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Finding A Job On Twitter!


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Using twitter isnt rocket science! So, really use it to your advantage! and think about how you can brand your passion, skills.

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Finding A Job On Twitter!

  1. 1. Find A Job On Twitter! Get The Most Out Of Your Page It’s About Who You Know Job Search Tools & Resources By Kay Kelison
  2. 2. Find A Job On Twitter! Make your Twitter presence “Employer-Friendly”  Put your job pitch in your Twitter bio (which is 160 characters)  Use a professional looking avatar  Tweet about your job search Utilize Your Twitter Background.  There’s lots of space you can use to promote yourself. Include a Link To An Online Resume/Blog In Your Bio.  Giving a Employer/Recruiter easier way to find your info is key Establish Yourself In Your Profession On Twitter.  Please! Don’t’ misrepresent yourself. BE YOU!
  3. 3. It’s About Who You Know It’s not always about you and what you’re looking for. Some people on Twitter are actually looking for YOU. How do you get to know these right people ? There are many companies and staffing consultants who use Twitter who look for potential candidates. Before reaching out to a recruiter via Twitter, check out the following:  Their bio  Follower/Following ratio – Is There Good Content, Are They Engaged, Retweets, Links, Shared Info, Are They Easy To Reach?  Click/Check On Their Provided Links Heather McGough Kay Kelison Marvin Smith Jason Pankow Christine Chen @heathermcgough @Jaxx_Magee @talentcommunity @jpankow @xboxbride @microsoftCSSjob @BingJobs
  4. 4. Job Search Tools & Resources There are many new Twitter tools and applications to assist with a proactive job search. Tools To Search Jobs TweetAJob – -receive real jobs in real time from real recruiters. TwitJobSearch – - you'll be able to find tweets about jobs posted on Twitter. TwitterTroll – - Find fresh jobs on Twitter from the last 7 days TwitterJobFinder – . TwitHire – - This Twitter-based job board broadcasts a variety of listings Connections Just Tweet It – - Find other Twitter users with similar interests TwitDir - - Find some of the top Twitter users in this Twitter directory Organization TweetDeck – - Use TweetDeck to categorize your Twitter feeds TWTJOBS – – create your twitter resume