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50 states ives, kayla


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50 states ives, kayla

  1. 1. By : Kayla Ives
  2. 2. New York I love New York•Capital City: Albany•Admission toStatehood: July 26,1788•Flower: Rosa•Population:18,976,457•On the Constitution itwas the 11th state.
  3. 3. Hawaii The Islands of Aloha•Capital City: Honolulu•Admission to Statehood:August 21, 1959•Hawaii’s flag has eight stripesof white, red and blue thatrepresent the eight mainislands.•This is there stateFlower.•Lowest Point:Pacific coast; Sea level, 3rd.
  4. 4. Discover both sides of Nevada!•Capital City: Carson City•Location: 39.148N,119.743W•Area Codes: 702 – 775•Constitution: 36th State•Highest Point: BoundaryPeak; 13,143 feet, 9th
  5. 5. California Find Yourself Here•Capital City:Sacramento•Location on map:38.546N, 121.426W•Admission to Statehood:September 9, 1850•Bird: California ValleyQuail•Constitution: 31st State
  6. 6. Alaska North! To Alaska•CapitalCity: Juneau•Location on map:58.388N, 134.133W•Area Code: 907•Bird: Willow Ptarmigan•Constitution: 49th State
  7. 7. Virginia Virginia Is For Lovers•Capital City: Richmond•Location on map:37.531N, 77.474W•Bird: Cardinal•Constitution: 10th State•Flower: Dogwood
  8. 8. Utah The Greatest Snow On Earth•Capital City: Salt LakeCity•Location: 40.777N,111.929W•Admission toStatehood: January 4,1896•Bird: The CommonAmerican Gull
  9. 9. Oklahoma Native America•Capital City: OklahomaCity•Admission to Statehood:November 16, 1907•Bird: Scissor-tailedFlycatcher• Constitution: 46th State•Flower: Mistletoe
  10. 10. Mississippi The south’s Warmest Welcome•Capital City:Jackson•Admission toStatehood: December10, 1817•Constitution: 20thState•Flower: Magnolia•Population:2,844,658
  11. 11. New Hampshire The Road Less Traveled•Capital City: Concord•Area Code: 603•Bird: Purple Finch•Constitution:9th State•Flower: Purplelilac