Worksheets on Locating Places on a Map -Geography and History


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Creating a grid
Locating places on a map
Retrieving information from a map-Sea route of Vasco da gama
History of India through maps

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Worksheets on Locating Places on a Map -Geography and History

  1. 1. History and GeographyWORKSHEETSonLocating Placeson aMapKavita GroverKavita Grover Grade 5 Page 1
  2. 2. History and GeographyFact sheetPre-requisite knowledge/skills:• Locating places on a map with the help of a gridLearning outcomes: The students will be able to:• Explain the earth grid• Locate places on the map of IndiaEarth Grid: The longitudes and the longitudes form a network on the earth’s surface whichhelps us in locating places on the map.Example: Locating places using the grid. Delhi is located at 28.38 N and 77.12 E.• 28.38 N means 28.38 degrees latitude, north to the equator, and• 21.42 E means 21.42 degrees longitude, east to the prime meridian.• Locate the latitude and the longitude on the margins of the map, and draw lineextending from these points.• The point where these two lines meet on the grid gives us the location of Delhi.Kavita Grover Grade 5 Page 2
  3. 3. History and GeographyExercise 11) On the given map of India join the corresponding latitudes and longitudes, andmake a grid.Answer sheet: The latitudes and longitude should be curved, not straight linesKavita Grover Grade 5 Page 3
  4. 4. History and GeographyKavita Grover Grade 5 Page 4
  5. 5. History and GeographyExercise 21) On the map of India locate the following cities:a) Agra: 27°17N 77°58E b) Mumbai :18°55N 72°50Ec) Surat : 21°12N 72°55E d) Amritsar: 31°35N 74°57Ee) Kolkata: 22°36N 88°24E f) Meerut: 29°01N 77°42Eg) Chennai: 13°08N 80°19E h) Goa: 15°33N 73°59Ei) Mausulipatnam: 17°45N83°20Ej) Calicut: 11°15N 75°43EKavita Grover Grade 5 Page 5
  6. 6. History and GeographyWorksheet 3In the map of India mark the grid where the following cities are located.1. Agra: 27°17N 77°58E2. Surat : 21°12N 72°55E3. Kolkata: 22°36N 88°24E4. Chennai: 13°08N 80°19E5. Mausulipatnam: 17°45N 83°20E6. Mumbai :18°55N 72°50E7. Amritsar: 31°35N 74°57E8. Meerut: 29°01N 77°42E9. Goa: 15°33N 73°59E10. Calicut: 11°15N 75°43EKavita Grover Grade 5 Page 6
  7. 7. History and GeographyWorksheet 41) In the map of India name 5 cities each of thea) Eastern coastb) Western coastc) North India2) Give the new names of the following cities:a) Calcutta:b) Mausulipatnam:c) Bombay:d) Madras:Kavita Grover Grade 5 Page 7
  8. 8. Worksheet 51) In the grid map of India locate and name the cities where the importantevents of the freedom struggle of India took place.Event Location Name of citySepoy Mutiny 29°01N 77°42EJallianwala BaghMassacre31°35N 74°57EFort St George 13°08N 80°19EFort St. Williams 22°36N 88°24ETrading centres 21°12N 72°55E17°45N 83°20E18°55N 72°50EFactories 21°12N 72°55E
  9. 9. Worksheet 6East India Company got the Dewani of which 3 states and in which year?Locate them on the map of India.
  10. 10. Worksheet 7Comprehension/map reading1) With the help of the map given below, answer the given question.Courtesy: When did Vasco da Gama leave for his journey to India?2. From which port did he leave?3. In which direction did he travel from Cape Verde Island?4. After how many months of leaving Portugal did he reach Africa?5. Which other ports of Africa did he land?6. When did he reach India and which port did he land?7. From where did he start his return journey?8. Write the names of the ports he touched on his return journey?9. Which was journey was longer- the one to India or the return journey toPortugal?
  11. 11. Worksheet 8On the world map, mark the ports visited by Vasco da Gama.a) Lisbon b) CapeVerdeIslandc) Azores d) St. Helena Baye) Mombasa f) Calicut g) Goa h) MocambiqueWorksheet 9
  12. 12. History of maps of IndiaCompare the 4 maps given below showing India under the rule of different rulers. Write a briefhistory of India’s freedom struggle.A)This map shows the location of the Mughal, or MogulEmpire. Central Asian Muslims established the empirein 1526. By about 1600, the Mughals controlled mostof what are now north and central India, Afghanistan,Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The empire lasted until the1700’s.B)The British East India Company controlled much of the Indiansubcontinent by the early 1800’s. The company had direct controlover most of the northern part of the subcontinent and most of thecoastal areas along the Bay of Bengal.C)British India was set up in 1858. The United Kingdomtook over East India Company lands and also hadindirect control of the remaining states.D)The independent country of India was founded on Aug. 15, 1947,the day after the northwestern and northeastern parts of the Indiansubcontinent became the independent country of Pakistan.