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Trader Joe's Marketing


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Trader Joe's Marketing

  1. 1. Marketing Strategy: Showing that Trader Joe’s is Not Your Average Joe
  2. 2.  Company Ethics: Great Food + Great Price = Value Challenges: Grow business while keeping the ‘ma and pop’ feel Marketing Goal:  Increase awareness of Trader Joe’s  Increase sales and client base
  3. 3.  Bringing the neighborhood feel online Create a virtual community  Trader Joe’s, along with customers, sharing recipes and tips online  Allow comments  Links to other sites
  4. 4.  Trader Joe’s website  Let customers get involved  Share their recipes  Post comments Twitter  Post new products  Share recipes  News Facebook  Bring a more active voice online
  5. 5.  Blogs  Important in the food world Link what bloggers and other websites are saying on Trader Joe’s website  Helpful for future and current customers!  Great for sharing products, reviews and recipes
  6. 6.  Sales  Overall sales difference once strategy is applied Products  Products shared online  Increase of that product sold  What is being talked about the most?  Listen to the customers Hits  Track the number of hits site gets  Links to blogs where Trader Joe’s is mentioned  Increased number of hits?
  7. 7.  Online = cheap marketing  Twitter/Facebook is free  Website changes  Internal costs for company (employees)  Website designer  Total around $700,000
  8. 8.  Holidays are over  New recipes for “New Year’s Resolution” Complete by the New Year  New Year, New Start
  9. 9.  Update Twitter/ Facebook images with seasons Cooking is very seasonal New recipes/products for different seasons Share information on site about current demand in market
  10. 10.  Through Trader Joe’s website and Social Media:  Inform new and current customers  Be more active  Directly communicate with customers  Keep company values as business grows  ‘Ma and Pop’ feel is appealing