The Last Hope: A Legacy- Chapter 1.3


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The Last Hope: A Legacy- Chapter 1.3

  1. 1. I’ve actually managed to get a chapter out in a reasonable amount of time. Imagine that! Anyways, welcome to Chapter 1.3 of my legacy. Please enjoy! >>>
  2. 2. Time flies when you’re having fun, and soon it was time for Alexia to age into a teen. She moved a strand of ginger hair out of her eyes as she looked down at her cake, a smile on her face. She’d been waiting for this moment for a long time.
  3. 3. Poppy and Chase watched her proudly, unable to believe that in a few short moments their baby girl would be a young women. “ Blow out the candles already!” Nathan shouted excitedly. “I want cake!” Alexia glanced over at her brother, her smile widening, and then she stepped forward and blew out her candles.
  4. 4. Needless to say, Alexia grew up into a gorgeous teenager, a beautiful combination of both her parent’s genes. She rolled Popularity with the LTW to Become Rock God.
  5. 5. As a birthday present, Chase and Poppy got Alexia a bird to keep in her room, which she named Gypsy. Always having wanted a pet, Alexia instantly fell in love with her… even if she wasn’t exactly the nicest pet. “ No, Gypsy, stop trying to bite me! I love you, but you have three seconds to stop that before I put you back in that cage.” Gypsy leaned forward again, trying again to nip at her finger, but Alexia just smiled and rolled her eyes.
  6. 6. Chase had always wanted his children to attend private school, so shortly after Alexia’s birthday he invited over BJ Ryan, the headmaster of Spring Valley’s private school. The Estelas certainly weren’t rich, but just maybe they’d be able to impress him enough to let the children in. “ You must be Mr. Estela,” BJ said when Chase came out to greet him. “ Yes. Thank you so much for coming. Please, come inside.”
  7. 7. “ Mrs. Estela, I must say, your cooking is excellent. But why should I let your children into my school? I don’t believe anyone from this family has attended my school previously.” “ That’s true,” Poppy replied. “I only just moved here after finishing college. I graduated Summa Cum Laude in Biology from Sim State University.” “ Is that so?” BJ asked, sounding interested. Poppy nodded. “And Alexia, Nathan, and Abigail are all extremely bright. They’re all at the top of their classes.”
  8. 8. “ Well, I’m very impressed,” BJ said with an approving nod. “I guess I’ll be seeing you three on Monday.” Chase smiled. Sure, paying for this private school wouldn’t be easy, but it was worth it to know that his children were getting the best education possible.
  9. 9. But when Monday did some around, the said children couldn’t care less about the new school they were going to today. They were far more interested in the blanket of snow that had fallen all throughout Spring Valley overnight. Nathan and Abigail immediately rushed outside as soon as they had woken up and looked out their window, and by the time Alexia had followed behind, they had a snowman in the works.
  10. 10. Abigail smiled in satisfaction as she placed the head on top of the snowman, but then she looked up at the clear sky and her smile fell slightly. “ What’s wrong,” Alexia asked her. “ Nothing,” Abigail replied. “I just hope that it’ll start snowing again. My teacher told me that if it snows too much, we get a snow day and don’t have to come to school.”
  11. 11. Just then they heard the sound of the bus arriving and gasped. Abandoning their half-finishing snowman, the Estela children rushed inside as quickly as they could to change into their school uniforms, only barely making it back to the bus before it left.
  12. 12. When Alexia returned from school, she had a smile on her face. Becoming a teenager had helped build up her confidence, destroying whatever social block that had prevented her from making friends as a child. Plus, her new school was amazing! She was already starting to make a couple friends.
  13. 13. But there was still something that was upsetting her. Tomorrow a new club was opening downtown, and it had been all anyone had talked about at school today. Alexia really wanted to go to the opening, but it was during school hours, and there was no way she could get away with ditching. And her parents would never allow her to fake a sick day. Sighing, she looked out the window at the white sea of snow around them, thinking about what Abigail had said this morning. If it could only snow just a little more, there could be a snow day tomorrow. It was the only chance Alexia had of going out. Please, she thought, looking up at the clear blue sky. Please snow…
  14. 14. Then, suddenly, dark clouds formed in the sky. Alexia looked up with wide eyes. In another moment, flakes of white were floating down from the heavens. She gaped at the sky, awestruck . “ Alexia, dinner!” Poppy called from the other room, causing Alexia to snap out of her daze. Just keep snowing, she thought, a wide smile on her face, and then she turned around to walk out of the room.
