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Flashback Scenes


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Flashback Scenes

  2. 2. Flashback Scene Ideas:<br />Different ideas we put forward for the flashback scene in our A2 Media Production.<br /> The scene begins and then a romantic tune kicks in on the radio/stereo which leads to the flashback scene:<br />1.2 holding hands and walking into the distance<br />2.Guy chasing girl, girl falls and he catches her in his arms. And some random bollywood tune kicks in.<br />3.Girl runs behind a tree and then guy runs after girl behind the same tree.<br />4.On stage, girl hold out hand and then guy holds out hand both touch then girl runs off but guy catches girls scarf and the two embrace in a hug -(Idea we have decided to go with).<br />
  3. 3. Shot by Shot for Flashback scene:<br /> <br />Shot 1: Guy appears on stage, camera will move in for a medium shot of guy <br />Shot 2: Spotlight will be focused on guy<br />Shot 3: Music will begin to play softly<br />Shot 4: Girl will then appear on stage, camera will zoom out into a medium shot<br />Shot 5: Music will then begin to play – only music will be heard throughout shot<br />Shot 6: Girl will turn to guy<br />
  4. 4. Shot by Shot for Flashback scene continued:<br /> <br />Shot 7: Guy will turn to girl – romantic scene – eyes meet for 1st time<br />Shot 8: Girl’s hand touches guy’s hand, camera will zoom in of hands touching<br />Shot 9: Girl smiles and runs off stage - camera zooms out to medium shot<br />Shot 10: Girl drops scarf as she runs, guy picks up scarf <br />Shot 11: Guy pulls girl (with scarf) towards him in traditional bollywood romance scene<br />Shot 12: Guy and girl embrace in hug – camera will be in medium shot moving into a close up of the embrace- romantic music will begin to play and scene will fade away and cut back to dental surgery. <br />
  5. 5. Camera Shots and Movement:<br />The camera will focus mainly on the guy with a spotlight being in place, the camera will move focus onto the girl that has appeared on screen alongside the guy. <br />The scene will then show the girl holding out her hand and the guy holds out hand the camera angle then zooms in slowly showing the two individuals hands touching with a song playing in the background. <br />However, as the two touch the girl runs off but the guy catches the girls scarf and the two embrace with a hug. <br />And the scene ends.<br />