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Materialistic life


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Attitude against materialistic life style

Published in: Education
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Materialistic life

  2. 2. Kavya Pushpangathan (ENGLISH)
  3. 3. MATERIALISTIC LIFE Even if we own a lot, it is easy to get caught up in the idea of getting new stuff and it is a human behaviour. Materialism is that insatiable desire to own things and a belief that when those desires are fulfilled we’ll achieve happiness.
  4. 4. Excessive desire for money, possessions, etc. Constant fear of losing what we have. Trying always to establish “THIS IS MINE”. Selfishness Having no compassion My own interest only persists. Self-glorification Corrupting power.
  5. 5. But worldly pleasures only provides momentary happiness
  6. 6.  Pressure  Depression  Personality disorders  Low personal well beings  Low self-satisfaction  Physical and psychological problems  Leads to anti-social behaviours
  7. 7. Ending materialism doesn’t mean forsaking all your possessions. It is about understanding the momentary life of worldly pleasures.  It is about the change in the attitude.
  8. 8. POINTS TO REMEMBER…  You aren’t the things you own.  Relationships are about doing, not having.  Create a system of goals and challengers.  Serve  Experience over objects  Build intangible assets.  Use money to free, not to chain yourself.  Go basic  Avoid status games.  Judge yourself with your ethics.
  9. 9. There is no trick to prevent yourself from getting caught up in these materialistic values, other than understanding your life…your goal.