  15. 15. The next morning, Alexia was awoken by the sound of cheers. “ Alexia, Alexia, wake up!” Abigail shouted. “ They just announced it on the news,” Nathan said, clapping his hands excitedly. “Snow day! We don’t have to go to school today!” Alexia grinned and jumped out of bed, immediately rushing towards the kitchen.
  16. 16. “ Mom, it’s a snow day!” Poppy grinned at her daughter’s excited tone. “I know,” she said, amused. “Nathan and Abigail were in here just a minute ago.” “ Mom, do you think… You see, there’s this new place opening downtown today; everyone at school was talking about it. So since there’s no school today, can I go, Mom? Please?”
  17. 17. Poppy looked at her daughter with a smile. Considering Alexia was usually so serious, it was a bit of a relief to see her actually acting like a teenager. After a moment of consideration, she nodded. “ Yes, you can go,” she said. “As long as you keep your cell phone with you, and you have to be back before dinner.” Alexia did an excited little hop. “Thank you, Mom,” she said. “Oh, thank you, thank you. I love you!” Happy to see her daughter so happy, Poppy grinned. “I love you, too,” she said. “Now please go get your brother and sister for me. Breakfast is ready.”
  18. 18. When she went to the club, Alexia immediately knew what all the fuss was about this place. It was incredible! It had great music, great atmosphere…
  19. 19. … great people… “ Hey, do I know you? You look familiar.” Alexia blinked, looking over at the boy who had spoken to her. “Um… oh yeah, I think we go to the same school. I’m Alexia.” “ I’m Ricky. Oh, don’t we have English together?” “ Oh, yeah!”
  20. 20. Alexia and Ricky clicked instantly. They talked for hours, until Alexia suddenly realized how late it was. “ It’s getting late,” Alexia said. “I need to get home.” “ Oh,” Ricky said, looking disappointed. “Well… do you think that maybe you’d, uh… like to hang out some time?” Alexia blushed, feeling something funny in her stomach. “Um… yeah. I’d love to.” “ Cool!” Ricky said excitedly. “So, um… call me?” “ Yeah, definitely.”
  21. 21. “ Guess what I just found out!” Abigail cheered as she rushed into her and Nathan’s bedroom. “ What?” Nathan said, looking down at his twin. “ Come here. It’s a secret.”
  22. 22. Nathan walked over to her and Abigail leaned over to whisper in his ear, “Alexia’s got a boyfriend!” Nathan’s eyes widened. “Really?” he asked. “How do you know?” “ I heard her talking on the phone with him. His name is Ricky, and she kept on giggling the whole time they were talking.” Abigail rolled her eyes. “I really hope we aren’t that silly when we’re teenagers. Anyways, they’re going on a date Saturday.”
  23. 23. “ But wait Abigail,” Nathan said, suddenly serious. “What if this Ricky guy isn’t nice? We can’t let our sister date someone who’s mean!” Abigail frowned. “I didn’t even think of that,” she said. “Oh, I know! I heard her say that they both go to the same school. Tomorrow’s our birthday. Once we’re big, we’ll go to high school, too, and then we can check him out to make sure he’s good for Alexia.” “ Good plan,” Nathan said with a smile.
  24. 24. “ Nathan?” Abigail said. “ Yeah?” “ You’re always going to be my best friend, right? Even when we’re all big?” “ Of course!” Nathan exclaimed, pulling Abigail into a big hug. “You’re my twin, forever and ever!”
  25. 25. The next day, Nathan and Abigail each stood at their own cake, looking across at each other with huge grins. For Poppy and Chase, this was a bittersweet moment, watching as the youngest of their babies got ready to grow up. But for Nathan and Abigail, they couldn’t grow up fast enough, so each stepped forward and blew out their candles.
  26. 26. Abigail became a very pretty young women, Nathan a handsome young man. Abigail followed in her sister’s footsteps, rolling Popularity with the LTW to make 20 Simultaneous Best Friends. Nathan rolled Pleasure with the LTW to Become Professional Party Guest.
  27. 27. The next morning, the doorbell rang unexpectedly during breakfast. “ Oh,” Poppy said, a grin on her face as she looked over at Nathan and Abigail. “That must be your birthday present.” Nathan and Abigail looked at each other in surprise, and then they both hopped out of their seats and towards the door.
  28. 28. The twins gasped when they stepped outside. Waiting for them was a brand new puppy. After a small debate on what to name their new pet (they settled on Max) and a few minutes of cooing over the puppy, Nathan and Abigail rushed inside to thank their parents for the perfect birthday present.
