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Triangles -Classroom presentation


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Elements of a Triangle
Types of Triangles
Properties of Triangles
Angle sum property of a Triangle
Side property of a Triangle

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Triangles -Classroom presentation

  1. 1. Class VKavita Grover1Kavita Grover
  2. 2. Elements of a TriangleSidesSide ABSide BCSide CAAnglesABCACBBACVerticesA,B,CAB C2Kavita Grover
  3. 3. Typesof TrianglesBased onsidesBased onanglesEquilateralIsoscelesScalene AcuteRight-angledObtuse3Kavita Grover
  4. 4. Review ExerciseTick the correct option.1) A triangle is formed by joininga) 3 pointsb) 3 collinear pointsc) 3 linesd) 3 non collinear points4Kavita Grover
  5. 5. 5Kavita Grover
  6. 6. 3) How will you denote a sideAB of a trianglea) Line ABb) ABc) ABd) Side AB6Kavita Grover
  7. 7. 4) The given triangleisa) Obtuse angletriangleb) Scalene trianglec) Isosceles triangled) Acute angletriangle7Kavita Grover
  8. 8. Answers1) b2) c3) b4) d8Kavita Grover
  9. 9. 9Kavita Grover
  10. 10. Angle sum property of a TriangleThe sum of the angles of a triangle is 180˚.AB CA+ B+ C = 180˚ABCA+ B+ C= 180˚10Kavita Grover
  11. 11. Side property of a TriangleThe sum of the lengthsof any two sides isalways greater than thelength of the third side .Side AB= 5cmSide BC= 5cmSide CA= 5 cmAB+BC >CA5cm+5cm >5cm10 cm>5cmBC+CA>AB5cm+5cm >5cm10cm>5cmAB C11Kavita Grover
  12. 12. Side AB=4.5cmSide BC=7cmSide CA=5cmSide AB+BC>AC4.5cm+7cm>5cm11.5cm>5cmABC12Kavita Grover