4.13.19 mixed seafood recipes


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4.13.19 mixed seafood recipes

  1. 1. In fancy seafood restaurants in many countries, from The Rocks at the Sydney Harborin Australia to the San Francisco Bay Area, among the most special dishes preparedare those featuring a variety of fresh seafood cooked in the simplest of waysshowcasing the freshness of their catchPaella, one of Spain’s signature dishes can be made solely with seafood and in fact,there’s a name for it “paella de marisco” which can be more expensive that otherversions containing meat. Aside from fish which may even be excluded, othercomponents are squid (take out the inksacs found in the head otherwise it will colorthe dish black), mussels, clams and shrimp. Fancier versions include langoustines(succulent, white shellfishalso known as scampi) or even halved lobsters. Pasta andpizza frutti di mare (fruits of the sea) are popular favorites in Italian restaurants andfeature the similar ingredients with the addition of anchovy fillets adding a distinctsalty flavor to the dish. Do not go overboard on the anchovy as a little goes a longway.Other impressive dishes include fantastic seafood platters composed of three, four ora lot more varieties of fish and other ingredients. These can be cooked in the samemanner like a mixed tempura with battered prawns, crabstick and small fish servedwith a sweet dip with grated raddish and ginger. A platter can also feature eachingredient can also be prepared in different ways: marinated raw fish (ceviche),deep fried squid rings (calamari), grilled scallops and baked mussels. That certainlyshould be enough to satisfy anyone’s seafood cravings!Simple dishes to try at home include salads, soups and if you’re ambitious, a seafoodlasagne with home-made noodles. Store bought pasta is a convenient option butfresh pasta is much better though time-consuming to prepare.When preparing any dish with seafood, try to buy the freshest ingredients especially ifyou are serving it raw or cooking it very simply like on a grill. If you are going tocombine it with a lot of other ingredients like in a tomato-based soup, then by all
  2. 2. means but less expensive ingredients but make sure they’re fresh as well. This is not achallenge and a big expense if you happen to live in a coastal area but if you live inthe heart of the city, then prepare to spend quite a bit.When attempting to make a dish healthier or pescetarian-friendly, simply replacemeat ingredients (beef, pork and chicken) with the bounty of the sea. Do considerfirst if the flavors will still go well together. Remember as well that deep-fat frying andusing a lot of butter and cream increases the fat and calorie content of any dish.Visit us @www.gourmandia.com