  29. 29. In barely any time at all, Max grew up into a very… interesting little dog. It wasn’t hard to tell that Abigail was his favorite human, with Nathan as a close second. As for the other humans in the house… well, he tolerated them.
  30. 30. Saturday came, and Alexia found herself standing in the restaurant Ricky told her about, shuffling her feet nervously, wondering how on earth Abigail had managed to convince her to wear this stupid dress… She looked up as the doors of the entrance opened, and her face fell.
  31. 31. Ricky smiled as he approached Alexia. “Wow,” he said, staring at her. “You look great.” “ I’m overdressed,” Alexia replied, feeling foolish. So stupid, she thought to herself. Why did you have to wear a dress? You don’t even like dresses.
  32. 32. Ricky laughed, and Alexia felt herself narrow her eyes slightly. “Don’t get mad,” Ricky said with a smile. “I was planning on wearing something a lot more dressy, but I was afraid of overdressing myself. You didn’t really seem like the dressy type to me.” Alexia felt herself smile sheepishly. “I’m not,” she confessed. “In fact… I hate dresses. So much.” Ricky laughed. “Well, in that case, let’s just forget about what we’re wearing and go eat. Although, I have to say…” He leaned forward and took Alexia’s hand, causing her to blush. “Blue looks amazing on you. It matches your eyes.”
  33. 33. Despite the fact that she looked far to girly for her tastes, the date was absolutely perfect in Alexia’s eyes. The food was fantastic, and she found that she loved being in Ricky’s company. She found it completely ridiculous how much she blushed when she was around him… that is, until he told her that she’s cute when she blushes.
  34. 34. “ I had a really great time today,” Ricky said as the date drew to a close. “ Me too,” Alexia replied. “ I really like you, Alexia.” “ I like you, too.”
  35. 35. Without either of them realizing it, both of them were leaning in, and soon Alexia was having her first kiss. Which was quickly followed by a second. And a third…
  36. 36. When Alexia got home, she found herself being confronted by Nathan and Abigail, both of whom were wearing ear to ear grins. “ So how was it?” Nathan prompted. “ Come on, all the dirty details,” Abigail joked.
  37. 37. Alexia tried to scowl at her siblings, but after her date with Ricky, she couldn’t help but smile. “Fine,” she finally said, grinning. “It was amazing…”
  38. 38. Alexia wasn’t the only one having luck in the dating department. Nathan turned out to be very popular with the ladies, so it was to no one’s surprise when he started dating a young lady named Tammy. They were smitten with each other, but they both decided they would rather not get too serious yet.
  39. 39. Abigail, on the other hand, was absolutely fine with being single. She preferred it, actually. She saw how crazy her siblings acted around their significant others and swore she would never act like that. Instead, she spent her time meeting and making friends. She was very nice and naturally got along with everyone, traits she got from her mother. Before long, she was very popular.
  40. 40. And thus, life went on in the Estela household. “ What is that?” Poppy blinked, watching as her eldest daughter looked up at her with an innocent smile. “ Oh, um... That? It’s a guitar…” “ Well, yes, but how on earth did you get it?”
  41. 41. “ Someone at school was selling it, so I used the money I’ve been saving up from my part time job to buy it.” At her mother’s raised eyebrow, Alexia frowned. “Please, Mom, let me keep it! You know how much I want to be a rock star, and I’ll never be able to if I never learn to play. Please!” Poppy smiled. “Okay, Alexia… But next time, please ask first.” “ I will! Thank you, Mom!”
  42. 42. And Poppy didn’t regret her choice, because as it turned out, Alexia was a natural. In a few short months, she was playing like a pro.
  43. 43. She even started trying to teach Abigail to play, but it seemed that these things came easier to some people then others. “ Like this?” “ No, Abigail, I told you. You need to press the strings down harder.” “ So how do you play H again?” “ Abigail, that isn’t even a note…” ~~~
  44. 44. Queen Theresa looked up at a knock at the door. “Enter,” she called. She watched in surprise as a single witch entered the room. “ Irene,” she said softly. “Welcome back. I hope for your stake that your return means you have found the elf.”
  45. 45. “ Well… n-no,” Irene stuttered quietly. “No, I haven’t.” “ No?” Theresa repeated, eyebrow raised. “Well, that’s quite unfortunate for you…”
  46. 46. “ Wait, your Grace, please,” Irene begged. “While in the human world, I met some people. I think they can help us find the elf.” Theresa considered her words for a moment. “Well, go on then,” she finally said. Irene gave a sigh of relief.
