Distribution of films in the uk


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Distribution of films in the uk

  1. 1. By Kayleigh reed
  2. 2.  “Distribution" refers to the marketing and circulation of movies in theatres, and for home viewing (DVD, Video-On-Demand, Download, Television etc.). The distributor convince exhibitor to rent each film by arranging screenings for exhibitors and other marketing techniques. Identify and deliver the largest possible audience for every film Also ensure that enough film prints are struck to service all contracted exhibitors on the opening day. Ensuring a full line of film advertisements is on each film to help the exhibitor attract the largest possible audience securing censorship or other legal or organizational “approval" for the exhibition of the film in the country
  3. 3.  COMPETITION- other films likely to release at a similar target audience, is there space for some counter programming? Projected release dates are often changed due to competing distributors. Is it an EVENT film-a prospective mass market blockbuster or specialized film for more discrete audiences? Is there any STAR POWER among the cast? What were the leads stars last roles and how successful were they? Is the film made by a ‘named’ director? Are any cast members available for UK publicity
  4. 4.  Saturation release ‘at cinemas everywhere’ may open simultaneously on 1000 screens UK-wide playing at two or more screens per multiplex. This strategy usually for large scale sequels helps large audiences see a film at the earliest opportunity Specialized release for foreign language film may comprise of 25 prints or fewer. Initially the film may play in selected screens in London and some university towns where local audiences are known to favour such titles before touring more widely over the following weeks. Very occasionally a film might be ‘platformed’ in just one location before rolling out.
  5. 5.  founded in 2002 to create and distribute commercially-driven independent cinema Vertigo set up PFXE in 2010, a 3D facilities company to create European 3D films like ‘StreetDance 3D’ to rival Hollywood. . Vertigo Films MD Rupert Preston said about monsters: “For a film which is really innovative, we needed an online marketing campaign which was equally as creative and engaging. By utilizing Foursquare with our key cinema partners, we have been able to connect with a smart social media audience.”
  6. 6.  Lottery funds to nurture and invest in a diverse mix of first-class filmmakers UK-wide support UK distributors help the industry to remain competitive, especially on the global stage. Raising awareness : our Prints and Advertising Fund provides £4 million every year to help British distributors promote non-mainstream films. Improving access : our Digital Screen Network is made up of 240 digital screens across the UK that now show non-mainstream films regularly. Increasing information : our website FindAnyFilm.com is one of the UKs leading websites for film fans looking to watch, buy, download or rent great films.