Location Shots A2 Production


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Location Shots A2 Production

  2. 2. ENTRANCE TO SURGERY: Entering the surgery, you go up some stairs.
  3. 3. Top of Stairs: The warning signs on the wall , at the top of the stairs.
  4. 4. Warning Signs: (clockwise from the notices on the wall) The old X-RAY room, door closed
  5. 5. View of Storage Room: Old X-Ray room now used as storage room
  6. 6. View of Surgery: (Clockwise from the x-ray room) The downstairs surgery, this is the biggest of the three surgery rooms and is the one that is the most “ stereotypical type of surgery”
  7. 7. View of Reception Room: The reception area / leading to the waiting room (next to the downstairs surgery
  8. 8. View of Reception Room 2: The Reception (front view)
  9. 9. View of Waiting Room: Inside the waiting room, The reception has a “cutout” window
  10. 10. View of Waiting Room 2: (Clockwise) the waiting room
  11. 11. View of Waiting Room 3: (clockwise) the waiting room continued………
  12. 12. View of Waiting Room 4: (Clockwise) the waiting room
  13. 13. View of the Other two surgeries: The stairs lead to the 2 upstairs surgeries, though I think they’ll be too small to film in (No pictures of the surgeries upstairs as they were still in use at the time
  14. 14. View of the downstairs Surgery: (Back to the downstairs surgery) inside
  15. 15. View of Inside the Downstairs Surgery: (clockwise from previous picture)
  16. 16. View of the inside of Surgery: (clockwise from previous picture)
  17. 17. View of inside Surgery 2: (clockwise from previous picture)
  18. 18. View of Inside Surgery 3: (clockwise from previous picture)
  19. 19. View of Entrance of Surgery: (clockwise from previous picture) back to the door of the room
  20. 20. View of Surgery and Tools: (Close up of tools)
  21. 21. View of Chair in Surgery: Close up of chair