  47. 47. A man and women entered the room, and just as they did, the very air around them seemed to crackle. The women’s eyes widened, fear paralyzing her.
  48. 48. Theresa stood up, rage clear on her face. “You brought vampires back to the magical world!” she cried. “You brought back our enemies from all those centuries ago, the ones who fought to steal the power that is rightfully ours! You of all people, Irene, should know better!” “ P-please, your Grace, please, hear my out. Hear my plan.”
  49. 49. “ These are not the vampires who fought us,” Irene explained. “Before now, they have not ever even been to the magical world. These vampires are of the human world; they were once human themselves. “ Now you see, my Queen, before my sister died… she placed a spell on the elf. It was a powerful one, and because of it, I can not track the elf. Not by myself, that is. But these vampires can. They can find the elf and kill her, as you wished.”
  50. 50. Theresa narrowed her eyes, scrutinizing Irene, and then she spoke to the vampires. “Your names?” she demanded.
  51. 51. William stepped forward and gave a small bow. “I am William Davis,” he said, and then he motioned behind him towards the women. “And this is my sister, Emily. We would be pleased to be at your service.”
  52. 52. Theresa titled her head slightly to the side, thinking. “Okay,” she finally said. “I’ll give you this chance, Irene, but just remember. If you fail…”
  53. 53. “… don’t expect any mercy.” “ O-of course… my Queen.” ~~~
  54. 54. “ Honey?” Poppy looked over at her husband, snapping out of her daze. “Yes?” Chase looked at his wife in concern. “Poppy, what’s wrong?” he asked. “Something’s been bugging you; I can tell. What is it?”
  55. 55. Poppy sighed. Chase could always read her so well. “The kids are so big now,” she said softly. “Alexia will be heading to college soon. And that means that I need to pick an heir. But I just… don’t know how I can pick. It would be like picking favorites.”
  56. 56. “ Poppy, don’t think like that,” Chase said. “The kids all know that you love them all the same. They’ve known for a while now that eventually you’ll have to pick one. Whoever you pick, they’ll all understand.” He looked over at Poppy, tilting his head slightly. “You… already have someone in mind, don’t you?”
  57. 57. Poppy hesitated for a moment, and then she nodded. “Alexia,” she whispered. “I… I don’t know why, but there’s just something telling me it has to be her.” She furrowed her eyebrows. “I don’t know. Maybe I should think about it more…”
  58. 58. “ Look, Poppy, I don’t know how all this elven magic stuff works… but I say follow your instincts. If you think it needs to be Alexia, then choose Alexia.” Poppy nodded. “Yeah… yeah, you’re right. Okay, we’ll tell them when they get home from school.”
  59. 59. “ What’s up?” Nathan asked when Poppy and Chase had them all seated at the dinner table. Poppy looked over at Chase, and he gave her an encouraging smile. Poppy began. “Do you all remember when you were children, and I told you about why our family is special?” The three teenagers nodded, suddenly very serious. “And you always remember when I told you that eventually… I’d have to pick an heir?” Alexia, Nathan, and Abigail looked around at each other, eyes wide. “ Well, I’ve chosen,” Poppy continued, and then she looked straight at Alexia.
  60. 60. “ Alexia, you are our heir.” Alexia’s eyes widened. “Wait… me?” she asked in disbelief, shaking her head slowly. “But… I… I can’t…”
  61. 61. “ Alexia,” Poppy said, but Alexia was getting up out of her seat. “ I’m sorry,” Alexia murmured. “I just… need to be alone for a little bit.”
  62. 62. Alexia went to her room, sitting down on her bed with her head down. For a while now, with distractions from her boyfriend, schoolwork, and practicing her music, she had almost been able to forget about what her and her family were. But now she could no longer ignore it. She was heir. This legacy, saving the magical world… it was all her responsibility now. There’s so much I can mess up, she thought to herself. I don’t know how I’m going to do this… but I have to try.
  63. 63. “ I have no idea how I’m going to do this, Gypsy… but I’m going to do my best.” Alexia sighed, putting Gypsy back in her cage.
  64. 64. “ Alexia, are you okay?” Alexia looked over at Ricky, suddenly feeling guilty that she had mostly been ignoring him on their date. “Yeah,” she said. “Why?” “ You’ve just been very… quiet today. Is something bugging you?”
  65. 65. “ I’m fine. Just thinking about… college,” Alexia lied. “I’m leaving in just a few days, so I guess I’m just kind of stressed about that. Speaking of…” She turned to Ricky.
