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44 election day


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Published in: News & Politics
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44 election day

  1. 1. Polling Places-Polling Places -precinct based-Usually in schools, town halls, public places-open early and close late
  2. 2. General Elections-Elections are controlled by the local Board of Elections-General Election held November--1st Tuesday after 1st Monday-Plurality---winning the most votes-majority---getting more than half of the votes-most popular votes (plurality) wins most elections-majority of electoral votes determine the winner of the Presidency
  3. 3. Voting on Issues-Initiatives -method where citizens propose a bill through a petition and place it on the ballot for a general election vote-Referendums -method of public approval for a proposed bill where the legislature temporarily passes a bill until the public is given a chance to approve or disapprove the bill
  4. 4. Casting Your Vote-must go to the polling place-I.D. is checked against list of registered voters-cast your vote paper ballots lever machines punch cards computer-you may encounter an exit poll
  5. 5. Types of Votes-Straight Ticket -voting only for one political party-Split Ticket -voting for candidates from either party-Absentee Ballot-Write-In Votes
  6. 6. Special Kinds of Elections-Referendums-Initiatives-Recounts-Run-Offs-Recalls