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Film industry


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Film industry

  1. 1. NEVER LET ME GO Produced by DNA films
  2. 2. DNA FILMS DNA films are a British film production company, that specializein British thrillers, comedies, and costume dramas. Some of their productions include: 28 Weeks Later, The HistoryBoys, The Last King of Scotland, Love Actually, and Never Let MeGo.
  3. 3. BOX OFFICE & BUDGET Opening Weekend: $111,734 (USA) (19 September 2010). Gross: $2,412,045 (USA) (12 December 2010). Budget: $15,000,000.
  4. 4. PRODUCTION Never let me go was a DNA films and Film 4 co-production. The benefits of co-production are:1) Companies are able to access their partner’s market, or a third market, essentially broadening it.2) They also have the ability to share each others financial resources.3) They have access to locations in each other’s country.
  5. 5. DISTRIBUTION Never let me go was distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures, andwas given limited release into four movie theatres in the US. It was given full release in the UK. To date, it has made $9.4 million dollars in the box office, and $1.4million dollars on DVD release. Due to the themes included in this film, I believe it was givenlimited release in the US and full release in the UK because of therelate ability to the different audiences.
  6. 6. CAST Carey Mulligan – This actress starred in An Education, another Film 4production of a similar nature. She was probably chosen on the basis that shehad shown a prior interest in the film, and was familiar with the type of role. Andrew Garfield – I believe he was cast because he showed that hisattraction to the film came from its message and themes. Keira Knightly – This actress is famous for starring in British costume dramasand would attract the audience on the grounds of similarity. If people know thatshe has been cast in a film, they could make an intelligent guess about what itwould entail.
  7. 7. MARKETING The film was shown at the 54th London film festival, and the2010 Toronto International film festival. It received generally positive reviews from many high profilecritics, although when compared to the book by some critics,many felt as though it didnt live up to expectation.