  66. 66. “ What college are you going to?” Ricky blinked. “Uh… what?” “ College. I’m going to SSU, like my parents did. My mom founded a Greek House while she was there, so that’s were I’m going to live. Hey, maybe you can live there with me!” “ Um… Alexia… I’m actually… I’m not going to college.”
  67. 67. Alexia’s face fell. “Wait… what?” “ I’m not going. I’m just not ready to grow up anytime soon. Maybe someday… but definitely not now.” “ But… but what about us?” Ricky’s expression softened. “Alexia… you realize this has to end eventually, right? What, did you think we were going to grow up together and get married or something?”
  68. 68. Alexia wouldn’t admit it… but she had. She had imagined them going to college together, getting married someday, having children… She had even been worrying about how she was going to tell him about her being half-elf. “ Alexia, I really like you,” Ricky continued. “I really do, but I’m just not ready for that kind of commitment. But, I mean, until you leave…”
  69. 69. “ Ricky, just shut up!” Alexia yelled. “ Gosh, Alexia, I didn’t realize you’d be so upset…” “ You didn’t realize… You know what, Ricky, just leave me alone! I don’t… I don’t want to see you ever again!” “ Alexia…” “ No! Goodbye, Ricky!”
  70. 70. Tears springing up in her eyes, Alexia walked away. She walked as fast as she could, and once she was out of Ricky’s view, she started to run, just wanting to be as far away as possible.
  71. 71. “ What do you mean you and Tammy broke up?” Abigail asked Nathan back in the Estela household. “I thought you two liked each other!” “ Oh, we do, but we both decided that we’re better off as friends,” Nathan replied with a shrug. “ But…” Abigail paused and looked up at sudden sound of rain pattering against the roof of the house.
  72. 72. “ That’s strange,” Nathan mused. “There wasn’t a cloud in the sky today.”
  73. 73. “ I swear, weather around here is so unpredictable…”
  74. 74. Once close to home, Alexia stopped, realizing that she didn’t want to go home quite yet. Her family would be there, and she didn’t want to deal with them just yet, didn’t want to have to tell them about the breakup. Instead, she just stood there, eyes shut, all alone with her thoughts… And at the same moment that the tears started to roll out of her eyes, she felt the raindrops that were falling from dark clouds in the sky… dark clouds that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere.
  75. 76. When the day finally came for Alexia to leave for college, she couldn’t have been more relieved. After the breakup, she needed so badly to get away. But still, she would miss her family. “ And remember, stay away from the cow mascot, and don’t drink too much of the fruit juice.” “ I know, Mom. You’ve told me ten times already.” “ And remember to say hello to Marie for me.” “ I will, Mom. I love you.” “ I love you, too.”
  76. 77. Just then the taxi arrived to take her away, and just before she left, she could one last look at her home. But she wasn’t too sad to leave. She’d be back again someday. ~~~
  77. 78. “ Emily, you really need to calm down.” “ How can I?” Emily demanded. “That… that Theresa women… she makes me nervous. I mean, you saw her! This can go wrong in so many ways! I’m sorry… but I just don’t see any good coming out of this.”
  78. 79. “ Just think about it, Emily,” William said, walking over to her. “If we succeed and get on this Theresa’s good side, we can have anything we want. We can live in the magical world, like the original vampires did. And the blood… Emily, think about the blood! If human blood is good, think about what the blood of an elf would be like! Emily, we can finally have all the things we’ve always wanted. We won’t have to live in this basement anymore. We won’t have to hide at all! Isn’t that what you want?” “ Well… yes… but I just have a very bad feeling…”
  79. 80. “ Don’t,” William replied. “How hard can finding and killing a couple of elves be?” He frowned. “Don’t worry, Emily,” he said softly. “I’m going to take care of you, and everything’s going to be all right. Don’t you trust me?” Emily hesitated for a moment before nodding. “Yes,” she whispered. “Yes, I trust you.” >>>
  80. 81. And this is where I leave you for now. With Alexia in college, next chapter will be the official start off Generation 2. Exciting, right? No? ‘Kay, moving on… Continue on for Generation 2’s stats… >>>
  81. 82. ~~~ Alexia Estela: Generation 2 Heir 10/10/9/3/1 Popularity LTW: Become Rock God ~~~
  82. 83. ~~~ Abigail Estela: Generation 2 Spare 3/6/7/3/7 Popularity LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends ~~~ ~~~ Nathan Estela: Generation 2 Spare 6/5/8/6/3 Pleasure LTW: Become Professional Party Guest ~~~
  83. 84. I really hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Until next time! -Kaylyn