Women’s rights activist and feminist


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Women’s rights activist and feminist

  1. 1. Women’s Rights Activist andFeministKayla Moore
  2. 2. Gloria Steinem• Wrote an article on sexual revolution for Esquire about hertime as a playboy bunny• Protested New York abortion laws• Helped start the Womens Action Alliance• Editor and Founder of Ms. Magazine• lobbied state legislators in support of the Equal RightsAmendment• Published Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions,Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem and MovingBeyond Words• “feminism is about the ability to choose whats right ateach time of our lives” (McGuire, Gloria Steinem)
  3. 3. Nikki Craft• Radical Feminist• Protested against the stereotypical views of femininity that are sexist• One of the first feminists to defy nudity laws and protest againstbeauty pageants• Participant in the Naturist movement• Investigator of sex offenders within Naturist and nudist environments.• Encouraged women "to break any law that discriminated againstthem."• Arrested 50 times for acts of civil disobedience• Pro-legalized abortion• Founded Women Armed For Self Protection (WASP), Citizens forMedia Responsibility, Regional Pedophile Killer Association ("The NikkiWiki: All About Nikki Craft.")
  4. 4. Phyllis Schalfly• Anti-feminist• Believed that feminism was taking away theresponsibility to be lady like and motherly• Extreme conservative• Founded STOP ERA (stop taking our privileges)• Founded the Eagle Forum• Helped draft the political platform: FamilyManifesto
  5. 5. Karen Nussbaum• Cofounded and led the National Association ofWorking Women• Served as director of the Department ofLabors Womens Bureau• Director of the AFL-CIOs Working WomensDepartment (“Karen Nussbaum”)
  6. 6. Melissa Farley• Founder and Director, Prostitution Research and Education• Clinical Psychologist• PhD, University of Iowa College of Education, 1973("Melissa Farley, PhD" )• Strong advocate for feminism and anti-prostitution• "Legal sex businesses provide locations where sexualharassment, sexual exploitation, and violence againstwomen are perpetrated with impunity. State-sponsoredprostitution endangers all women and children in that actsof sexual predation are normalized."• Author of "Bad for the Body, Bad for the Heart," ViolenceAgainst Women• Organized the National Rampage Against Penthouse
  7. 7. Hilary Clinton• The former first lady of the United States• Former senator from New York• Former Secretary of State• One of the worlds leading advocates of womens rights• Praised for “intelligence and independence”• Former chair of the American Bar Association’s Commission onWomen in the Profession• Chair the Presidents Task Force on National Health Reform• She was the only first lady who had a successful career before herhusband was elected president• The first First Lady to hold an elected office• Democratic presidential nominee• Launched Women for Hillary councils in many states (Frost-Knappman)
  8. 8. Betty Friedan• Author of The Feminine Mystique which could be seenas the start of the second wave of the feministmovement• Cofounder of the National Organization for Women(NOW)• “life as a full-time suburban housewife is intellectuallydemeaning and emotionally unsatisfying”• active advocate for womens rights in the DemocraticParty• Help find the National Abortion Rights Action Leagueand National Womens Political Caucus• Died in 2006 (McGuire, “Betty Friedan”)
  9. 9. Charlotte Bunch• Lesbian Feminist• Formed The Furies to raise awareness to lesbian feminism• Co-founded Quest: A Feminist Quarterly• Advocate of global womens human rights and girls in ThirdWorld countries• Member of the board of directors of the National Gay TaskForce• Organized events for D.C. Womens Liberation• Professor of Womens and Gender Studies at RutgersUniversity• Founded Center for Womens Global Leadership (“DemelzaCo”)
  10. 10. Donna M. Hughes, Ph.D.• A leading international researcher on human trafficking.• Has done research on sex trafficking in the United States, Russia, Ukraine,and Korea.• She does research and writing on womens rights. including violence,slavery, sexual exploitation, Islamic fundamentalism and other women’sgroups organized resistance to violence and exploitation• Is consulted by governments and non-governmental organizations onpolicies about womens human rights, trafficking of women and girls forsexual exploitation.• She is supported by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women• Trafficking, Slavery, and Sexual Exploitation• She has also written research Reports, opinion and analysis articles, andbulletins of Citizens Against Trafficking• Advocate for Trafficking for World Cup Games ("Donna M. Hughes, Ph.D.“)
  11. 11. Saundra O’Connor• First woman named to the supreme court• Experienced the classic female struggle of sexism in apredominantly male profession, overcoming manyobstacles to reach her position as a judge on the Arizonacourt of Appeals (Woodger 56)• Moderate Conservative• Pro- ERA• "Posses qualities of temperament, fairness, intellectualcapacity and devotion to the public good which havecharacterized the 101 brethren [supreme court justices]"who have preceded her. -- Ronald Regan (Woodger 57)• Liberal on the ideas of abortion