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Zoriah Miller 2


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Published in: Art & Photos, News & Politics
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Zoriah Miller 2

  1. 1. Group 6. Spencer, Alyssa, Kayla. 11/1/09
  2. 2. Who Zoriah Miller, born January 27, 1976. He is called a freelance photojournalist and blogger. He is forbidden to work in Marine Corps unit after publishing a photo of a dead Marine who was Lee, James. Miller. 2008. disfigured by a blast. Photograph. Special to The Star.
  3. 3. What His focus is war photography. Miller, Zoriah. Sadr City Baghdad. 2007. Photograph. Involved News, Baghdad.
  4. 4. He was stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan and many other areas with conflict rising. Conflict, crisis and disasters in developing Where. countries. Miller, Zoriah. Afghan National Army. Photograph. Afghanistan.
  5. 5. When =] He has been a photojournalist for 14 years. He started photography in 1995. That is when he officially became a freelance photographer. Miller, Zoriah. A Kids Life in Cuba. 2009. Photograph. Havana.
  6. 6. Why? "Interview with Photojournalist Zoriah Miller." Web. He feels that understanding that people are suffering and living through hard times helps motivate people to solve the problem. Zoriah thinks that it is important for people to see and understand how people who are less fortunate live their lives.
  7. 7. How To capture the Iraq War, he uses a digital camera and puts it on its laptop. Lee, James. Special to the Star. 2008. Photograph.