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51 criminal & juvenile court


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51 criminal & juvenile court

  1. 1. Criminal Procedure-adversarial nature Prosecution-Defense-misdemeanor-felony
  2. 2. Arrest-Rights Read-Booked & Charged with crime-Attorney contacted
  3. 3. Preliminary Hearing-Charges are read-Bail can be issued
  4. 4. Indictment-A Grand Jury decides if formal charges will be filed
  5. 5. Arraignment-Suspect will plead innocent or guilty-Trial Date is set -Court Docket
  6. 6. Plea Bargaining-Some suspects plead guilty before a trial if they are given a lighter punishment
  7. 7. Trial-(Petit)Jury is selected-Opening Statements-Prosecution’s evidence
  8. 8. Trial-Cross-Examination-Defense’s Case-Closing Statements-Jury Instructions
  9. 9. Jury-Follow Instructions given by the judge-Elect a Foreperson-Must make unanimous decision-Hung Jury
  10. 10. Verdict-Must be unanimous decision-Jury may be polled-Jury issues verdict-Guilty or Not-guilty (acquittal)-Judge issues sentence
  11. 11. Juveniles-Court System treats youth offenders very differently-A Juvenile is someone considered underage-Usually 16 to 18
  12. 12. Juvenile Delinquency-Juvenile Delinquents are youths who have broken the law-Should youth offenders be treated differently???
  13. 13. Juvenile Courts-Goal of Juvenile Courts-Cases deal with neglect by parents, abuse, or delinquency
  14. 14. Juvenile Arrest-Juveniles are handled differently when arrested-Parents notified-Usually released to parents-Court date is set
  15. 15. Juvenile Court-Private Court Room setting-No jury trial-More of a hearing than a trial-Attorneys may be used
  16. 16. Juvenile Protections-Identity is secret and private-Juvenile records are sealed at age 18-Usually Lighter punishments
  17. 17. Juvenile Punishments-Lectures-Reformatory Schools-Foster Care-Institutional Placement-Probation-Community Service