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Social media for your business


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St. Johns Coastal Rotary Presentation, October 2, 2013. Tips and tricks for small business owners to manage social media in 30 minutes a day.

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Social media for your business

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOUR BUSINESS Tips & Tricks to Manage Your Social Media in 30 minutes a day Kayla Peloquin Communications Manager Herbie Wiles Insurance
  2. 2. WHY IS SOCIAL MEDIA IMPORTANT?  There are more internet connected devices than there are people on the Earth  Out of the 6 billion people on the planet, 4.8 have mobile devices, while only 4.6 own a toothbrush.  Reports say 40% of people socialize more online than face-to- face  We are more connected than ever (in a technological sense)  Social Media is the new way to reach people  If you are not actively engaging on social media sites, you are missing out on potential customers!
  3. 3. THE “BIG 5”  BIG 5: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn & Pinterest  200+ social media sites that are actively engaging and growing on a daily basis: Instagram, Vine, Digg, Friendster, Reddit, Delicious, St umbleUpon, Meetup, etc.  FACEBOOK: 1 out of every 7 minutes spent online is spent on Facebook  TWITTER: Every day 1 million new accounts are created on Twitter
  4. 4. ENSURE EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS ARE ON!  Don‟t check social media sites all day, it‟s a waste of time  Set up email notifications so that you can go about your day and only check when absolutely necessary  FACEBOOK: Personal Page  Account Settings  Under What You Get Notified About  Under „Pages You Manage‟ ensure the page is selected. Make sure you‟re subscribed to comments on your photos and comments on your posts  TWITTER: Settings  Email Notifications  Customize your options!  If you want to go a step further, on Facebook you can HIDE posts by other people under the „Post Visibility‟ setting in your page management settings. You can also prevent people from adding pictures/videos to your page. This limits what people can post abut your brand without your consent/approval.
  5. 5. FACEBOOK  Analytics are key to knowing how and when to reach your customers!
  6. 6. FACEBOOK  Posts pictures and “interesting” status updates! Find this data under Page Insights  Posts  “Best Post Types”
  7. 7. FACEBOOK  Tagging people, places, and pages in your pictures helps make the image go „viral‟ (do this by hitting @ and start typing the person/business name)
  8. 8. FACEBOOK  Find out when is best to post based on YOUR fans! Find this under Page Insights  Posts  “When our Fans Are Online”
  9. 9. FACEBOOK  Use Facebook as your “business” page to comment and like other business fan pages (gains friends & increases engagement)  Go to Edit Page  Use Facebook As…
  10. 10. FACEBOOK  Find your designated email and text pictures or status updates from your phone  Go to Edit Settings (under page)  More  Mobile  Under With Mobile Email
  11. 11. TWITTER Timing MATTERS! Twitter comes alive from 11-3pm with prime time being 1-3 on Monday and Thursday Worst times: traffic fades after 3pm and is especially bad after 3pm on Friday afternoons
  12. 12. TWITTER  “Follow” others. Search for St. Augustine and follow those that interest you
  13. 13. TWITTER  If you like something retweet it, reply to it, or favorite it! This gets you noticed and can cause others to “follow” you
  14. 14. TWITTER  USE #HASHTAGS! Posts with 2 or more hashtags are statistically proven to be viewed more than posts without a hashtag  Follow the trending hashtags and try to make a comment or share something regarding that topic (as long as it is relevant to your business)
  15. 15. TWITTER  Set up your account with your mobile phone. Text your tweet to 40404 and your text tweets out to all your followers! Easier and uses less data than downloading the app. Be careful! Keep your tweets short!  Under “Settings”  “Mobile”
  16. 16. HOOT SUITE  Social Media Coordinators secret weapon!  Helps you manage your social media and plan in advance  Schedule posts for up to 4 social sites for months in advance  Create messages with links, pictures, videos, etc   FREE to sign up for!
  17. 17. HOOT SUITE
  18. 18. HOOT SUITE
  19. 19. HOOT SUITE
  20. 20. CONTENT IS KEY  80/20 Rule  Subscribe to newsletters that are industry relevant, sign up for Sway or Google Alerts  The more information you can have delivered straight to your inbox will make it easier for you to use for social media content  Pull content from customer testimonials, events happening within your business, sales or specials, holidays, etc.  Crosslink your social media sites (i.e. share „Pins‟ on Facebook, or Pictures posted on Facebook on your Twitter)  Show personality! Highlight the employee of the week/month, post pictures of company gatherings, share your story
  21. 21. HOW TO BALANCE IT?  Come up with a social media plan  Create a calendar highlighting important events for the month and what content is appropriate to share on your social media sites  Brainstorm some ideas: “National Coffee Day”, news stories that affect you/your industry, local events that may appeal to your fans, etc.  Schedule at least one week of posts in advance on HootSuite  Use the same content for all sites but schedule them for proper timing and modify the length to match the site your using  Alternate days (i.e. Tues and Thurs engage for 15 minutes on Twitter, Mon, Wed & Fri engage for 15 minutes on Facebook)  Post up-to-date news or content straight from your phone by texting, anywhere at anytime.
  22. 22. RECAP  Set-up your Facebook and Twitter accounts and know how to use them!  Set up email notifications so that you can be alerted to changes/comments on your sites so you can be engaging without being on social media ALL day  Link your social media accounts to your HootSuite account  Send out mass messages that you can customize for each site from one easy platform, including custom scheduling!  Review your Facebook analytic tools to ensure you are sending messages that will effectively reach your targeted audience  Engage with your audience and provide compelling content they will WANT to read
  23. 23. CONTACT  Questions or concerns?   Download this presentation at: