine will take the time and effortand seek out the best dining options a city has to offer. For those who rely on theexpert opinions of critiques, restaurant guides and even hotel concierge desks, it isnot uncommon to be pointed to fine dining, award-winning establishments thatserve exquisite meals at corresponding prices. And the success of these restaurantsis primarily the responsibility of their executive chefs and culinary teams.With the countless number of restaurants spanning hundred of cities and countries,serving a multitude of cuisines from casual to fine dining, authentic French food toworld fusion, to classify a restaurant and its chef as the best can be next toimpossible. And for this reason, groups of critics and inspectors have been createdto set parameters and attempt to give a structure on the assessment of restaurantsand chefs.Even with these guidelines, it is inevitable that differences of opinion arise from thosegiving the ratings as well as those being rated. This could be due to questionablestandards, issues of fairness, limited scope and coverage. That is why it is importantto find out the credibility of groups giving judgements on what is the best (and whatis the worst.)The professional inspectors of respected publications like the Michelin Guide, ahundred-year old publication confers one to three stars to deserving restaurants inEurope, the U.S. and Asia. Other titles like the Zagat Guide, Time Out and Tatler BestDining are less formal and include establishments other than fine-dining restaurants.Culinary magazines released weekly or monthly sometimes feature profiles forestablished and rising personalities making waves for the current period.Chefs that emerge victorious in culinary competitions whether these are organizedby food sponsors or TV networks gain instant celebrity status as they could haveliterally bested hundreds or thousands of contestants. The fame they get, aside fromthe prizes they are awarded, could be the jump off point to the start of a greatculinary career. The recognition is something that cannot be taken away andshould be built up on.
  2. 2. Unlike a restaurant which stays put in a given location until it closes or moves, chefsare employees (or occasionally business owners) who can move to anotherestablishment. And like a skilled hairdresser, a chef’s loyal patrons will sometimesfollow wherever he or she goes, excited to try out the new culinary creations in adifferent setting.