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Raising and Improving Windows 7 Speed and Performance


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Raising and Improving Windows 7 Speed and Performance

  1. 1. Raising and Improving Windows 7 Speed and Performance Windows 7 is the fastest Windows operating system yet, but you may not have your computer set up to ensure that it runs at its full potential. Many factors can slow down your computer, from viruses to having unnecessary programs running. When you make a few quick and simple changes, like the ones we will be talking about in this article you'll be able to greatly improve the speed of your Windows operating system. repair computer hard drives at The first thing you should consider are all of the programs that automatically start when you reboot. Many people don't realize that QuickTime and iTunes autostart. Auto starting these programs is a waste of memory simply because we should not have them running if we don't use them. Just go to "msconfig" and you will be able to change these settings so that they do not auto start. If you don't want a program to start up, uncheck that program. It is very easy to launch these programs the regular way anytime that you need to use them. Windows 7 will load much more quickly now because you have disabled these auto loading programs. Browsing speeds is another complaint by Internet users - they simply cannot go from one website to the other very quickly. If your browser cache is not cleaned every day, your ability to serve quickly and easily, even on a fast connection, will be diminished. If you do not clean this particular part of your computer on a regular basis, all of the cookies and Internet files will slow you down. Once this is done, however, the drawback is that you may have to reenter password related information. By cleaning your cache, you will notice that your Internet browser's will function much more swiftly. good clayton computer company Windows 7 provides you with a large number of fonts, many of which you'll probably never use. The total number of fonts is over 100, however you will only use a handful of them at best. Excessive amounts of fonts on Windows can actually slow down programs like Word. Although the fonts do not take up that much memory, they can slow the boot time considerably. Some people even add additional fonts, which will slow your system down even more. By removing unnecessary fonts from your font directory, you can improve you computer's performance. Make sure you do not remove fonts that are continuously used by you or others that are on your computer. Never remove fonts that you constantly use, only the ones that you do not.
  2. 2. Now that you know how to speed up Windows 7, you should go ahead and try out some of these tips. Generic settings are typically not the fastest or best way to go, so hopefully you will utilize what we have presented to make these changes. Now that you know how to do this, you can prevent auto starting programs slowing your computer down. Best of all, Windows 7 is a great operating system that runs very well as long as the registry remains clean and viruses are kept from the hard drive itself.