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Summary for my semester project on Netflix, Inc.

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  • Note to Professor: Since I cannot present this in person, I would like you to keep in mind while viewing this powerpoint that I have worked hard to include sound bites that are supposed to play on special slides.The title slide in particular has an effect as indicated by the volume icon on the right bottom corner. Please open the presentation and click once at first so the animation and sound can start. Adjust volume accordingly and enjoy.
  • Fpk bucextracredit

    1. 1. Kayla Buchmann Proudly Presents:
    2. 2.  Created in 1997 by Reed Hastings and MarcRandolph History Trivia- sales of 1998 DVD of PresidentClinton Grand Jury Trial In 2002 – Netflix, Inc. had 500,000 subscribers andbegan life as a publicly traded company Currently serving over 1 million customers to date Famous for no due date or late feesCompany Background
    3. 3.  Currently serving the regions of:North AmericaMexicoSouth AmericaUnited KingdomNordic region Serving 47 countries and counting Headquarters:100 Winchester Circle Los Gatos, CA 95032Areas Served and CompanyHeadquarters
    4. 4.  Departments for services including: Billing, talent,content, international, etc. Headquarters are in Los Gatos CaliforniaOrganizational StructureFlat
    5. 5.  :Reed Hastings, 52, CEO/ Founder David Wells, 42, CFO Kelly Bennett, Chief Marketing Officer Neil Hunt, 51, Chief Product Officer Theodore Sarandos , 48, Chief Content Officer Jonathan Friedland , 53, Chief CommunicationsOfficer Bill Holmes, 42, Chief Business Development Officer Patricia McCord, 58, CTOManagement
    6. 6. ( Figures reflect most recent quarter ending March30,2013) Revenue: $1,023,961 Net Income: $2,689 Stock Price as of May 21,2013 at 4 P.M. ET is $237.09 Stock is expected to vary over the fiscal year withcompany price adjustments and content contractcancellations. Price is on the decline.Finances
    7. 7. Products and ServicesProducts:• DVD• Blu-Ray disc• Instantly streaming online videoServices:Online and mail video rental
    8. 8.  2011- serviced 61% of US streaming digital moviemarket Enterprise value of $8.9 Billion as of April 2013 Current lifetime revenue is $3.6 BillionMarket Research
    9. 9. Content ProvidersWalt Disney StudiosWarner Bros. StudiosTime WarnerTurner Broadcasting SystemUniversal Studios
    10. 10. Promotion1 month free trial beginning the day of membershipEntitles customer to watch instant streaming movies on 1 device at atimeCan be canceled during month at any time to avoid monthly chargeIf not canceled within the month, customer will be automaticallybilled for the next service month
    11. 11. IphoneAndroidWindows smart phoneXboxRokuPlaystation 3Computer ( Mac/PC)WiiBlu-Ray PlayerAccepted DevicesIpadSmart TV
    12. 12. (All plans are billed monthly with cancellation availableanytime during current serviced month) Streaming only-$7.99 1 DVD+ streaming - $16.00 2 DVDs + streaming - $19.98 3 DVDs + Streaming - $23.98 4 DVDs + streaming- $29.98Price
    13. 13.  Amazon.com, Inc. Trans World Entertainment Corporation Direct Brands, Inc. Hastings Entertainment Inc. Books-A-Million Inc. Barnes and Noble Inc. Blockbuster L.L.C.Competition
    14. 14. Thank you for watching!